Will "X" Mark The Date?
(Or: "Trust No One, Mr. Hoagland")
Part 1 of 2

Ok, just to get you caught up ...

A lot of you have been writing in the last few weeks since Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland's appearance on the August 18th, 1999 Art Bell show. During this program, we discussed a variety of topics, mostly centered on the "NASA Caveman" story (a NASA programmer had holed up in cave because he had been told by other NASA workers that Comet Lee would impact in the Atlantic at any moment). We also brought up the astonishing images of "something near the Sun" -- apparently orbiting in the Taurid Stream -- captured during the August 11th, 1999 eclipse. The next day, we received an anonymous call that claimed that there were three objects headed for a direct collision with the Earth on "November 7th." 

Then, as we were trying to assemble all of those little symbolic pieces into a coherent whole, we were broad sided (Well, not exactly -- we were paying attention) by the latest astonishingly predictive salvo from our newest friend in Hollywood, Chris Carter. The season finale from his hit show The "X-Files" not only seemed to indirectly reflect our ideas about what was going on "behind the scenes," but also had the added symbolic benefit of continuing the cliff hanger on that same date - November 7th.

Quite frankly, we have been inundated with information from a variety of quarters, intelligence sources, average citizens and even members of the "quiet establishment" in NASA and academia. This report is our attempt to put what we have learned, and what we suspect, on the table for you.

As we stated back in August, the November 7th date is interesting to us because it is very near a "ritual date," a date of special significance to the "cabal" that we believe exists in and around NASA, the Sirius worshipers at FEMA, and selected other government agencies (actually November 6th, the beginning of the fall passage through the Taurid meteor stream. Remember, even though it may be the 6th in one part of the world, it may already be the 7th across the international dateline). We have assumed for some years that  a "special event" was planned around this date and were quite concerned last year that we might have a "problem" when this date came around again.

This scenario is still one we find plausible, if not compelling. We have known for a long time -- several years in fact -- that the architects of the cabal that has grown like a cancer within many government agencies (like NASA) since their birth after World War II, are apparently overwhelmingly obsessed with fulfilling a literal "Armageddon Script!"

"While the rest of the world has been fighting gooks and commies, these men have been secretly negotiating a planned Armageddon." - Dr. Alvin Kurtzweil,  from "X-Files - Fight the Future"

"The Plan," as we like to call it here at Enterprise (after our initial detection and persistent tracking of the increasingly obvious "clues" now, over many years), is being assiduously executed even now behind the scenes in many of those same agencies (NOT just NASA/JPL) -- with obviously significant consequences for all the rest of us denied access to the underlying rationale (if not the data behind that rationale), still tightly held by the "cabalists" themselves.

And the eclipse objects and mysterious phone message, with it's "correct" date and target (off the African West coast - See "Inside Source" provides Details of "Impact Events") fit this scenario perfectly. In fact, a little too perfectly.

Within a day or so of that broadcast we began to get suspicious we were being taken for a ride. Enterprise principal investigator Richard Hoagland quickly realized that the objects were far too bright to be real objects in the so-called "Beta Taurid Stream," currently orbiting on the far side of the Sun but headed for the Earth. There was also the problem of "Object C" (as the Millennium Group report had dubbed it). It actually seemed to be between the Moon and Earth, taking it far away from the path of the Taurid Stream. He also did a preliminary calculation of the orbital path of the supposed "Taurid objects" from the official NASA Eclipse video (shot from a site in Turkey -- see below) and concluded (assuming we were supposed to take them as "real") that they might indeed arrive here on November 6th/7th. There was just one problem ......"

It was early November, 2003.

Since our "source" had clearly stated "November 7th" and not "November 7th, 1999" we at first were nonplussed as to why we were being given a 5 year head start on the impact date. Was this just an attempt to get us to "go public" in a big way, hoping that when nothing happened  this year that we would be discredited when the real thing came down in 2003? Hmmm ... plausible ... but ...

