Hubble's New "Runaway Planet":
A Unique Opportunity for Testing
the Exploding Planet Hypothesis and
... Hyperdimensional Physics
Part II

Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden, retired army officer and physicist, has been perhaps the most vocal recent proponent for restoring integrity to the scientific and historical record regarding James Clerk Maxwell -- by widely promulgating his original equations; in a series of meticulously documented papers on the subject, going back at least 20 years, Bearden has carried on a relentless one-man research effort regarding what Maxwell really claimed. His painstaking, literally thousands of man-hours of original source documentation has led directly to the following, startling conclusion:

Maxwell's original theory is, in fact, the true, so-called "Holy Grail" of physics ... the first successful unified field theory in the history of Science ... a fact apparently completely unknown to the current proponents of "Kaluza-Klein," "Supergravity," and "Superstring" ideas ....

Just how successful, Bearden documents below:

" ... In discarding the scalar component of the quaternion, Heaviside and Gibbs unwittingly discarded the unified EM/G [electromagnetic/ gravitational] portion of Maxwell's theory that arises when the translation/directional components of two interacting quaternions reduce to zero, but the scalar resultant remains and infolds a deterministic, dynamic structure that is a function of oppositive directional/translational components. In the infolding of EM energy inside a scalar potential, a structured scalar potential results, almost precisely as later shown by Whittaker but unnoticed by the scientific community. The simple vector equations produced by Heaviside and Gibbs captured only that subset of Maxwell's theory where EM and gravitation are mutually exclusive. In that subset, electromagnetic circuits and equipment will not ever, and cannot ever, produce gravitational or inertial effects in materials and equipment.

"Brutally, not a single one of those Heaviside/ Gibbs equations ever appeared in a paper or book by James Clerk Maxwell, even though the severely restricted Heaviside/Gibbs interpretation is universally and erroneously taught in all Western universities as Maxwell's theory.

"As a result of this artificial restriction of Maxwell's theory, Einstein also inadvertently restricted his theory of general relativity, forever preventing the unification of electromagnetics and relativity. He also essentially prevented the present restricted general relativity from ever becoming an experimental, engineerable science on the laboratory bench, since a hidden internalized electromagnetics causing a deterministically structured local spacetime curvature was excluded.

"Quantum mechanics used only the Heaviside/ Gibbs externalized electromagnetics and completely missed Maxwell's internalized and ordered electromagnetics enfolded inside a structured scalar potential. Accordingly, QM [quantum mechanics] maintained its Gibbs statistics of quantum change, which is nonchaotic a priori. Quantum physicists by and large excluded Bohm's hidden variable theory, which conceivably could have offered the potential of engineering quantum change -- engineering physical reality itself.

"Each of these major scientific disciplines missed and excluded a subset of their disciplinary area, because they did not have the scalar component of the quaternion to incorporate. Further, they completely missed the significance of the Whittaker approach, which already shows how to apply and engineer the very subsets they had excluded.

"What now exists in these areas are three separate, inconsistent disciplines. Each of them unwittingly excluded a vital part of its discipline, which was the unified field part. Ironically, then, present physicists continue to exert great effort to find the missing key to unification of the three disciplines, but find it hopeless, because these special subsets are already contradictory to one another, as is quite well-known to foundations physicists.

"Obviously, if one wishes to unify physics, one must add back the unintentionally excluded, unifying subsets to each discipline. Interestingly, all three needed subsets turn out to be one and the same ..."

-- T.E. Bearden, "Possible Whittaker Unification of
Electromagnetics, General Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics,
(Association of Distinguished American Scientists
2311 Big Cove Road, Huntsville, Alabama, 35801)

Given Bearden's analysis -- what did we actually lose ... when science "inadvertently lost Maxwell ..?"

If two key physics papers often cited by Bearden (which appeared decades after the death of Maxwell), are accurate ... we lost nothing less than--

The "electrogravitic" control of gravity itself!!

