"Landing Site" Revealed -
And What Does IS(I)S Have to Do With Phoenix ...
... And Comets?

LANDING-SITE.gif (34115 bytes)
Rough position of Turret Mountain "landing site."

After weeks of speculation on various internet sites, TEM principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland has revealed the location of the supposed "landing site" given to him by an "intelligence community" source back in June. On the December 5th "Art Bell" show, Hoagland told Bell (and the listening audience) that the site given to him was Turret Mountain in central Arizona. The site itself is about 30 miles West of Payson, Arizona, just east of Route 17 in that state.

It is important to remind readers that we do not necessarily advocate that there will be a landing of an "extraterrestrial spacecraft" at this site on this date. As we laid out in our previous posts, we are reporting information given to us from at least 3 sources, the previously mentioned "intelligence community" source, a separate "DOD source," and the speech reversals. All pointed to an event of "major impact" on the 7th.

In recent weeks, our position vis-a-vis this information and the EQ Pegasi signal have been distorted in the media and on web sites by "UFO researchers" who have evidently not read our posts carefully enough or listened to the updates by TEM principal researcher Richard C. Hoagland on the Art Bell show. A restating of our position and a recounting of the information we have provided both on the internet and over the air is consequently called for before the actual date arrives.

First, we do not know if anything at all will happen in Arizona on the 7th. The significance of the date in the "ritual calendar" we have been following is however well established, and there are reports of unusual military activity, tunneling and even the closure of airspace over the area in question. There are also reports indicating that both the Maricopa county Sheriff and the entire Phoenix City Council are going to be "elsewhere" on Monday. We emphasize that these are all unconfirmed reports, and we like everyone else are reserving judgement until we can get more information from the area. We are fortunate enough to have contact with some people in the area who have promised to "take a look" both on and before Monday.

It is curious to note that there are significant tunnels (exactly 19.5 feet wide!) being currently dug by the Federal Government in the immediate area of the "landing site."

Since we have been unable to obtain access to a radio telescope to scan for the "EQ Pegasi" signal (despite promises from 2 parties who expressed a desire to give us such access), we have no further information on this aspect of the story. We would still call for anyone with access to appropriate equipment to search for the signal between 1430 MHz and 1450 MHz in the vicinity of EQ Pegasi. While we did speculate as to the possibility that the signal was coming from a decelerating interstellar probe, we by no means have claimed that such an object does exist. As we stated above, our efforts to confirm this model have been stymied.

We do not now, nor have we ever advocated that anyone approach the "landing site." If there is a secret military tunneling operation or an actual "ET event" is to take place, it may not be safe for you to approach the area. However, we recognize that you are all adults, and can make your own decisions in this matter. We advise only due caution. If you do head to the area, make sure you let someone know, and take a cellular phone or CB radio to keep in touch. A film or video camera would also be advisable accessories for such an excursion. Any reports can be faxed to TEM at  (505) 286-6130, or e-mail reports may be sent to "> or to ">Peter Gersten of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS).

While we do not yet have sufficient information to "make a call" either way on what may happen December 7th, there are several "symbolic" possibilities which could fit the description of a "major impact" event. We will briefly outline these next.


As we predicted in our "Zarya" update of last week, the launch of STS-88 and the "Unity" module of the International Space Station (IS(I)S) was delayed. Under the original schedule, STS-88 would have launched on Wednesday, December 3, 1998 at 3:58 AM EDT. As we had alluded to, the astronomical alignments over the Cape and at the various "temples" were not favorable for a launch at that moment. There were a better set of alignments at 4:24 AM EDT, but a December 3rd launch would still have placed the first EVA to activate "Unity" and "Zarya/Horus" to create "Isis" on Sunday the 6th.  We have considered that the symbolic link up between these two "Egyptian gods" may be the actual "December 7th event" we were tipped off to, so this just did not fit. We were therefore not surprised when a "mysterious" (Reuters description) master alarm went off due to pressure on Hydraulic System #1 temporarily registering below 2800 psi during its startup transition from low to high. As the precious seconds of the narrow launch window ticked away, Shuttle system engineers oddly delayed their assessment of the situation just long enough to miss the window. The mission was scrubbed at the 19 second mark of the countdown (19.5 anyone?) The cost of this little mishap would certainly be in the millions once you account for all the overtime pay, personnel and military units needed to support a launch.

