Inexpensive Anthrax Breakthrough?



“This is the start of the post-genomics therapeutic revolution …  We have developed non-toxic nanoemulsions that penetrate and kill infectious microbes from flu viruses to anthrax spores …  The possibilities are truly limitless.” 


This statement by Dr. James R. Baker, inventor of the revolutionary disinfection protocol described above, and director of the new Center for Biologic Nanotechnolgy at the University of Michigan, is welcomed by those now concerned with the rash of “anthrax mail attacks” around the Nation.  Dr. Baker has described this breakthrough as “nanobomb technology” -– an allusion to the extremely small (nanometer) size of the aerosol of disinfectant agents that mechanically seek out and kill a wide spectrum of infectious microorganisms, without deleterious side effects to living tissue.  The technique has been described by others as “the biological equivalent of a laser-guided bomb for microorganisms.”  The full details of the University of Michigan breakthrough, and its successful testing by the U.S. Army, can be found at the Center for Biologic Nanotechnology website.


However, all is not good news.  Though developed with the direct support of the U.S. Department of Defense, Dr. Baker’s radical technique for fighting anthrax and a wide array of other possible bioterrorism threats, for some reason, is NOT receiving wide discussion or high priority funding in Washington at present.  One major impediment to immediate wide spread public use is Food and Drug Administration clinical trials and certification.  Responsibility for directing the FDA to carry out such “accelerated trials,” in this current National emergency, rests at the Cabinet level of the Administration: in part, with the Office of Health and Human Services (HHS). 


The Enterprise Mission has discovered that one of it’s long-time close associates is also extremely good friends with “Tommy” Thompson, President Bush’s Cabinet Secretary in charge of Health and Human Services.  The full details of this University of Michigan breakthrough in the war on bioterrorism has, at our instigation, been communicated in the last few days directly with Secretary Thompson.  It is our strong recommendation that all those reading this review immediately communicate their own serious concerns to the Secretary, and demand that immediate FDA trials of Dr. Baker’s protocol be carried out.  And, to facilitate this, we have identified Secretary’s Thompson’s official Washington HSS fax number:


202-690-7203 –— HHS Cabinet Secretary “Tommy” Thompson’s Fax Number


Capitol Hill 202-224-3132 (Ask for Senators Fax Number)

White House 202-456-2461

John McCain 202-228-2862 Email:


President George W. Bush  ">


As with the previously immensely successful NASA campaigns that Enterprise has organized in Washington in past years, we strongly recommend that you fax this crucial information immediately.  That you use this official government fax number for Secretary Thompson freely.  It is NOT Secretary Thomson’s home fax number, but is an official number in his Washington HHS office.  Do not send e-mail (in government, it is deleted).  Do send this announcement to your family, friends and neighbors, so that they can send their faxes.  You can also send faxes to the Whitehouse and congress:


In addition, we strongly recommend that you simultaneously send a copy of the fax you send to Secretary Thompson to members of the national media and press corp.  Here are a few of their representative fax numbers:

ABC FAX (Ted Koppel) 202-222-7976

BACKUP ABC FAX: 202-222-7680

CNN 404-681-3578


One special note: you cannot send a copy of your fax to some news media, but you can send them e-mail.  One such example is Bill O’Reilly, at Fox News.  As an aggressive investigative reporter, who has been on top of the September 11th story from day one, Bill does NOT delete e-mail, so immediately send him a copy of your Thompson fax –- as an e-mail -- at:




Other media that have only e-mails are the folks at NBC, where the first network “anthrax attack” occurred:


Tom Brokaw, the direct object of the attack at NBC Nightly News, should be especially interested in this breakthrough.  His e-mail is:




The Today Show e-mail is:




"> Meet the Press - Tim Russert


"> Hardball with Chris Matthews


"> The News with Brian Williams


CBS Evening News with Dan Rather  - ">


This is by no means a complete list.  Use your own initiative and find additional fax numbers/e-mail addresses for both national and local media.  This problem affects us ALL!


Finally, in this vein, don’t forget to send your “Thompson fax” to the one member of Congress we know will act: Senator John McCain.  He’s acted on our behalf before, and as a veteran he’ll certainly want to know about this remarkable technology to fight the new bioterrorism threats.  Here’s his Washington Fax number:


John McCain 202-228-2862 



Only if YOU act, will the immense inertia of the Washington bureaucracy -– even in this time of National emergency -- be overcome.
So, fax and e-mail NOW.