"Trust No One, Mr. Hoagland"
Part 4 of 4

As Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland reported on the November 4, 1999 Art Bell show, in the process of pursuing all leads vis--vis a possible "November 7th scenario," we discovered several days before that date new hard evidence that the so-called August 11th, 1999 "eclipse video objects" reported on by the Millennium Group  (TMG) were almost certainly not "real." To be specific, our continuing investigation had led us to conclude that the objects were 1) NOT orbiting the Sun, or 2) in the skies (or space) above Turkey, but 3) were actually on the ground, imaged by a second camera in a brief "cutaway shot" from the primary eclipse camera, at the moment of Totality (while that camera's filters were removed).

I had, much to my current chagrin, been made aware of this by a reader named "Tony" back on August 23rd. He had sent me a link to a video source that was much higher quality than the CNN Real Video file or the TMG QuickTime 4 video file. At that time, I did review his material, but found it lacking. Basically, the video I saw was dark and not any different than what the other video sources showed. Despite being sent some enhancements "Tony" had done, I ultimately concluded that he had somehow double exposed a few frames from two different shots. What I now suspect is that this initial impression was due to the poor quality of my laptop video display and the slow, choppy quality of my internet connection (I was on the road at the time).

Since then, I have put in a new video card and purchased a much better monitor for my desktop. I had been somewhat bothered by the quality of the CNN video for some time. Coincidentally, I received another e-mail linking me to a source of this better video (http://playlist.broadcast.com/makeasx.asp?id=140718) and I decided to have another look with my high speed connection at my home office.

As I advanced the Windows Media streaming video to the time of the eclipse, I stopped it at 1:20:00 (1 hour 20 minutes, 0 seconds) at this time, the live internet show switches to a shot of the crowd watching at a park or clearing in Turkey. Several poles, trees and what appear to be billboards of some type appear in the background, making for a very distinctive backdrop. As I advanced then to the moment of totality, (approx 1:27:45) I watched very carefully. As I did, it became clear to me that what "Tony" had alleged was correct. This version of the video was much larger, clearer and more defined than the either of the TMG sources. What they showed was a sequence of the eclipse going to totality, followed by a "reaction shot" of the crowd from the previously established camera position. In this version, unlike the others, I was able to make out the crowd, the trees, and some of the billboards, etc. The shot was quite dark, but with my higher speed connection and clearer video display, I could clearly see some of the same objects I had made out in the background back at the 1:20:00 sequence.

It was quite clear to me that the TMG objects were probably flood lights of some kind mounted on stanchions in the background. The mysterious "Object C" seems to be nothing more than someone in the crowd using a flash camera to record the event.

Crowd shot showing "Objects 'A' and 'B' from TMG article.      

Crowd shot showing "Object 'C' as it appears briefly.

There is an extensive analysis of this at "Tony's" web site.

I realize that these screen shots will look dark and murky to many of you, and others will not get the same quality feed of the video linked above. I implore you to examine the crowd shot at 1:20:00 and then refer to the screen shots above. I believe it will then be clear just what and where the "objects" actually are. When I informed Richard of my conclusions late Saturday night (October 30th, 1999) he attempted to verify my inference with a much slower and lower quality connection. He subsequently sent me screen shots from his own computer which I have posted below.

Just before the moment of totality.

The "Crowd shot."

"Crowd shot" enhanced.

Back to the eclipse.

As you can see, even working with the much higher quality video stream and using enhancement techniques, there is no crowd evident in what Richard sent me. It is easy to see why TMG, even if they had this version of the video, could have assumed that the "objects" appeared after a filter change and were actually in the sky above Turkey. Working with the compressed Real Video and QuickTime files would have only encouraged this impression. What eventually convinced Richard (besides my better screen shots!) was a close comparison of the "mysterious objects" frame with the same shot, taken only minutes earlier, in better lighting (at approximately 1:20:00): the "object" geometry, including the lighting poles, was identical!

When we use the adage "Trust no one, Mr. Hoagland," we are not referring only to the mysterious voices on our phones and the half-truths our anonymous "intelligence sources" slip to us. It must also apply to the work of well meaning truth seekers who for one reason or another may simply make a mistake. It is up to us to continually check and recheck data and assumptions we have made in the course of our investigations. We are in the pursuit of truth here, and in this case that is what we have found. We welcome any counter arguments that the members of the Millennium Group or any other readers may have, but at this point we are satisfied in these new conclusions.