We had to think symbolically. These "bad guys," whatever else they are, are consistent. They have shown a decades long propensity for doing things by the book. The book of religious ritual and symbolism, that is. So we began to consider these objects in that light.

We also started to dig into just what they might be and if they were indeed "real."

A number of readers sent us a variety of ideas on what the objects might be. These ranged from the planet Venus to an "image artifact" to a reflection of a flashbulb off the camera recording the eclipse. None of these ideas adequately explained the phenomenon. 

The notion that one of the objects might be Venus came from listening to the audio recording of the Real video file of the NASA tape. The NASA camera operator does indeed refer to Venus ("I've got Venus"), but this is demonstrably NOT the case. Venus was more that 50° away from the sun at the time of the eclipse -- not right next to it -- basically in another part of the sky. It seems he was probably told he would see Venus, and adjusted his camera to include what he thought was Venus into the image. But both objects were clearly way too close to the sun to be the 2nd planet.

This same audio also dismisses the "artifact" argument. It is obvious that the camera operator saw something in the sky, and adjusted his focus accordingly just as the original Millennium Group article asserted. The audio confirms that he did indeed see "something" he thought was Venus. So the objects are certainly not "artifacts." Given that we have now confirmed that there were in fact objects in the sky over Ankara, we can also readily dismiss the "flash reflection" argument.

Now that we knew there was something in the sky that day over Turkey, it became even more critical to determine just what their path might be. We contacted a well known astronomer (one who has been a guest on the Art Bell show), and he agreed to use his considerable knowledge and resources to try and confirm Hoagland's November 2003 date. Unfortunately, within hours of agreeing to work with us on this matter, this astronomer suffered a massive heart attack and underwent bypass surgery. Understandably, given the high "bypass rate" around the Enterprise offices lately, we have had a difficult time getting more help on this issue.

So we were back to square one. We had put out the call to get videos from other locations in the hopes of spotting the objects as the eclipse drove across Europe. When we finally did get some videos, the curious objects were nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, we'd been getting a number of stills of the eclipse showing something else near the sun ...

... and the crop circles in England from June and July, well before the eclipse -- which seemed to predict what we were seeing ..!


Not to mention the Turkish flag itself, which is nothing less than an eclipse with a "floating star" right next to it!

It was also not lost on us that Ankara (where the video was shot) is very near the "magical" longitude of 33° . So we began to look into this little object in the sun's corona, wondering if it might be one of the objects seen in the Turkish video. As it turned out, after careful analysis of various videos, the wandering "object" was most likely a detached solar prominence (a bright spot of emitted solar material floating in the corona). An examination of the SOHO eclipse web site unfortunately could not confirm the presence of the plume but did have some odd blank spots in areas that might be covering the plume. Although it is possible that "Hypership" technology (see below) could certainly venture that close to the sun, and it is even possible that such a vessel could create a hydrogen plume of the type we are seeing, we do not believe that was the case here. So we were back to where we started again, unable to visually confirm our Turkish friends ... Right?


Along with all the other help we'd been getting, several readers pointed us to this spectacular image taken from the NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day web site. The image was taken from the Russian space station Mir as the eclipse passed over Turkey (although French web pages claim it is actually over France). And there, seemingly in orbit with the station itself were ...

... our two (3?) friends!

At this point, we began to consider the probability that these objects in the Turkish video were not actual Taurid objects, but rather symbolic Taurid objects, appearing in the skies over the symbolic 33° longitude, during an eclipse in a country whose very flag is an eclipse!

Ok, fine. But what was this all supposed to be telling us? Well, curiously enough, it still pointed to November 7th.

Our conclusion was that somebody knew that "we" (as in the broader "UFO community" as well as Enterprise itself) would be paying attention to this eclipse, and -- possibly just as they had done during the infamous "19.5°" Mexico City eclipse of 1991 -- arranged a little show for us. 

But, to what end?

Apparently to warn us, in an indirect, "prime directive" sort of way, to watch out for the Taurids. As we have seen from the STS-48 and STS-80 videos (in addition to the Mexico City events), whoever has control of these vehicles is not above staging a little show for the cameras. In fact all of these previous "Hypership" events had the same well planned smell to them as the Turkish eclipse video did. 

