"Trust No One, Mr. Hoagland"
Part 2 of ?

When we last left you (see "Will 'X' Mark the Date?"), we reported that our main intelligence contact, John Maynard, had suffered an apparent heart attack. We are pleased to report that John has returned home and is resting comfortably. While there is quite a bit of information to dispense about his rather bizarre experience (see below), he has felt well enough to correct us on a couple of matters.

The two scientists he met with in London were not research assistants for Matt Genge, but rather independent ESA scientists. John's initial meeting on September 2nd, 1999 included only one of these two scientists. He met with the two of them near London on September 16th, 1999, the same day Genge was giving his paper at the British Festival of Science in Sheffield. They named Genge at that time as another scientist who was working on "the problem." So, while we had some of the dates and exact circumstances surrounding these key meetings confused (because of John's sudden unavailability last week for consultation), he has now confirmed that our account of the critical content of those meetings was otherwise correct.

For what it is worth, Dr. Genge himself has (apparently via e-mail) subsequently confirmed our corrections above:

Subject: Re: Are they coming???
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 11:57:47 +0000
From: Matthew Genge <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]

Dear Sir,

Rest easy in your bed. I don't know if Richard Hoagland believes this or if this is just a joke but no asteroids have been identified that will impact
the Earth.

There are a few inaccuracies in the website: (1) I am myself a postdoc and don't have any research assistants, (2) I work at the Natural History
Museum which is locked up by 10 pm and so there would be no one here at midnight to receive a telephone call, (3) I haven't got any ESA contacts and (4) the images of the eclipse show a solar protrusion not an asteroid!

An asteroid or comet will hit the Earth in the future but no threat objects
have yet been identified. We don't know when let alone where such an event will occur, the best we can do is say there will probably be another Tunguska in the next 100 years.


Matt Genge

Dr Matthew J. Genge
Researcher (Meteoritics)
Department of Mineralogy, The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, UK.
Tel: Int + 020 7 924 5581
Fax: Int.+ 020 7 924 5537
email: [email protected]
Staff internet page http://www.nhm.ac.uk/mineralogy/genge/genge.htm

It should be noted that John's corrections above were received prior to this e-mail from Genge. As to the stated "inaccuracies;" the reference in our previous story to the effect that John had called the museum around midnight London time was my surmise from his e-mail. I have in fact confirmed with John that his call was around 9:30 PM London time, not midnight, so his call and John's version of the response he received is not necessarily at odds with Genge's statement regarding the operating hours of the museum. We take issue with his claim that he does not have "any ESA contacts." For one thing, it is highly implausible that someone in his position would not occasionally cross paths with a peer from the space agency and develop a relationship or two. Further, we hardly expected him to confirm our assertions or acknowledge his private discussions on this subject. It is possible that John's contacts simply meant that Genge was working on the broader concept of asteroid impacts (which he demonstrably is), rather than claiming he had specific knowledge of the "November scenario." However, given John's description of the late night call to his office and the timing of Genge's presentation coinciding with John's second meeting in London, we find that a little unlikely. As to point (4), we never claimed that the images were of an asteroid -- we expressed our belief that they were a solar prominence -- so on this matter we are in agreement with Dr. Genge as well.

We have also not yet addressed the actual content of Dr. Genge's presentation. We found it worthy of note that his interview and the news stories covered objects the size of 100 meters ("Tunguska sized") or less. As Genge himself stated, we are in a window (about every 100 years) of high probability of an impact from one of these sized objects right now. In a way, this is good news. If Genge does have inside knowledge of a coming event, and he is publicly emphasizing objects of this size, it may be a signal that we can expect "only" three relatively small hits. Since objects of this size tend to airburst as opposed to actually impacting, their effect is far less devastating. The detonation of one of these objects over a populated area, say New York city, would be ruinous and kill millions of people, but it would be a calamity on a far smaller scale than the Atlantic impact we discussed in our previous article. If one were to burst over the ocean, we could expect only a minor, relatively localized effect.

Another admitted problem for the "impact scenario" has been the unlikelihood that three coming objects could be missed by the "honest crowd." As many of you have pointed out, three large bright objects like the ones in the eclipse video would be relatively certain to be spotted. It is also unlikely, despite stories that assert there is a campaign to keep astronomers quiet (see the French astronomers accident rumors) that all of these observers could be universally silenced. However, if the incoming objects are 100 meters across or less, it is extremely improbable (as acknowledged by Dr. Tom Van Flandern on a recent Art Bell show) that these would be spotted by the general observers. However, military observers, with perhaps far more sensitive equipment, who were looking for these specific kinds of objects (or already knew where they were coming from!) might have a much better chance of picking them out. All of which would lead to a scenario very much like we have now: official denial and private admission -- of the problem.