Speaking of the "Millennium Group," "X-Files" and "Millennium" TV series creator Chris Carter made a very intriguing appearance on the October 26th, 1999 Art Bell program. Although he denied it, Carter was clearly responding to our posting of the story "X-Files Season Finale --  "The Plan" Revealed in Symbolism?". In fact, Carter called Bell "out of the blue" the day after our story was posted, requesting an interview on Art's show.

Carter seemed quite edgy during the show (especially considering his vast experience doing media interviews), as he danced around Art's direct questions on the source of some of the story ideas for his shows. While he claimed not to have heard anything about a possible November 7th "event," he nevertheless gave no reason for suddenly wanting a spot on Bell's show. He could have done interviews with Art at any time during the seven year run of the "X-files" to help promote the show when it was struggling early on, but did not. Despite the fact that the Show's season premiere was on the 7th of November (during the November sweeps ratings period), he did not mention the upcoming episode "The Sixth Extinction" until Art brought it up. Given all this, it is evident that he was not on Bell's show to promote the series. He certainly could have done that years ago when the now hit show could have used it, rather than at this time, and you would think if that was his intent he would have gone out of his way to mention the upcoming episodes. He did neither of these things. No, Carter was there for one reason -- to conduct damage control with Art's audience concerning our published story.

David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Chris Carter

What we are interested in is just what he was controlling and the way he did it.

He claimed to know nothing about our web story, but ended up on the Bell show to pooh-pooh it. He claimed not to have any outside sources for his story material, yet admitted that he "has had conversations" with military/intelligence types who have told him his stories are "right on." He claimed he knew nothing about a possible November 7th "event," but expressed his own "personal" belief that there would be a major catastrophic event of some kind "before the turn of the Millennium."


Now, to be fair, the Millennium actually turns on January 1st, 2001, not 2000, so he could be talking about something happening next year. But the timing of this whole thing remains curious to us. Why come on Bell now? We think the answer again lies in the two-part season opener "The Sixth Extinction."

Basically, the story reaffirms the new "Armageddon" bent of the series mythology, a mantle it seems to have assumed with the cancellation of "Millennium." In this two parter, Scully attempts to decode the writings on the alien spacecraft discovered in Africa while a now gravely ill Mulder struggles for his life. In his own subconscious, he is taken by the Cigarette Smoking Man on a tour of what his life might have been without the burden of the X-files. This "Last Temptation of Mulder" sequence also interlaces elements of "2001: A Space Odyssey" and casts Mulder in the role of Christ. He is even shown laid out on an operating table in a "cross pose." 

While Mulder is going through all this, Scully is swarmed by a plague of locusts, watches the seas boil and the waters turn to blood -- all signs of Armageddon. Ultimately, Mulder, in his mind, is confronted by Scully on his death bed and we learn that while he has forgotten the X-files and lived his life out in domestic bliss, aliens (or somebody) has laid waste to the planet in the now ubiquitous triangular shaped UFO's. Her angry denunciation of him snaps Mulder back to reality, and he is ultimately cured by a surgical procedure which uses his altered cells to give the Cigarette Smoking Man some new found powers.

What seems clear from these two shows is that Carter is going to continue the Armageddon premise borrowed from "Millennium" as the key element in this years "X-files" mythology story arc. 

This newfound thematic link between the two shows became solidified by the appearance of Lance Henrikson as Frank Black on an "X-files" episode later in November entitled "Millennium" (of course). 

We are however gratified in some respects by Carter's appearance on Bell. If you accept his denials at face value, then Carter is a completely separate researcher, much like Dr. Steven Greer before him, who has looked at the same data we have and come to the same conclusions. Given Carter's previous propensity for hitting very close to the mark, we will be watching as he develops this thinly-coded "End of the World" scenario ... on his "fictional" show.

Stay tuned on this one.

So where does this leave us?

While it is true that the TMG report on the "Comet Lee fragments/Taurid objects" was the launching point for us to begin looking at the November 7th scenario, it was hardly the only data point. Remember Lloyd Albright -- the "imminent comet/asteroid fearing" NASA computer programmer from Cape Canaveral, who fled South Florida for the "safety" of a cave beyond the Appalachians in Ohio? While not wishing to minimize the importance of the Turkish NASA video in the overall scheme of things, in addition to Albright's bizarre behavior, we also had "anomalous objects" in the MIR space station image; and quite a few intelligence contacts -- including a named former member of the staff of the National Security Council -- who were telling us "something is up."