Considering that the objects were placed right in the path of the Taurids (from the perspective of a viewer on the ground near Ankara) we could not help but be inclined to assume they were in the Taurid stream. Of course, this would get any reasonably bright person to start thinking in terms of  the Taurids and the danger they have and do represent to our planet (see OMGTKS). 

And when would we next pass through the Taurid stream? November 6th/7th of course!

So we decided that even though there was no danger from the objects on the video (if they were comets/asteroids) hitting us anytime soon, somebody still wanted us to pay attention to the Taurids.

It was at this point that we began to wonder if perhaps there were a real danger looming, not from these guys, but perhaps from some as yet unseen or invisible (dark) objects in the Taurid stream.

Right about this time, a couple of old friends and one brand new one entered the picture ...

Back in January, 1999, a few weeks before Enterprise principal investigator Richard Hoagland's heart attack, Hoagland had taken our preliminary findings on the weather radar data we had tracked since the infamous "EQ Pegasi" events to a UFO conference in Las Vegas. There, he met with (among others) Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI. After receiving a briefing from Hoagland and becoming convinced that the radar data represented what we asserted it did (most probably some sort of localized active meteor defense), Greer left the conference (with our data in hand) to inquire about it with his government sources.

A few days later, Greer reported back with some chilling news. He had met with members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff general staff, and they had told him flatly; "There's a rock coming. And there's nothing we can do about it." Greer later repeated this same information with additional details (to wit: that there would be three objects impacting "later this year") at another conference in April, 1999, in Italy -- although he never related this additional information directly to us. After hearing this story from an Italian reporter in September, we asked a well-placed colleague of Greer's to confirm the story with Dr. Greer himself. He did so.

Concurrently, several days after our mysterious "anonymous inside source," and almost two weeks after the August 18th Bell Show itself, Hoagland heard from another "old intel friend" he'd been half expecting ... none other than our "Turret Peak UFO landing" intelligence source! This source (we'll call him "Max") informed us, in calls spaced over several days, that we were indeed on the right track: that there were indeed three objects "heading our way"; and that they had actually been given code names, associated with the three impact points our previous "mysterious caller" had related. In addition, he confirmed and provided additional information concerning the actual nature of the objects.

  • "Titanic" - Will supposedly impact in Siberia, with a 90% probability of impact given.

  • "Bismarck" - Is targeted for central Manitoba. 30% probability given because of the flat trajectory of the object (70% chance it will "bounce" off the atmosphere).

  • "Monitor" - Will fall in the East Atlantic, just off the Northwestern Coast of Africa.

"Max" further informed us that the highest levels of government were convinced they were powerless to deter the objects from their path (just as we had suspected and just as was recently portrayed in the X-Files season finale). He added that he agreed with our stance that there were technologies which could avert the disaster, but that those who were in possession of those technologies had decided that there was "too much inertia" in favor of not using those technologies.

In other words, somebody wants these impacts to happen.

Now, the little matter of the names. We can't help but notice that these names are all symbolic, and at least marginally connected to the cabal that we have been tracking for years. "Titanic" could refer to a doomed ship or planet (are we all sailing on the Titanic?) and strangely (since it is apparently the name of the Siberian projectile), went down in the North Atlantic on it's way to New York. According to some rumors, it was also carrying a cursed Egyptian mummy in it's cargo hold. "Bismarck" was the largest battle ship in the Nazi fleet and was sunk only a few days after entering service. The history of "Monitor" we are not quite as certain of, but we suspect that the first Union Civil War ironclad may have been a pet project of Ulysses S. Grant, a Freemason who was in many ways responsible for the founding of the city of Phoenix. (We need to do some more digging on this issue.)

All of which (if true) would nicely tie things up in a cabbalistic knot.