With no real explanation given, the launch was delayed until December 4th at 3:36 AM EDT, neatly placing the first of 3 six-hour EVA's (3-3-3, 6-6-6, remember that from the telephone interference?) on December the 7th, rather than the sixth. The new launch window also afforded a sequence of alignments at various locations that indicate the events taking place in space on Monday have an intimate connection to the "Phoenix event," the disappearance of SOHO and perhaps to the ultimate purpose of "IS(I)S" itself.

This time the countdown went off without a hitch. After arriving at the pad, the crew proceeded to the 195ft (19.5!)  level where one by one, they ingressed into the orbiter. The hatch was closed and locked for flight at approximately 1:10 am EST. At 2:29am EST the countdown clock came out of the hold at the T-minus 20 minute mark beginning the terminal portion of the launch countdown. At 2:41am EST the countdown clock entered a 45 minute hold at the T-minus 9 minute mark. During this time the shuttle launch director conducted a poll of the launch team and all systems were ready for flight. At 3:33am (33.3) the Orbiter Access Arm was retracted and the command was given to the crew to close and lock their visors. Liftoff occurred exactly on time at 3:35:34am EST (8:34am GMT).

As it did so, there was curious lack of significance in the stars above the Cape. But, in Phoenix, the center of this weekend's concerns, things were interesting indeed. Comet Encke, the "lead object" of the fearsome Taurid meteor stream and the primary focus of John Glenn's recent return to space, was precisely at the Masonic altutude of 33 below the Western horizon in Phoenix.

STS-88-1-LAUNCH.gif (11621 bytes)

This is not a good sign. The Western horizon is symbolic of death and the underworld in the ancient Egyptian traditions that NASA is following with such consistency. For the West to be locked in with Encke and hence Taurus, or Seth, the bringer of "fire and death from above," in ancient Egypt, is foreboding. That it is also a negative altitude, again usually symbolic of a negative event in this pattern, is even worse. It may mean that what will happen in the desert (if anything) will be a very bad thing...

But it may not specifically relate to December 7th. This launch may be a link in a chain of events having to do with comets, destruction, and escape.

Last summer, during an appearance on the Art Bell show, TEM principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland was asked about the Japanese mission to Mars which had just launched. The mission (named "Hope" - are they hoping to escape to Mars?) is run by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS, we kid you not!) carries a ground penetrating radar and was launched on July 4th, 1998. Bell had asked about a trip to Mars and why the probe was launched "early" when it would not depart Earth orbit until December 20th. During the course of the conversation, Hoagland had pointed out that perhaps the cheapest and most efficient way to go to Mars would be to just strap engines on the new space station and "go there."

Subsequent to this appearance, NASA has begun to openly consider the idea and has started to promote the concept of a manned Mars mission as "essential" to the agency's future. So if IS(I)S and Phoenix have something to do with going to Mars to get "off the planet" during a period of tribulation, then this launch, just like Zarya's, should have a symbolic link evident in the stars.

STS-88-2-LAUNCH.gif (9294 bytes)

How about Mars, at 3.33 below the Eastern horizon (but rising)? In this scenario, Mars represents Horus and the chance of escape, and the East is symbolic of rebirth and regeneration in the Egyptian religions of old. Of course, if this scenario is real, then there must be some acknowledgement of such elsewhere at the "temples" set up by NASA around the solar system.

On the Moon, TEM has referred to the Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 landing sites as "temples," because they were the sites of the first two manned landings. The Apollo 12 site actually has more significance in the NASA/Egypt model, for reasons we are not prepared to divulge at this time. But given this information and the pattern described above, it would not have been surprising to find the pattern extending to the most sacred of NASA's Lunar shrine's. It did.

STS-88-3-LAUNCH.gif (10224 bytes)

At the moment of the launch of STS-88, Encke was on the horizon almost dead due East. Since the horizon is symbolic of the transition between dimensions, especially life and death, this alignment is significant indeed. The message is "A comet, from Taurus, will force the transition from one dimension to another." The fact that Encke is in the East may mean that they expect a "rebirth" (Phoenix, anyone?) of sorts to result from this event (or sequence of events).

But Mars cannot be excluded from this model. If this is in some way all about going to Mars, then one of the "temples" of Mars should reflect that in its stellar alignments. Of the possible candidates (Viking 1 and 2 landing sites, Cydonia, and the Pathfinder landing site), the Viking 1 landing site should be the most significant because it was the first. So when we checked it, guess what?