Another reader has pointed out to us another possible angle on the alleged names of the "mysterious callers" three objects. He pointed out that the sinking sites of the three named ships, the Bismarck, Titanic, and Monitor, make a line East to West, exactly as they would if they were strung out in a Shoemaker/Levy 9 configuration. We have frankly been a little suspicious of the stated impact sites (except for the Atlantic) for awhile now. Considering that this is exactly the type of "game" that our "friends" in the intelligence community like to play, we are now actively considering that all of the impacts may be in the Atlantic. The cute "names" may have been just a test to see if we could figure this out.

It might also neatly reinforce "Max's" odd comment about how "Everything south of Chesapeake bay is toast." If "Bismarck" and "Titanic" are air bursts, but "Monitor" is as an actual ocean impact, then "Max's" scenario is far more plausible.

We should also all remember the "EQ Pegasi" saga of last year. That, if anything, should remind us that the stated "tips" from these kind of sources often turn out to be merely a game to get us to pay attention to something else.

On another matter in our article, Dr. Steven Greer, apparently through his web master, has stated that the information that appeared in our article concerning him was "not accurate." After some digging as to just what was "not accurate," it now appears (according to the web master) that Dr. Greer discussed "the matter" in a video tape of his recent lecture at UC Santa Barbara, available from the CSETI web site. Since we do not own a copy of this video and the statements themselves have been rather cryptic, we do not know in what sense Dr. Greer considers our reporting "not accurate" concerning him. We would welcome a briefing on the matter from anyone who has a copy of the video, or from Dr. Greer himself.

Now, as to John's "heart attack," we'll let him relate it as he did to us in this e-mail communication;

During the evening of October 22, 1999 I was having a difficult time with my Arthritis and I was very uncomfortable all evening. Around 10:30 PM I decided to get some sleep. [Earlier] I had noted to my wife that I had had difficulty the past few (at least 3) nights sleeping. She indicated that she was aware of my problems and that it had disturbed her. After settling in my recliner [in an effort to allow her to rest undisturbed], I was [still] unable to fall asleep and the pain continued to increase.

I then went to the couch in the living room, which is often a stand-in for a not-too-comfortable-night's sleep, but restful. [Finally] I did fall asleep 
... [but] was awakened several times by a recurring dream, where in the final version of the dream, I was shot or wounded. The time was a little before 5 am EDT and I never went back to sleep. [I was so disturbed that] I woke my wife, and discussed the dream with her before I let her go back to sleep. She dismissed it as one of my many [recurring] Vietnam nightmares.

Later, toward noon and after my wife had gone to be with some friends for the day, I started to get undressed for a quiet, long hot shower. I felt
rather grungy, having [worn] the same clothes for over 24 hours. 

[But] when I pulled my shirt off, I noticed a bruise where I had been shot in the dream! 

At that point, I noticed that I was also beginning to have chest pains 
similar to previous heart attacks. I called my wife, and she and a friend drove me to GW [George Washington University] Hospital, where I was immediately admitted and given a TPA shot (blood thinner) to prevent any clots from entering my heart. After that, I was given nitroglycerin smear patches [for the pain] and admitted to the hospital at 3:30pm. Also, at the time of admission, I was told that I had a high toxicity of sugar in my blood, and [was] asked if I was diabetic. My response was "no."

During the next two days, until my Heart Catheterization on Monday, October 25, 1999 at 1:00 PM, I was tested for sugar toxicity every 30 minutes (Man, are my fingers sore!). The testing stopped shortly after the Catheterization.

Upon completion of the Catheterization, it was noted by the doctor who
performed the surgery (Dr. John Rhinehart), that the bruise was deep and "had it been a little closer to the heart" could [itself] have cause a 
massive heart attack. He was as puzzled over the bruise as I was; however, I did not relate the dream to him. 

I also talked with my Cardiologist (Dr. Richard Katz), and he had no 
explanation for the bruise. He did say that he had seen similar bruises on other patients, but all those were diabetcs.