What interested us more though, was the locations of the alleged impacts themselves. They seemed calculated to catch our attention. Just off the "Northwestern coast of Africa" is a rather large area, but it does contain at least one interesting location on the map grid. Just off of Cape Verde lies 19.5° N by 19.5° W.

An impact there would produce a tsunami anywhere from 300 to perhaps several miles high, depending on the size of the object. Western Europe, particularly Spain, would be hit hard as would the Eastern US. But the continents of Africa and South America, where the vast majority of the worlds non Caucasian populations reside, would be devastated. Hundreds of millions, if not a billion, lives would be lost and the non-whites would be disproportionately affected. Now, this is exactly what a "Nazi" would do if he had control over "comet making" technology. And it was exactly the kind of thing that we would take note of.

"Max" then made what at the time seemed to be a tactical error. He told us that if we had relatives on the East coast, we'd better advise them to get west of the Appalachian mountains (just as the "NASA Caveman" had done) because everything "south of Chesapeake Bay is toast."


A cursory examination of the map shows that such a scenario is impossible, assuming a Eastern Atlantic impact. Obviously everything North of Chesapeake Bay would be gone as well. So what was going on here? Was "Max" lying to us, telling us what he thought we wanted to hear when in fact the "real" Atlantic  impact would be much closer to the East coast of the US (and much smaller) than we had begun to suspect? Or was the whole thing a lie, and something else entirely was on the agenda for November 7th? We began to consider other scenarios (including that absolutely nothing of note would happen at all) when we began to get input from a new, more public, and much more credible source ...

We started to consider that the November 7th date may be centered around a "local" event, or one highly steeped in symbolism -- rather than a globally catastrophic one. Perhaps a "small" bomb in Washington, DC, or some equally aberrant terrorist attack in New York City. 

Then we heard of the West Nile Virus. 

Now the symbolic origins of the West Nile Virus are intriguing to contemplate. "West Nile" is essentially the realm of heaven in the Egyptian mythos, ruled over by none other than ... Osiris! (as "President of the Westerners" see Abydos). The seven deaths this rare form of encephalitis caused in the New York area may as well have been blatantly attributed to the "Osiris Virus." 

But -- seven deaths ..? Why not six ... or nine ... or twenty nine? Seven is just a bit too "pat" -- because it's too "tetrahedral" (seven symmetry spins of a tetrahedron -- the hyperdimensional, symbolic gateway to "death" -- remember?) to be just another "coincidence" in this sudden, developing New York/Egyptian symbolic train ...

Even stranger was the totally disproportionate response to an "outbreak" that killed all of seven people; Officials immediately began spraying the city with a variety of pesticides, including Malithion, which presented a far greater danger to the people of New York than contracting a mild virus like "West Nile" could. Despite this, health officials repeatedly used inflammatory language like "epidemic" in describing the need to stamp out the infection. 

Consistent with this sudden pattern of overreaction and exaggeration, Mayor Giuliani simultaneously declared war on another imminent "Egyptian invasion" of New York: a painting ... part of an art exhibit scheduled to open in October at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

The exhibit, called "Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection," was to feature some art so gruesome that it's overall theme could only be called "a celebration of death" (Osiris anyone ..?) Or, as one on-line art magazine described it:

"... A cow's head being eaten by maggots and flies, the innards of a pig, a 
man's head sculpted from blood ... and if offal and decay don't move you then 
maybe fear will, when you recall the film JAWS as soon as you see the shark. 
In fact, the museum's codename for the show is 'Sharkbite' ..."

In the middle of this "deadly celebration," the most controversial image of all: a painting by black British artist, Chris Ofili, titled "The Holy Virgin Mary." 

Curiously, it was this painting -- not the exhibit -- which seemed to enrage Mayor Giuliani most of all. One key reason: to adding insult to injury (besides the fact that she was black!), Olifi had used elephant dung on some strategic aspects of the painting -- such as in the 3-D depiction of "Mary's" right breast! 

Thundered the Mayor on NBC's "Meet the Press",

"Am I going to approve the hard-earned dollars of the people of this city supporting this? I have to say no. And for standing up for that principle, I'm being attacked by the First Amendment hysterics ..." 