STS-88-4-LAUNCH.gif (15120 bytes)

There was comet Encke again, this time at the "magical - tetrahedral" latitude of 19.5 below the horizon. Again, the position below the horizon is indicative of a negative event, but the 19.5 position is about power. From Mars' perspective, it seems to mean that the "power" to effect this transition (the rebirth of Mars?) is in Encke, or Taurus.


So what does it all mean? There is a strong indication that something will happen soon in the desert. Besides the 7th, there are other significant dates in December. The stellar alignments indicate we are in the midst of a transition that does not have positive implications for most of humanity. Whatever NASA is up to, it seems to involve comets and Mars, and they are not letting the rest of us in on the game that is being played. What will happen next is hard to foresee, but if we have "read the stars" correctly, it would seem prudent to keep just as careful an eye on STS-88 as we do on Phoenix.

Watch this page for further updates as events warrant.


UPDATE! 12/06/98 07:25 PM CST

dock10.jpg (12806 bytes)

The Zarya control module was captured by the Space Shuttle Endeavor tonight at 5:47 PM CST. It was roughly over central Kazakstan when it completed this maneuver, having just passed over the Baikonour Cosmodrome moments before.

sts-88-CAPTURe-livedata.gif (44953 bytes)

Looking up from the Cosmodrome, where Zarya had begun its mission weeks before by launching from pad 333 (which lies 3,300 km from Giza), we once again had a "hit" in the symbolic pattern.

sts-88-CAPTURE.gif (12036 bytes)

Sirius (Isis in the ancient religious motif of Egypt) was at the "tetrahedral" altitude of 19.5 above the horizon. This again indicates that we are following an elaborate dance, a playing out of some antiquated ritual of epic proportions. This coy nod to the origin of Zarya and its Russian launch site may be a hint what to watch for during the next few days.

We are currently awaiting the docking of the two modules to form IS(I)S. We will keep you posted.


UPDATE! - 12/23/00 04:11 PM

space_station.jpg (7005 bytes)

The docking of Zarya to the Unity hub module took place last night (12/6/98) at 8:08 PM CST. The delicate operation seemed to take an exceedingly long time to execute after grappling the Zarya control module earlier in the evening. There was a seemingly interminable delay as the astronauts waited for first the correct lighting conditions, and then painstakingly aligned the two vehicles and waited for TV coverage to resume before proceeding. All these delays in an otherwise routine docking operation pushed the actual joining to after 8:00 PM CST, when the shuttle was in the South Pacific. As you will see, the reasons for this delay were part of an exquisite design by  NASA to align their "stellar gods" at various "temples" around the solar system.

sts-88-dock-livedata.gif (45224 bytes) At the exact lat. and long. that STS-88 was flying over when the docking took place, we found that Mars, the focus of the "real" purpose behind IS(I)S, was at the "Masonic" position of 33 below the horizon.

sts-88-dock-PACIFIC.gif (10609 bytes)


Back again at Baikonour, the "source" of Zarya/Horus, we found the belt star Mintaka of Orion/Osiris on the horizon with Sirius/Isis less then 1 (and 2 minutes of time) from the horizon herself. sts-88-dock-baikonour.gif (12363 bytes)
sts-88-dock-CAPE.gif (13331 bytes) At Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, the "source" of Unity/IS(I)S (and keep in mind that Isis was the "source of the Nile" in the Egyptian mythos. Sources were crucial symbolic elements of creation) we find the now omnipresent comet Encke at the tetrahedral altitude of - 19.5 (within a 2-3 minute window).
And of course, Phoenix would have to be involved in such a momentous occasion as the creation of a new "Isis" to take us to Mars, wouldn't it?

Here, we find Alnitak, the "Great Pyramid" star of Orion/Osiris' belt, rising on the Eastern horizon. Is Osiris rising today in Phoenix?

sts-88-dock-PHOENIX.gif (11540 bytes)

Sts-88-dock-APOLLO11.gif (12281 bytes)

And the other "temples" around the solar system were not left out. At Tranquility base, were you standing next to the descent module of "Eagle" at the moment of "coupling" by Zarya/Horus and Unity/Isis, you would have found Alnitak again, this time at the "Masonic" 33 below the horizon.

We must emphasize that these are by no means the whole alignment picture. In addition to the above, there were numerous other "lesser" alignments, which we have excluded in the interests of simplicity and consistency (For instance, comet Encke, named for the Summerian [pre-Egyptian] version of Osiris and placed (?) in a 3.3 year orbital period, was at 51 above Baikonour at the docking. 51 is the "slope angle" of the Great Pyramid, appears redundantly at Cydonia, and was probably the inspiration for the infamous "Area 51." And as you may have noticed, the docking itself took place at 51 S latitude!).