And then there is Egypt.

We were hardly shocked when Egypt Air flight 990 dropped from the sky, because by that Sunday we had become convinced that there were no impending impacts (see above). 

The one key theme that links all of these seemingly disparate threads together is the ever present "Egyptian Motif" we have discussed at length on many occasions. Once we had gotten the sense that something was "up" with New York and the east coast through the process of analyzing the Albright and eclipse stories, it was this overwhelming Egyptian theme that drove us. In fact, the only thing we were certain of was that whatever was on the agenda, it would be draped in Egyptian symbolism.

Nor does this turn of events change our overall position stated over a year ago in "Oh My God, They Killed SOHO!" The Taurid meteor stream is a clear and present danger to this planet. The months of November (which also includes the Leonids), and June/July are periods of extreme danger. Due to the now demonstrably symbolic aspects of NASA's continuing treatment of "Comet Encke," and the associated Taurid and Leonid meteor storms (now strongly reinforced by Mary Weaver's stunning statistical confirmation of our prior "NASA star alignment" work), well before the "flap" regarding November 7th we had (and still have!) a well-publicized, long-term concern over potential "planned events" taking place during these key danger periods.

We cannot foresee "natural" incoming objects. But we can thwart a " planned Armageddon" by dusting off the symbolic finger prints that these religious fanatics seem to leave on everything they do.

Some of you recently have complained that we have strayed away from our original mandate here at Enterprise. That we should be spending our time looking for artifacts and verifying the Cydonia hypothesis rather than trying to weed out (what some perceive as) vague conspiracies. In reality that is not the case. Our tracking of the ritual practices of the NASA elite is a quite natural extension of the original Cydonia investigation. As we have attempted to do good science, we have been thwarted at every turn by a small group which seeks to control the flow of information on these subjects. As we combat this attitude we could not help but be confronted by the why of it all. In searching for the truth about Cydonia we were destined to confront the truth of the meaning of those monuments. We cannot gaze upon the Face without wondering what happened to those who built it. As we have addressed the increasing reality that it was most likely built not by others, but rather by an antediluvian advanced human civilization, we cannot ignore the catastrophe that must have swept that civilization from the solar system. 

It is here that these two paths of truth converge. "They" know that we have been through these parts before. "They" must also know that we may be facing a repeat of whatever left this previous civilization in ruins. And that is what they cannot tolerate. "What happened to them?" is the question that cannot be asked. That is at the core of the secrecy.

Both The Millennium Group and one of their sometimes sponsors, Whitely Strieber, have asked this question: "Why All the Secrecy?" The TMG piece even makes five suggestions as to the reason for NASA/JPL's suppression of alternative ideas and information. Unfortunately, none of them adds up. Both TMG and Strieber are unwilling to go where the data obviously takes them. 

We have encountered the same kind of reluctance from organizations like Stanley McDaniel's SPSR who, after originally writing a scathing Report on NASA's twenty years of Cydonia "scientific incompetence and disinformation," for some reason (following the publicly-pressured JPL re-imaging of Cydonia in 1998) subsequently underwent a "radical transformation," even to the point of now steadfastly refusing to admit that NASA/JPL have been covering up anything "intentionally."

When the weight of the evidence (after they were burned by the new Cydonia images) became overwhelming that there was an organized suppression campaign, SPSR members (again parroted by Strieber) began to lay the blame at the feet of the almighty dollar. They circulated the idea that "gee, I guess there is a cover up at NASA/JPL, but it's just because they are afraid that they will lose their funding." The "logic" behind this position is that the admission of the artificiality of the Cydonia monuments would create a groundswell for a manned mission to mars, putting JPL out of business. Clearly, this position is a desperate attempt to square the reality of the cover-up with some fairly prosaic explanation. Just as in the Moon missions of the sixties, many -- perhaps a half dozen or more -- robotic missions would be required to pave the way for a manned landing at Cydonia. So JPL would hardly lose their funding from such a disclosure. They would most likely profit immensely from it.

