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Building Relationships: A Philosophy

Tim Ventura here from American Antigravity, and I’d to talk a bit about advertising on Richard C. Hoagland’s "The Enterprise Mission" website.

First of all, "The Enterprise Mission" isn’t like most websites. It’s got a bit of zest, a lot of class, and most of all, a pedigree. It’s been online since 1996, and covers breaking space news in a way that few others can.

Richard Hoagland is a celebrity in the alt-science community: his career began in the 1960’s, with his first television appearance as a space consultant for the Surveyor 1 mission on NBC in 1966. This led to a role working with Walter Cronkite as the CBS "science advisor" from ’68 to ’72, a NASA consulting role from ’74 to ’79, and more broadcasting work as a science advisor to CNN in the 1980’s. His regular appearances on radio now reach an audience of millions, and he reaches even more through conference appearances and television specials.

Like most of you, I first met Richard on Coast to Coast AM. In my case, the old radio in my first car only picked up AM, giving me a healthy dose of the Art Bell show every night on my drive home from the fast-food job paying my way through college. The early days of Coast featured a lot of experts on alt-science, but Richard Hoagland stood out from the crowd, and became the show’s featured science-advisor.

I started listening in 1992, but I didn’t visit online until 1996 – from one of the rickety 486 workstations in the college library. My first time on the Internet, Coast to Coast AM was the first website that I visited – and while most of Art’s guests didn’t have an online presence, Hoagland’s "Enterprise Mission" became a regular stop for the news that you’ll never see on the networks.

What I’m saying is that Richard C. Hoagland has a history – and as any good Coast fan can attest to, he grows on you over time, and you build a bond of trust with his thoughts, opinions, and ideas. In a way, for millions of us Richard’s become a part of the family – and the Enterprise Mission along with him.

So from my perspective, Richard’s a unique person, and it means that when it comes to advertising, "The Enterprise Mission" has some unique challenges. Our goal wasn’t to simply put up a space to sell a cheap ad – instead, we were captivated by the "old time radio" theme, where the host actually introduced and recommended a product instead of simply going to commercial break.

Typical web-advertising is commoditized these days: advertising middleware like "Google Adsense" means that advertisers are never sure where their ads will be displayed, and websites are never sure which products will be featured on their site. Sometimes it doesn’t matter, but in the case of Enterprise we wanted something more…

So why should you advertise on Enterprise? The 6.3 million pages we serve a year is one reason – and our intelligent, dedicated audience is another. The biggest reason, however, is because our goal is complete satisfaction for both the audience & the advertiser. After all, if you’re helping to support our efforts, why should you have to do it through an impersonal software-interface on a 3rd party website?

If you’ve got a product or service to sell, send us an email to find out a bit more about our advertising policy & rates. If you’re a fan of Coast to Coast, then you probably already know if it’s a good fit with our existing audience –but keep in mind that Enterprise reaches a much larger and more diverse audience than just our Coast listeners.

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Interested in joining the Coast family by advertising on the Enterprise Mission? You've made a good choice -- so send us an email to find out more about rates, ad-sizes, and how we can introduce your company's product to our dedicated online audience today! Email Richard C. Hoagland for details.

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Enterprise Mission's partner, American Antigravity, is currently seeking non-profit sponsors, who will receive banner-recognition online to our 2.8 million audience. While our audience is smaller, your contributions may be tax-deductible, and will help us grow our breakthrough space organization. Email Tim Ventura for details!

Enterprise Mission Statistics


Click Here for the Enterprise Mission Statistics in Adobe PDF format.

Click Here for the Enterprise Mission Statistics in Adobe PDF format.

Our Radio Audience

Most websites are driven by the ebb & flow of audience interest as people surf from one site to the next on their lunch hour or coffee break. One of the assets that makes "The Enterprise Mission" unique is that our audience isn't here just to get somewhere else -- in our case, they come to play, and they come to stay.

As the science advisor to Coast to Coast AM, Richard Hoagland has the benefit of regular appearances on a nationally-recognized radio show several times a month. Thus, Enterprise is the destination for a national audience interested in getting the inside story on space science, politics, and technology. Our visitors aren't just blindly following links to end up at our site -- in fact, our referral logs indicate that the majority of them are typing in our URL by hand. These days, that's an honor usually reserved only for portals like CNN or Google.

We've provided a recent copy of the Arbitron ratings to help you better understand the market position of Coast to Coast AM & George Noory in the radio community, and how it drives traffic & interest to "The Enterprise Mission" in a way that can further benefit your business. Click Here for the Arbitron Ratings

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Want to learn more? Maybe you don't own a business yourself, but a friend or relative does. Send us an email to join the Coast family in advertising on the Enterprise Mission. Email Richard C. Hoagland