In parallel with the media hysteria fanned by the Mayor over the on-going "West Nile Virus outbreak" (evoking increasingly uncomfortable images from the Dustin Hoffman film ...), Giuliani's "war" on the Brooklyn Museum -- not over the truly hideous aspects of the exhibit, but over one small painting -- bordered on the bizarre ... 

For, you see, to any scholar of Africa or African art, Ofili's painting clearly fell into the catagory of a long-recognized class: a "Black Madonna." Furthermore, in Africa she was (and is) the personification of an even earlier "Virgin Mother of a Infant Newborn King"--

Isis ... and Horus! The wife of Osiris himself (see Abydos).

The Egyptian symbology in these (apparently) unconnected incidents was unmistakable ... "death and (hopefully!) resurrection." 

But -- death from "what!!?"

Concurrently with all this, ABC's "Nightline" program just happened to be running a special series of shows on the danger of a "biowar" attack on a "fictional metropolitan city" (in the sense that "Gotham City" is fictional in Batman). Run over five nights, this show speculated in alarming terms on the spread of an anthrax breakout over the course of several days. As if that were not enough, the CIA then chimed in and announced publicly that they were investigating the possibility that the "outbreak" was a bio terror attack! 

Typically, if a government agency was conducting such an investigation, it would refrain from making such a public statement for fear of causing undue alarm among the public and/or tipping off the suspected "terrorists." Instead, CIA, as well as the Governor and Mayor of New York and the news media seemed intent on creating as much public panic as possible!

The question is why?

Because of our doubts about the veracity of the reports we were receiving from our intel sources, we felt that a bio terror attack, probably in New York City, was as viable an option for November 7th as the "impact scenario." There were a variety of reasons to back this perspective, ranging from the Egyptian motif of the whole "West Nile outbreak" to the appropriately "armageddonish" aspects of a "plague"  -- not to mention the possible advantages to our sources of making us look bad. A classic misdirection play?

Well, maybe not. As we began to consider the feasibility of this option, we ran into several major roadblocks. For one, it just wasn't "big" enough. The most that could be killed with anthrax or another such contaminant would be maybe 20 million. Because we were operating on the assumption that this event would have to cause a major change in the world, we just did not feel comfortable that a "virus" was the proper instrument. 

So we were back to "dangerous things falling from the sky..." comets and asteroids -- or nothing.

We then received a contact, by way of Art Bell, from somebody calling himself "Robin D'Terra." "Robin" told us that he had been a sometimes informant for the Millennium Group, and that he had contacts in NASA and various other government agencies. He also claimed to personally know members of the staffs of a US congressman and at least two US Senators. After a few e-mail exchanges, we finally made voice contact and had the chance to interview him directly.

Unlike "Max," "Robin D'Terra" was quick to divulge his real name, John Maynard. He detailed a background in military intelligence operations, including a stint at the National Security Council under President Carter and also including "crop circle disinformation" beginning in 1977. After our initial conversations, we were able to confirm that he was indeed a real person and that he knew at least some of the people he said he knew. Details of his intel resume´ were unfortunately harder to confirm. 

John began by explaining his reason for getting touch with us. He said that while at NSC he had authored a number of martial law scenarios in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States. He said that he had received calls from several military and intelligence sources early this year asking him detailed questions about aspects of these plans. This had led him to assume that his plans had been "dusted off" and reviewed for some reason. At the same time, he had begun to hear rumors of something "big" brewing for November, 1999, but he could not ascertain exactly what was going on.

Then, when what were obviously martial law exercises began in Kingsville, Texas, John got much more concerned. The exercises were apparently part of something called "Operation Last Dance," (how's that for an apocalyptic moniker!) and included black helicopters and live fire exercises within a few hundred feet of civilian housing. Several buildings were damaged in the attacks and many residents, unaware that anything of the kind would be taking place, were badly frightened. Similar exercises were conducted in other Texas towns over the next few weeks. When pressed, Texas governor George W. Bush, our likely next President, refused to comment. His office later issued a statement declaring that these exercises were not his business, but were between local officials and the Army. Army officers familiar with Special Operations plans identified the exercises as "Martial Law scenarios."