Which leaves only one other explanation, the one we have been pushing towards for some time now. Something "bad" happened to this prior advanced civilization. And it could/will happen again ... to us.

One set of clues are contained in the official NASA/JPL Comet Website -- named specifically after the "obscure" celestial object which has come to represent, to both the "insiders" and Enterprise alike, the essence of what "they" believe happened to our one-time forerunners on the Planet Mars: Comet Encke itself. Remarkably, this same name, with a slightly different spelling, is none other than the Sumerian god who is mythologized as having literally created Mankind. In an ironic sense, if humans originally lived on Mars and a series of planet-busting impacts from a stream of objects eventually containing Comet Encke drove our ancestors to this planet, then "Encke/Enki" could be considered in every sense as having a direct hand in our "creation" ... as Earth humans!

Graham Hancock, in his latest solo effort, "The Mars Mystery" (Crown Publishers, New York, 1998), after our intensive years of discussion on these topics, eventually produced an elegant foreshadowing of our own 15 years of painstaking Enterprise research into what ultimately transpired at Cydonia, combining it apparently with the "inside" official hypothesis of what "they" believe in parallel happened on the Red Planet millions of years ago: an entire human civilization, suddenly destroyed by cataclysmic cometary impacts from objects that ultimately would become the Beta Taurid Stream ... with the few scattered refugees forced to flee to the one remaining planet in the solar system which could still support them after the catastrophe ...

Here ... to Earth.

A few initiates, now at the top of NASA/JPL (apparently believing they are the literal descendants of those ancient Martian refugees!), seem to have "known" this all along (perhaps from ancient "sacred" documents, preserved by the same network of "secret societies" which have preserved the ancient religious rituals they demonstrably practice). And (if we explore the strange "magical" foundations of JPL, and the equally occult backgrounds of the SS Nazi rocket scientists we deliberately imported from the ruins of the Reich), they have been technologically acting on these beliefs from at least the beginnings of the American and German space programs, since the 1930s. Acting methodically but stealthily in the United States, "they" have succeeded in manipulating first the Army, then the NACA, and eventually its successor, NASA (if not how many other agencies of the Federal Government itself?!) for over fifty years ... all in an apparent effort to avoid the coming global catastrophe ... by "getting home!"

Along the way, as evidenced both in the overt naming of the NASA/JPL Encke Website, as well as the recurring pattern of specific "Encke Ritual Alignments" we've now tracked throughout the NASA program, they have continuously acted out their role as true believers in this "Armageddon Script," they see as ultimately terminating this civilization ...

A Script to be set in motion by a set of catastrophic impacts from the Comet Encke Stream itself!

These "true believers," in all likelihood, still think they are faithfully following the precepts of the unimaginably old religions of this ancient antediluvian civilization -- their own ancestors (as evidenced by all the repeating "ritual alignments"). But, in fact, their "beliefs" have (understandably!) somehow become twisted down through time ... For, it is now clear, they also apparently believe that by deliberately bringing on catastrophes linked to Comet Encke, this "act of ritual sacrifice" will somehow help to save "the chosen few!!"

This seems to have been one key motivation -- as Comet Encke was precisely setting in the West -- for the deliberate sacrifice of EgyptAir 990. An act which took place surrounded by an almost unbelievable series of ritual "33s" ... precisely 33 days before the next JPL Mission -- Mars Polar Lander (MPL) -- was to set down December 3rd, at Longitude 195, once again on Mars ... (Apparently, the magical "death ritual" performed with Flight 990, designed in this warped Parson's/Crowley philosophy to guarantee JPL's next Mars success (MPL) for the longer-term agenda, didn't quite work out as planned ...)

Hancock, in "The Mars Mystery," at the end aptly (and remarkably) summarizes the coded beliefs of this elite...

What the astronomers have shown us is an arrow in the sky, aimed at Earth, that has been flying toward us for five million years.

Yet this arrow need never arrive. Life and light and laughter and the quest for sacred knowledge need not be rubbed out. The darkness need not be fed with more suffering and nihilism. Magic and mystery can be renewed. And the wasteland can be healed.

We are defined by our choices.

And this choice is ours [emphasis added].