It is clear to us from the extraordinary celestial mechanics involved that something big, maybe even bigger than just a celebration of the dawning of a new "Isis age" itself, seems to be going on. What we do not know is if it will be public.


Other items of note.

  • There was a launch of NASA's Submilimeter Wave Astronomy
    Satellite (SWAS) yesterday. It was carried aloft by NASA's air launched booster system named (you guessed it) - Pegasus.
  • The Endeavor crew was awakened by the sounds of Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow" (from "The Wizard of Oz," of course) yesterday morning. It is worth noting that Frank Drake's first 1961 SETI search, at Greenbank, was called ... "Project Ozma!" Named, according to Carl Sagan, after the Queen of "Oz." Judging by the events of the last few hours, two things would seem self-evident. A.) We are not in Kansas anymore, and B.) no matter what does/does not happen today, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."
  • There are reports of an enormous "fireball" in the Atlanta area last night. Anyone with confirmation/pictures of this event (if it happened) can contact us via the means given above.





At 4:13 PM CST today (December 7th 1998) the first of three Extra Vehicular Activities scheduled for the STS-88 mission commenced. As with the earlier milestones in this overwhelmingly symbolic mission, the moment was pregnant with celestial alignments commemorating the gods of ancient Egypt.

As Mission specialist Jerry Ross cracked the hatch, the shuttle was passing over 51 South latitude (again) and the "gods" were lining themselves up to pay homage.

sts-88-eva1-livedata.gif (45031 bytes)

Some 240 miles beneath the shuttle, which had just passed into the Atlantic ocean heading East, Sirius/Isis was rising at 3.33 above the horizon. Within 3 minutes (anybody else notice all these 3's?), Orion/Osiris' belt star Alnitak also passed through 3.33.

sts-88-eva1-STS-88-POSITION.gif (16506 bytes)

This "coincidence" was magnified by the extraordinary events taking place from the perspective of Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Orion/Osiris' belt star Mintaka was at the "Masonic" 33 negative altitude, and Mars was in the same position some 90 of Longitude West.

sts-88-eva1-HOUSTON.gif (21307 bytes)

This is compounded yet again by the unlikely positioning of Sirius/Isis at the Apollo 11 landing site "temple." It was 33 below the horizon (within a 3 minute window, again).

sts-88-eva1-APOLLO11.gif (11088 bytes)

Mars played itself into the game with a check of the Viking 1 first "temple" on Mars, where we found Comet Encke at 33 above the horizon.

sts-88-eva1-VIKING1.gif (11556 bytes)

But the real Martian prize was at the Viking 2 landing site temple.

sts-88-eva1-VIKING2.gif (15787 bytes)

Both Sirius/Isis and comet Encke were within 3 above the horizon.   EQ Pegasi, the source of this amazing set of converging data, was at the "Masonic" altitude of 33. But even more extraordinary was the location of the Earth/Moon system. At the moment that the hatch was opened to initiate this momentous "birthing" process of IS(I)S, Earth itself was at the "tetrahedral" altitude of 19.5 above the second Martian temple.

Again, this stunningly unlikely set of circumstances was clearly by design and this is by no means a comprehensive check of the various "temples" NASA has consecrated throughout the solar system. But clearly, there is a plan in motion that speaks of serious consequences for us here on Earth. Whatever this pattern represents, it is evident that at the very least our space program has been hi-jacked by a group with some very odd and very old religious beliefs. We will keep you posted.


UPDATE - 12/9/98 1:35 PM CST


sts-88-powerup-livedata.gif (45399 bytes)

After hooking up the power systems for IS(I)S, power was sent for the first time the space station's systems during the first EVA at 3:30 AM UT. Once again, the shuttle was at 51 lat. (this time North) when the ceremonial "firing-up" took place. As expected (and inherently predicted), there were another series of extraordinary celestial alignments to mark the occasion.