When he checked with his sources, John was told that these Texas operations had indeed been martial law exercises, and that others had been planned for Montana. These were evidently cancelled when the local militias caught wind of them and planned to disrupt the operations. He then asked if any more such exercises were planned for later in 1999. The answer was "Yes. Late October/early November."

It was when he first became aware of our possible "November scenario" that it all seemed to come together. We first asked John to interrogate his NASA sources. When he asked them about "November," they immediately clammed up. Stonewalled, he informed us that he worked for the IMF and would be taking a trip to Africa in September. He told us he would be stopping along the way in London, and would arrange a meeting with two contacts he knew that worked as assistants to a major astronomer with the European Space Agency. The meeting took place on September 2nd, 1999.

By John's account, he was able to get very little out of his ESA contacts. They would not confirm any specific references to November 7th, but did indicate there was a "problem" having to do with comets or asteroids. They admitted that elements of ESA knew there was a potential danger with both comets Lee and Encke, and that the objects had been observed off and on for more than a year. Although he described his contacts as "jumpy," they did at one point refer to what was coming as a "storm, not a shower" and tacitly indicated there was a danger of large impacts.

Ultimately, he was told that ESA would follow NASA's lead, but if "things got too hot" ESA would break away and make an announcement. After this, they refused to speak any further on the subject.

Then in early October, a series of strange political developments took place. On the 7th, President Clinton made a somewhat unusual (it was fairly short notice, and was supposedly to open the new US embassy -- a duty more properly left to the ambassador) trip to Canada where he met face to face with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. What caught our attention was that Canada was one of the supposed "impact zones," and such a meeting was exactly the kind of direct personal contact needed to keep such news quiet. If Clinton wanted to warn the Prime Minister, this was the perfect way to do it.

Around this same time, John Maynard informed us that he had been told that on October 17th, "the roundup of the dissidents would begin." Coincident with this information was the continuing, odd behavior of the President. Clinton reiterated, in a joking fashion at a Democratic fundraiser, that he really did not want to leave office and wished that the 22nd amendment did not exist. This was fourth time since August that he had raised this possibility, however jokingly. It is interesting to consider this behavior in light not only of the Executive Orders he has issued in the past (which are nothing less than a blueprint for martial law), but also his administration's past political strategies. What Clinton has always done in the past when he was considering controversial legislation was to float "trial balloons." He would leak the news that an idea was being considered (remember the VAT tax idea?) and then after it hit the news media, he would conduct a poll to see if the idea would fly. If it was not popular, he would withdraw the trial balloon and deny the idea was ever considered. So what was this all about? Is Clinton floating another "trial balloon" to see if the American people will accept him as their dictator if he has to declare a national emergency?

After that was the curious "lock out" incident, immediately following the President's October 14th news conference. After the completion of the conference, Clinton walked back into the White House hallways behind the podium in full view of the cameras. As he attempted to enter a doorway, he discovered that the door was locked. He struggled for several embarrassing  moments, and then gave up and tried another door. A contingent of secret service types eventually emerged from the locked room. The whole scene was oddly symbolic, perhaps an indirect reference to the effect that the President was somehow locked out of his own White House and not in control.