It is this (now undeniable) pattern of religious ritual and sacrament that we have documented, which so frightens the self described "serious" Cydonia researchers to the point that they must deny our "political'" evidence and its staggering implications at all costs. Acknowledging the now self evident reality of the true motivations for the cover-up is shattering to the assumptions upon which these "serious" researchers have based their professional careers ... if not their lives. They had hoped only to make a name for themselves, to be the recognized "discoverers" of the Face and civilization at Cydonia. They apparently never seriously considered just what that would mean, and the inevitable, fundamental change that confronting these realities would foist upon all of their contemporaries ... if not themselves.

So they held tightly to their academic rules and their peer reviewed journals and rejected us because we frightened them. In essence, they became the unwitting dupes of the group that sought to suppress the information they hoped to reveal.

Unfortunately, "they" seem to have many allies in the "UFO" community. A number of these have been playing a game of "gotcha" with us, trying to put words in our mouths and then attacking us when our "predictions" apparently do not come true. (Actually, we have made very few predictions over the years at Enterprise, and apart from a few difficult political "scenarios," so far we've gotten the overwhelming majority of our scientific efforts right.)

The game works like this; find a subject -- any subject -- we are writing on or a story we are following and twist some element of it into a "prediction." Then, when the "prediction" that we never made does not come to pass, use that as an example that we are "wrong" and as a basis for ignoring any future stories posted by Enterprise. We saw this technique honed to a sharp edge during last years "EQ Pegasi" affair, when our supposed "predictions" ranged from a landing of a alien spacecraft at Turret Peak to Washington DC being nuked. In each of these cases, our mere tracking of a story was used as the basis to assume or imply that we believed all the elements of the story, despite any cautions or disclaimers we may have put in the articles.

This same technique was used recently by Stan Deyo, a sometimes guest of the Art Bell show whom we have run afoul of before. For the record, Deyo in the past has accused Enterprise principal investigator Richard Hoagland of claiming to have invented the S.P.I.T. imaging process, and then taken him to task for making false claims as to how it worked. Of course, none of Deyo's claims were true then and his critique of the imaging enhancement process only served to demonstrate what he did not know about about the history of the Cydonia investigation (See "Where is the Informed Criticism of Richard Hoagland?" for details). 

In this case, Deyo once again accused us of something we did not do -- predict an asteroid impact for November 7th, 1999. To quote his site: 

The night we were on Art Bell's program, Art reluctantly read a fax and repeatedly emphasized it as rumor only about this impact event. Part of this rumor appears to be from here from which they have now tried to backpedal furiously here which was posted November 3rd."

[Included links to our stories on the Enterprise web site]

"If you care to read more in this saga, you can do so at Richard Hoagland's website, but we would advise you do so with discretion. The point is, it is now November 7 and zippo, nada, zero has hit the planet nor have there been any reports of sighted incomings. Does this tell you anything?

Now, I have read my articles over and over again, and I cannot find anywhere that we said an asteroid or three was going to hit the planet on November 7th. It is hard to see how the fact that nothing did strike the planet makes us "wrong" or somehow damages our credibility. He also makes no mention of Hoagland's appearance on Bell on Thursday the 4th of November to tell the audience we did not think there was anything to the rumor. Since we did this, does that make us "right" and mean that people should follow us more closely?

Deyo's article went on to scold us for spreading fear:

 How some people can flagrantly disregard the fright instilled in people by perpetuating rumor is beyond explanation.

Deyo's site is full of Biblical end times prophecy, alarmist reports on earthquakes, natural disasters, and the second coming. It admonishes readers to convert to Christianity now or suffer the consequences and offers a full range of survival solutions in the various publications he offers for sale. Frankly, given the fear mongering, judgmental character of his web site, we find his attempt to call our kettle black laughable. 

The point is we were tracking a story. This means following a process of discovery. We prefer to share this process with our readers, so they will be able to decide for themselves what part of what we present is factual or relevant. It is because we do things this way that people like Deyo, who lack either the intelligence or the motivation to get their facts straight, seem to be after us. The more we put on the table, the more detail we go into and the more respect for the audience we try to have, the more we will be a target.

So this juvenile game of "gotcha" has got to end. We say what we mean and we mean exactly what we say. Because we are on the edge of this work, we will occasionally make mistakes as we share this process of discovery with you. We are not gurus, and we do not seek to replace the proclamations of the cabal with our own. We want, and expect, to find the truth, no matter how messy it is or who's toes we step on.

And the toes we are about to step on are usually covered with shiny black boots ...

Stay Tuned.