Did HAARP "Plan Evil Weather" for December 7th?
And What is the Source of the "Smoking Gun"
Radar Anomaly?


In our decoding of the final "Paul Dore" message at the peak of the EQ Pegasi controversy, we noted "Dore's" reference to "the weather" and to David John Oates divination of an additional speech reversal in the same clip as Defense Secretary William Cohen's "December 7th" reversal, "Plan evil weather." At the time, we assumed that this was a metaphor for some other event or activity.  But after yesterday, it seems more likely that Cohen's reversal was literal. We did have "evil weather" - - in Phoenix.

Data from the Extremely Low Frequency Research And Development (ELFRAD) group indicates that the bizarre weather in the Phoenix area yesterday (12/7/98) may have actually been induced as part of a "Hyperdimensional Physics" experiment.

haarp.jpg (32828 bytes)

For those of you not familiar with HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), it is located in Alaska at 62 23.5' North Latitude and 145 8.8' West Longitude and run by the Naval Research Laboratory. The ostensible purpose of the project is Ionospheric research and/or submarine communications. In reality, it has many characteristics of a "Tesla device," possibly to transmit huge amounts of electricity without wires. But a less discussed option is for the equipment to create "designer weather" by transmitting low frequency waves through the Earth's "Terrestrial Stationary Waves," as Tesla called them. By generating heat and/or cold in certain distant areas, you can create troughs and highs and alter wind patterns. This in effect creates weather.

Nuclear engineer Thomas Bearden has done a great deal of study on this subject for many years and has reported that the Russians have had weather modification technology for more than two decades. HAARP may be an attempt to catch up.

The intensity of the storm in central Arizona December 6th and 7th was unprecedented and attempts to get through to the "landing site" went mostly for naught as snow and dense fog blanketed the area. Route 17, the main highway into the area, was closed by the state patrol. There were reports of the snow falling horizontally despite the near complete absence of wind. The storm itself was somewhat unique in that it was isolated over the central Arizona region and not part of any larger front moving through the area.

In any case, what was first picked up by ELFRAD late last week is consistent in timing, scope, and magnitude with the kind of effect we witnessed yesterday at Turret Peak.

It all started back on November 30th, when ELFRAD picked up the first of a series of signal bursts that would continue through and peak yesterday, the 7th. There was a corresponding increase in solar activity centered around the "Hyperdimensional - tetrahedral" latitude of 19.5!

Things got more intense on the 5th, in the hours preceding the storm in Arizona. There was a corresponding spike in the output by HAARP (on thumbnail images) but the data pages themselves are as of this writing no longer available. [Note: I was tipped off to these pages by a reader. I was able to access the data when I first got to the pages, but then I could not reload the pages. It was almost as if someone was shutting down my access as I was viewing the pages. - M.B.]

Then on the 6th and 7th the intensity and frequency of these transmissions escalated and there was a analogous increase in HAARP's output.

GA762_1998340181500.gif (10568 bytes)
HAARP Datagraph

But the peak event was at 2:37 AM UT on the 7th. ELFRAD got an "intense electromagnetic pulse."

PULSE.gif (11163 bytes)
ELFRAD Datagraph

A check of the HAARP data for the corresponding period shows that it was indeed operating. Oddly, the data for the time period closest to the pulse is missing from the HAARP database. A few hours earlier though, and we can confirm that HAARP was short circuiting the Ionoshphere like mad ... But was HAARP the source of this huge pulse or was it just maintaining the "weather" in Arizona?

GA762_1998341022955.GIF (10997 bytes)
HAARP Datagraph

The likelihood is that the EMP was "something else."

As TEM Principal Investigator Richard C. Hoagland pointed out on the Friday December 4th Art Bell show, the tunneling that had been spotted around central Arizona indicated the presence of a secret, perhaps ancient facility. He speculated that the whole purpose of the December 7th event might be to "flip the switch" on whatever was hidden underneath the mountain. Last night, we may have obtained the "smoking gun" to confirm this model.

The key to unlocking this mystery came after Hoagland's appearance on the Bell show late last evening. TEM checked radar animations from the National Weather Service and found a "radar anomaly" centered around Turret Peak -- just before the EMP was recorded by ELFRAD!

turretradar.gif (97075 bytes)
Animated GIF showing "radar anomaly" prior to  EMP event.

To understand just what this means, we must first analyze the content of the radar data. There is a ring of snow centered around Turret Peak being recorded by the weather radar, probably based at Phoenix' Sky Harbor International Airport. What radar does is to send out a radio wave (different types of radar have different frequencies) which then hits a physical object, or in this case airborne crystallized water -- snow -- which is then reflected back and plotted to an image like the one above. If the ring around Turret Peak were a radar artifact, it would be centered around Phoenix, not the mountain (since radar emanates in a set of radial spoke patterns centered on  the source). Since there is not and never has been a radar installation on Turret Peak, what produced the ring?

Remember that horizontal snow in the absence of wind? It's the key.

Snowflakes are hexagonal crystals of ice. Hexagons are reflective of higher level tetrahedra operating in "hyperspace" -- higher dimensions. So a hexagonal crystal -- like a snowflake -- is going be sensitive to or "resonant of" a "hyperwave" or pulse.

snowflake.gif (4337 bytes)

What the radar captured coincident with the EMP event was the activation of a "Hyperdimensional" device of some kind. The effect on the snowflakes would be for them to resonate, in effect to override forces working on them in 3 dimensions (like wind) and to push them into a flat sided torus, sort of a picket fence, encircling the origin of the "hyperwave." Looking at the plot, the origin of that wave is obvious -- Turret Peak!

