"Inside Source" provides
Details of "Impact Events"

At 6:16 PM this evening (August 19th, 1999) Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland received an anonymous phone call from what we have determined was most likely an "inside" source. The call, placed to Hoagland's private, unregistered residence line, lasted only 30 seconds but provided details of the "impact points" for the 3 objects seen on the CNN eclipse video. It is because of one these predicted locations that we take the source somewhat more seriously than we would the usual "mysterious voice" on the phone.

In order, the source reported that all three objects would strike the Earth on November 7th, 1999 (one day into the fall passage through the Taurid Meteor Stream). The first would come down in Siberia (a symbolic recreation of the Tunguska event?), the second would strike in central Manitoba, Canada if it did not bounce or "skip" off the atmosphere because of its shallow intercept course, and that the 3rd would hit in the Atlantic ocean off the Northwestern coast of Africa. 

It was this final claim that "rung our bell" in terms of taking the caller seriously. For over a year now we have privately suspected that this would be the target area of the "precursor event," the first planned disaster which may start a cycle of bad hair days for all of us. Part of the reason is that this is the same location as the impact event depicted in the movie "Deep Impact," but there are several other reasons for being concerned that this is a target area which we will relate in upcoming articles.

The fact that the caller seemed to know the impact points and orbits with such precision nearly three months out indicates an extraordinary level of  understanding of the orbital mechanics of the alleged objects. Indeed, if this is truly an inside source, he may be involved with the group (see the Hubble article) that may have actually placed the objects in these orbits in the first place.

If these objects are real and on a collision course, there are doubtless many "partial" insiders who are aware of the problem, but unaware of the fact that it has been deliberately set in motion. The series of symbolic events which led us to be suspicious of the Taurids in the first place were well orchestrated. Many of these insiders in and on the fringes of official government will have been told that we are helpless to avert this catastrophe. This is a lie. Clearly, based on the recent NASA video evidence, we are in possession of technologies capable of changing the game.

It is critical to keep in mind that if such technologies exist, as Hyperdimensional Physics implies and the STS-48 and STS-80 videos demonstrate, then we also possess the technology to avert this course of events. An object placed in an Earth crossing orbit by a "hypership" can be moved out of it as well. What we must do now is to apply the pressure to the organizations which control these technologies.

The best way to do this is to first prove that the objects exist. To do that, we must have more video of the eclipse, or even still shots taken which may show the objects. Please send any video to the address below or e-mail images to the address above. All e-mails of relevance will be forwarded to Mr. Hoagland.

We have considered the possibility that by revealing the contents of this call we may be "doing the Devil's bidding." Such claims as we are relaying from our anonymous caller can be damaging to unbalanced individuals. Nobody wants another Heaven's Gate on their hands. 

But it would be even more irresponsible, not to mention potentially personally hazardous, to sit on such information if it turns out to be true. So we have decided to move ahead. What we will do now is first gather evidence that the objects exist, and then set a course to change this outcome that somebody seems to have carefully planned.