His frustration seemed to peak at an inopportune time. On October 17th, at around 4 PM,  with no advance notice, he decided to play a round of golf at a military course. That it was raining and getting dark did not seem to affect his decision. By all accounts, his behavior was bizarre to say the least, as witnesses described him as "splaying the ball everywhere." According to the Drudge Report:

President Clinton played a full 18 holes of golf on Sunday evening -- 
all by himself in the rain! 
Clinton completed a full round in pitch dark at a deserted Army Navy 
Country Club in Arlington, Va., in a development one Clinton insider 
called: "odd." 
"It was odd, it was strange," the Clinton insider, who has known the 
president for more than 20 years, told the DRUDGE REPORT on Sunday 
"I'm worried. It sounds completely out of character. Maybe he is working 
off stress, or he is using golf as a form of therapy or prevention." 
"He's promised Hillary no more cheating," said the Clinton insider. 
"Maybe he felt urges -- and went out to the golf course, rather than 
give in to those urges." 
Secret Service agents and news media were given only minutes notice 
before Clinton departed for the club. 
"He was playing in the pitch dark... he was swinging and wildly hitting 
balls everywhere," one pool reporter told an associate in the White 
House press room after the trip. 
[The press office would not release Clinton's golf score late Sunday 
Just as... the WASHINGTON POST places a Page One on Monday reporting 
that all is well in the West Wing. 
In a story entitled "His Term Fading, A Wistful Clinton Loosens Up" -- 
the POST's John Harris reports that Clinton associates find the the 
president "looser, more reflective and more at ease than they have seen 
Clinton friend and fundraiser Terence McAuliffe tells the paper: 
"I've never seen him in a better frame of mind. He's been in great 
spirits and he's got lots of fight." 
The president's own minister Rev. J. Philip Wogaman says Clinton "is a 
little more at peace, in some respects is more focused than he's ever 
been, since the personal issues that sometimes got in the way are not in 
the way." 
Filed by Matt Drudge
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The symbolism of a frustrated Clinton firing the ball off in all directions is a neat metaphor for the raining down of asteroids. That aside, it would seem to be the behavior of a stymied man, unable to affect change in the way he desperately wants to. Given that it was October 17th, we can't help but wonder if Clinton signed (or was forced to sign) something that pertained to John's "round up of dissidents." We were soon to have our answer, but not before some more curious developments.

Maynard had come across a news story on the BBC science page that he had not previously been aware of and called us in a state of some excitement.

A British mineralogist who specializes in the study of meteors and planetary meteor defense systems, Dr. Matt Genge, had evidently given a paper at the British Festival of Science in Sheffield on September 16th, 1999. The subject of his presentation was the danger posed to the Earth by small (100 meters or less) comets or asteroids impacting or airbursting after entering the earth's atmosphere.

Dr. Matt Genge

Coming as it did some two weeks to the day after John's meeting with his "ESA contacts," we were already quite intrigued by the subject and timing of Dr. Genge's presentation. But we were absolutely blown away when John related what had him so excited -- his "ESA contacts" in London two weeks before had been research assistants to none none other than one Dr. Matt Genge

So his information from these sources had turned out to be reliable in at least one respect; his meeting in London had probably "turned up the heat" to the point that Dr. Genge felt he had to make some sort of public preemptive strike. Stopping short of an actual public admission (as the contacts had said they would "follow NASA's lead"), Genge had done the next best thing. He warned in general, -- but hardly mild -- terms, that a strike could take place at any moment and that we were statistically likely to see one soon.

After calling us on this John decided  to call Genge's office directly. Even though it was nearly midnight in England, the phone was answered by a man identifying himself as one of Genge's research assistants. When John gave the man at the other end of the line his name and his reason for calling, the reaction was abrupt. "Oh, we're not supposed to talk to you" was the response, followed by a quick hang up. 

We see Genge as one of the "honest folks" who obviously knows there is a problem but is constrained by the system from coming forward with his suspicions. That his presentation is not related to his assistants meeting with John Maynard 2 weeks before strikes us as overwhelmingly unlikely. So what was he trying to accomplish? Probably he was hoping that his warning would be heeded by somebody in the media or elected government, who would then start asking the right questions and break the lid off of this "November 7th" problem. It is now up to us to make that happen ...

One more addendum to this story. Just two days ago, after not hearing from John Maynard for a few days, we got some bad news. Last Saturday night or early Sunday morning, John, like so many of our recent associates, had a very inconvenient heart attack. That, and the last few bits of disturbing information he was able to obtain for us before he was stricken, are the subject of part 2.