Observers on the ground would see the snow "fall" horizontally, irrespective of whatever other forces might be about. In retrospect, it is a shame that there was no wind, as it seems likely that snow moving against a 20 mph gale would have caused an even bigger stir!

So HAARP was probably generating the "cover" for whatever was going on up there in the form of a ready made snowstorm. But it was this same snowstorm which made it possible to track operation of whatever device the "insiders" have either found or spirited away in the vast tunnels under the mountains north of Phoenix.

A further confirmation is provided by an observer well known and trusted by both TEM principal researcher Richard C. Hoagland and former Phoenix city councilwoman Frances Barwood. This person braved the storm in a 4 wheel drive vehicle to make it to the top of Turret Peak during the height of the storm Sunday afternoon. Near the top, he passed another truck coming down in an area with no road access. There were no tracks in the snow, indicating that the truck had been atop the peak since before the storm had started. The truck was leaden with large crates. When this observer got to the top, the flat roughly triangular "peak" of Turret Peak, he was astonished to find -- perfect weather! The "landing site" itself was clear, but all the surrounding terrain below (in a circle) was in a pounding snowstorm!

turrett.jpg (90532 bytes)
Turret peak at about 4:30 local time (3 hours prior to "EMP event.")

This also fits well with Bearden's November 1997 description of "radial cloud weather engineering."

"As I left Nashville on the interstate, I spotted a "giant radial cloud" in the sky, to my left. A giant radial is a cloud with long radial fingers (spokes) radiating out from it, perhaps several miles in length. These are signatures of artificial weather engineering."

And what was going on "upstairs" with Zarya/Horus/Unity/IS(I)S during all this?
Just prior to the "EMP event," Zarya/Horus was snagged by the control arm of Endeavor and slowly, painstakingly, brought into alignment with Unity docking module.

But a strange thing happened as this process played out. The shuttle started to change its attitude and rotate into a new position. As it did so, a certain constellation came into view in the space beyond the soon-to-be space station IS(I)S.

ap_sstation_ss.jpg (21251 bytes) You guessed it -- Orion/Osiris!

Not only that, but the shuttle continued to rotate in order to keep the belt stars of Orion/Osiris in the "crook" of the control arm for several hours after this extraordinary event.

The shuttle commonly changes attitude during a mission in order to maintain temperature within the spacecraft. But it never, ever would stay locked on one background section of space for this length of time -- unless that were sole reason for the manuver.

What we are saying is that this manuver was executed  in order to get Orion's belt into the TV shot and keep it there during the docking manuver and then the pulse event less than a half hour later.

strip.jpg (32172 bytes)

Now of course, to go to all this trouble, whatever its purpose and design, could not have passed without a sacrament of some kind to commemorate the event.

EMP-12-7-98-PHOENIX.gif (11068 bytes)

Had you not been buried underneath the "evil weather" at Turret Peak, you could have looked skyward to once again see Comet Encke, the lead object in the Taurid meteor stream, at the "Masonic" 33 33' over central Arizona. The implication is that this massive EMP event was part of pre-planned scenario involving Phoenix and may possibly point to Encke (or Taurus) as the "source" of some future event in this area. Remember, the Phoenix mythos is all about destruction and resurrection, and Encke/Taurus has a long history of raining death from the sky.

And what about the other "temples?" A quick check throughout the solar system shows that this "EMP event" is of great significance.

At the Cape, Orion's belt star Alnitak was at the "Masonic" altitude of 33

EMP-12-7-98-CAPE.gif (12179 bytes)

EMP-12-7-98-APOLLO11.gif (12047 bytes) At Tranquility base, Alnitak was again in play this time at 33 below the horizon.
On Mars, at the "Viking 2 temple," Osiris/Orion's belt star Mintaka was at the tetrahedral "Cydonia" altitude -- of 19.5.

EMP-12-7-98-VIKING2.gif (9863 bytes)

EMP-12-7-98-CYDONIA.gif (9760 bytes)

And what about Cydonia? If all this ultimately traces back to that distant Martian desert and the "tetrahedral physics" decoded in the ruins there, shouldn't it be connected in this intricate dance?

Of course. And it was. If you had been standing at the base of the "Face" when this EMP pulsed over Turret peak, you would have witnessed Orion/Osiris' belt star Mintaka at 19.5 above the horizon.

And no check of celestial bodies and alignments could be complete without a cursory look at the gods as seen from HAARP.

And of course Sirius/Isis was at 33 below the horizon when the "EMP burst" went off.

EMP-12-7-98-HAARPgif.gif (12302 bytes)

So all of this is just way too much to be a coincidence. We have a "Hyperdimensional" event on the 7th, recorded for posterity by two different instruments and visual observers on the ground. This certainly fits the event of "major impact" that we had been tipped to. As for the "landing" that our intelligence contact led us to suspect might happen? We have no way of knowing what might have transpired up there yesterday, thanks to HAARP and it's new found storm generator. But, we might note that EMP is entirely consistent with an electro-gravitic propulsion system.

The question now, is what's next?