I am recovering nicely at home now and under constant scrutiny by my wife and children. Other than the Arthritis, which will be with me for a long time, I am beginning to feel normal.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: From the time I arrived at the hospital [on Saturday afternoon, October 23rd) until I left on Monday evening [October 25th], I was hardly ever alone for more than 5 minutes. One or more hospital staff [was constantly] approaching me ... [asking] how I was feeling ... [as they] were monitoring my vital signs. The only times when this was not the norm was when my family was visiting me. This [procedure] could be normal for heart patients in intensive care, but I was not in intensive care and I really had not had a heart attack. [That apparently] was prevented by my own quick action, and the doctors and staff at GW Hospital.

What John is alluding to here is that this is extremely unusual treatment for a heart patient that has not had an actual "heart attack." Clearly, the odd bruise on his chest sent up some warning flag with his doctors to the point that they felt they had to keep him under near constant surveillance. John's doctors have now concluded that whatever the source of his condition, it is directly related to his strange chest bruise.

There are also eerie similarities to Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland's heat attack, especially the odd dream sequence preceding the actual onset of the pain. All of these are signatures of a "Hyperdimensional hit." So, are we saying that is what this was? No.  But we do find the timing and circumstances curious ...

The somewhat bizarre behavior of President Clinton we alluded to in "Will 'X' Mark the Date?" has continued. On October 28th, 1999, Clinton made some remarks which raised eyebrows in the general media. At a meeting of educators in Washington DC on the 28th, Clinton reacted caustically to the news that the Republican-controlled congress had passed a new budget. He claimed that the Republicans were "playing games" with the budget and then added an unusual warning. "If we were being attacked by space aliens we wouldn't be playing these kinds of games,"  he told a stunned audience. He evidently did not explain or elaborate on his comment, and even conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh made note of it with his own somewhat cryptic response -- "What's he going to do, arrange one?"

This weird comment is reminiscent of President Reagan's repeated references to a similar invasion from "space aliens" in the 1980's. The difference however, is that Clinton seems prepared to act on his concerns ...

Just a few days after Clinton's erratic golf game, the news hit that the FBI had sent out a 32 page report to local police agencies warning them that "millennial cults" may engage in violent acts to in an attempt to hasten Armageddon. The name of this operation, "Project Megiddo," is taken from a site in northern Israel that was the site of a number of battles in biblical times. It is referred to in the New Testament as "Armageddon," literally the "hill of Megiddo," the site of the upcoming final, millennial battle between good and evil.

Unfortunately, the public version of the report omits some "law enforcement-specific information." What precisely this refers to is unclear, but their definition of such cults was very broad, and could easily be twisted to include organizations like ours that are attempting to expose various government agencies illegal activities. We frankly think their time and efforts would be better spent trying to weed out Armageddon cults in NASA and JPL ...

What we cannot shake is the thought that perhaps some secret covenant (aka "law enforcement-specific information") of "Project Megiddo" is what sent Clinton out on his ill advised golfing excursion in the first place. It just seems a little too pat that a few days after October the 17th, the day of Clinton's golf game and the day that John Maynard warned us the "round-up of dissidents" would begin, we get this blue print for identifying just the right sort of "dissidents." It is even stranger that this story was mostly ignored until this past Sunday, October 31st, when it suddenly made the rounds of many national and local papers and major news sites.

A few final items. We have been contacted by some individuals who claim that they or persons they know who are members of the National Guard or Armed Forces Reserve have been called up for emergency duty the weekend of November 7th. John Maynard has confirmed that he is aware of widespread call-ups, but we need more data. If you are or know any members of the guard or reserve who have been put on alert this weekend, please send us a fax with your phone number and name. We need to confirm, by direct contact, if in fact such emergency call-ups are taking place.

We must also report that Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland received a death threat this past week. One of our intelligence contacts, "Max," called to warn him that he should be very careful about what he eats, and to especially not eat anything that he himself did not prepare. We don't know if "Max" is just trying to pull his chain, but rest assured Richard has taken precautions. Some of "Max's" predictions have come true before ...

We also ask that you be patient with us. We are inundated with information at the moment. We are trying very hard to separate the signal from the noise here, and constant e-mails and faxes asking us when we will have more just makes the job more difficult. There will be at least one and perhaps as many as three more updates before this weekend. If you have what you believe is relevant information, please do not hesitate to send it. Otherwise, please assist us in keeping the channels open.

Finally, many of you have written us and asked if the recent loss of Egypt Air flight 990 is in any way connected to this whole "Egyptian/New York/impact" scenario which seems to be playing out. The answer, categorically, is yes!

And that is what we are  working on for the next update ...

Please, Stay Tuned.