Taurid Object Spotted During Solar Eclipse - 
Is This the "Big One?"

With the world watching the skies during the highly publicized final solar eclipse of the millennium, many of us wondered whether there would be a "sign" or portent of change. The internet had spun around with tales of the latest interpretation of the quatraines of Nostradamus, predictions of all sorts of disaster (bad star), and some very solid predictions that perhaps something unusual would be seen. Our friends over at the Millennium Group had been following the progress of Comet Lee (much to the consternation of our pals at JPL) and had even predicted that Lee might be unexpectedly visible during the eclipse due to anomalous perturbations in its orbit. Some had even taken this to mean that Lee or a fragmentary object in it's trail (see the Exploded Planet Hypothesis) might impact the Earth at some point after or during the eclipse. One NASA employee was actually concerned enough to drive from his Florida home and hide out in a cave in Ohio! Fortunately, as the mainstream media informed us repeatedly, we managed to dodge that bullet.

Or did we?

A few days after the eclipse, the MG site posted a follow up story showing some very strange objects which appeared in the NASA video feed during the eclipse. The feed was generated from Turkey, near Ankara (33 E longitude). The objects appeared just after the sun went into totality, and the camera man appeared to see them and attempt to track them. There is also some indication that the quick time movie clip may have been edited.

The objects are extraordinary. As the images above from the Millennium Group's web site show (full size versions are available there - see link above), they appear above and to the right of the Sun/Moon from our perspective, at about the 2 O'clock position. There is an indication of a third object, possibly between the Earth and Moon (!). To be visible under these conditions, the objects would have to be either very massive or very close, and highly reflective, like a comet. The Millennium Group's conclusion is that this is indeed a daylight sighting of Comet Lee. This in of itself would be bad enough, because that would mean Lee is out of position and dangerously close. However, closer scrutiny leads us to a different, and far more ominous conclusion. 

As the above graphic shows, Lee was quite far from where the camera was positioned. In fact we estimate that it may have been as much as 20 away from the perspective of the video feed. If this is the case, what in fact did the camera see that it -- by any standard model -- should not have?

Probably a comet. But it is in the fearsome Taurid meteor stream.

A check of Red Shift 2 for the date of the eclipse from Ankara reveals not only that the eclipse took place on the first day that the sun had moved into Leo (which according to ancient Egyptian custom makes at that moment synonymous with Horus, the falcon/sun god), but at a time when the orbit of comet Encke and the Taurid stream were virtually right on top of the sun's position! In fact, the stream itself is just above the sun's position, making a perfect fit with the 2 O'clock positions of the objects in the video. Lee is clearly too far away to account for the objects.

What we need now is verification. There must have been literally millions of feet of video taken of the eclipse. If the objects are indeed there, they would probably be washed out because of the aperture settings required to capture the eclipse event. However, digital enhancement should be able to bring the objects out if they are there. If you have video of the eclipse, we need it. Please send videos, jpegs, or any other images to:

The Enterprise Mission
PO Box 1180
Tijeras, NM 87059

As we first outlined in Oh My God, They Killed SOHO!, the Taurid stream is highly dangerous, possessing some 300,000 "planet killer" sized objects. We also pass through this stream, generated by the trailing debris of Comet Encke, bi-annually, in June/July and November. It is also the source of "chaos and evil" in the Egyptian myths, through it's association with the constellation Taurus and the god Set. NASA has been increasingly focused on this particular comet and meteor shower over the years, even naming its "Comet Home Page" after the Comet Encke. As we predicted then, the chances of an impact from this stream seem to be increasing at a rate analogous to NASA's comet fixation. And ,as Enterprise principal investigator Richard Hoagland predicted in an appearance on Art Bell's show a few weeks back, we now have the first potential confirmation that there is indeed an object of concern in the Taurid stream. Whether it will hit us, and in which of the passings that might be, we do not yet know. What is now clear, if the video is taken at face value, is that our interest in NASA's interest in Encke and the Taurid's was well founded.

And that is not very good news.