In addition to these, there were several other alignments that were "too close to call" or not part of the simplified system (such as Mars at 51 over Giza and Encke at -51 at the space shuttle's position). What has been confirmed is presented below in tabular form.

sts-88-powerup-HOUSTON.gif (13461 bytes) Houston (Mission control) - Orion/Osiris belt star Alnilam at 33.
Phoenix (Turret Peak) - Orion/Osiris belt star Mintaka at 19.5.

sts-88-powerup-PHOENIX.gif (12629 bytes)

sts-88-powerup-APOLLO11.gif (13408 bytes) Tranquility Base (Apollo 11) - Orion/Osiris belt star Mintaka at -19.5.
Viking 1 landing site on Mars - Orion/Osiris belt star Mintaka on horizon at 0.

sts-88-powerup-VIKING1.gif (10770 bytes)

sts-88-powerup-CYDONIA.gif (10744 bytes) Cydonia - Orion/Osiris belt star Alnitak at 19.5.

Anybody still think is all a coincidence?

What I find curious about all of these is that they are obviously all Orion/Osiris belt star alignments. Was Osiris watching as his consort and sister IS(I)S was resurrected?

Less than an hour later the first commands were sent to IS(I)S. It is assumed that this would also be a significant ceremonial event. I hope to have data posted before the next EVA later today.


UPDATE 12/8/98 7:31 PM


sts-88-activation-livedata.gif (45226 bytes)
Live data screen dump at the moment of
activation command sequence upload.

At 3:49 AM Universal Time on December 8th, 1998, a series of commands was sent to the computers on board the newly mated International Space Station (IS(I)S). This process was the first step in "bringing the station to life" as a fully functioning spacecraft. The symbolic significance of this single event amidst a succession of symbolic milestones on this mission would likely be preeminent. If the ritual pattern we have decoded is valid, there would be an expectation of numerous "hits" in the Egyptian/Masonic vein as we have seen all during this mission. We were vindicated in our assumptions when we examined the data.

Again there were some minor alignments (like Sirius at -51 at the shuttle's latitude and longitude), but as we checked the sky from the shuttle's position and then worked our way through the launch sites and various planetary "temples," we found a staggering succession of full fledged "hits."

It started when we looked at the sky beneath Endeavor, which was just over the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. We found Mars -- which we suspect is the ultimate "Destiny" (with a capital "D," more about that later) of IS(I)S -- at the ever-present "Masonic" altitude of 33.

sts-88-activation-SHUTTLE.gif (10538 bytes)

sts-88-activation-CAPE.gif (13543 bytes) When we looked to Cape Canaveral, where Unity had begun her journey with such ritual precision 3 days previously, we found our old friend EQ Pegasi at 33 (within a 3 minute window).
And EQ Pegasi was also prominent at Baikonour, where Zarya/Horus had begun his leg of the journey. This time we found the star at -19.5, also within (the same!) 3 minute window.

We found this quite intrguiging considering that our intense interest in this mission was "originated" by the EQ Pegasi signal controversy.

sts-88-activation-BAIKONOUR.gif (13216 bytes)

sts-88-activation-PHOENIX.gif (11247 bytes) At Turret Peak, the center of so many nearly simultaneous events this week, we found Sirius/Isis at the transitional position on the horizon. The message here seems clear -- "On Earth (Turret Peak) as it is in Heaven (IS(I)S)." And at the same moment in time!

Checking the Lunar "temples," Orion/Osiris' belt star Mintaka was poised at the "tetrahedral" altitude of -19.5.

sts-88-activation-APOLLO11.gif (12553 bytes)


sts-88-activation-CYDONIA1.gif (10197 bytes) And at Cydonia (the ultimate "Destiny" of IS(I)S?), we truly hit the jackpot. Comet Encke was elegantly hovering at the "Masonic" 33 at the same time Sirius/Isis was on the horizon, just 33 arc minutes below! sts-88-activation-CYDONIA2.gif (7649 bytes)

When you consider this sequence of events, the two launches, the capture of Zarya/Horus, the docking, the commencement of the EVA, the "EMP burst" centered in Turret Peak, and the power up and finally the activation of IS(I)S, if we had just one "hit" per event it would be striking and extraordinarily unlikely. But when you factor in all the "hits" from all the events all happening simultaneously all around the solar system at previously defined "temples," the odds simply become incalculable. We have been witness to the most amazing and at the same time disconcerting celestial choreography we could ever have imagined. It seems clear we are watching the playing out of a chain of events that must have been put in motion hundreds if not thousands of years ago. None of this can possibly have occurred by chance. Having established that, we must now consider the meaning of what we have witnessed and the implications for our future.

What we asked yesterday was "What's next?" Well, believe it or not, there is yet more to come. Stay tuned.