The critically-important research cited by Bearden was originally published by "Sir Edmund Whittaker" (the same cited earlier in this paper), beginning in 1903. The first was titled "On the partial differential equations of mathematical physics" (Mathematische Annalen, Vol. 57, 1903, p.333-335); the second, "On an Expression of the Electromagnetic Field due to Electrons by means of two Scalar Potential Functions" (Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, Vol.1, 1904, p. 367-372).

Whittaker, a leading world-class physicist himself, single-handedly rediscovered the "missing" scalar components of Maxwell's original quaternions, extending their (at the time) unseen implications for finally uniting "gravity" with the more obvious electrical and magnetic components known as "light." In the first paper, as Bearden described, Whittaker theoretically explored the existence of a "hidden" set of electromagnetic waves traveling in two simultaneous directions in the scalar potential of the vacuum -- demonstrating how to use them to curve the local and/or distant "spacetime" with electromagnetic radiation, in a manner directly analogous to Einstein's later "mass-curves-space" equations. This key Whittaker paper thus lays the direct mathematical foundation for an electrogravitic theory/technology of gravity control. In the second paper, Whittaker demonstrated how two "Maxwellian scalar potentials of the vacuum" -- gravitationally curving spacetime -- could be turned back into a detectable "ordinary" electromagnetic field by two interfering "scalar EM waves"... even at a distance.

Whittaker accomplished this by demonstrating mathematically that "the field of force due to a gravitating body can be analyzed, by a spectrum analysis' as it were, into an infinite number of constituent fields; and although the whole field of force does not vary with time, yet each of the constituent fields is an undulatory character, consisting of a simple-disturbance propagated with uniform velocity ... [and] the waves will be longitudinal (top) ... These results assimilate the propagation of gravity to that of light ... [and] would require that gravity be propagated with a finite velocity, which however need not be the same as that of light [emphasis added], and may be enormously greater ..." (Op. Cit., "On the partial differential equations of mathematical physics")

Remarkably, four years before Whittaker's theoretical analysis of these potentials (pun intended ...), on the evening of July 3-4, 1899, Nikola Tesla (right) -- the literal inventor of modern civilization (via the now worldwide technology of "alternating current") -- experimentally anticipated "Whittaker's interfering scalar waves" by finding them in nature; from massive experimental radio transmitters he had built on a mountain top in Colorado, he was broadcasting and receiving (by his own assertion) "longitudinal stresses" (as opposed to conventional EM "transverse waves") through the vacuum. This he was accomplishing with his own, hand-engineered equipment (produced according to Maxwell's original, quaternion equations), when he detected an interference "return" from a passing line of thunderstorms. Tesla termed the phenomenon a "standing columnar wave," and tracked it electromagnetically for hours as the cold front moved across the West (Nikola Tesla, Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900, Nolit, Beograd, Yugoslavia, 1978 pp. 61-62).

[Many have since speculated that Tesla's many other astonishing (to the period) technological accomplishments, many of which apparently "were lost" with his death in 1942, were based on this true understanding of Maxwell's original, "hyperdimensional" electromagnetic ideas ...]

Tesla's experimental earlier detection notwithstanding, what Whittaker theoretically demonstrated years after Tesla was that future electrical engineers could also take Maxwell's original 4-space, quaternion description of electromagnetic waves (the real "Maxwell's Equations"), add his own (Whittaker's) specific gravitational potential analysis (stemming from simply returning Maxwell's scalar quaternions in Heaviside's version of "Maxwell's Equations"...), and produce a workable "unified field theory" (if not technology!) of gravity control ...

Unless by now, in some government "black project," they already have--

And what we've deliberately been "leaked" over the last seven years, in repeated video images of "exotic vehicles" performing impossible, non-Newtonian maneuvers on official NASA TV shuttle coverage ... is simply the result!

Theory is one thing (Maxwell's or Whittaker's), but experimental results are supposedly the ultimate Arbiter of Scientific Truth. Which makes it all the more curious that Tesla's four-year observational anticipation of Whittaker's startling analysis of Maxwell -- the experimental confirmation of an electromagnetic "standing columnar (longitudinal) wave" in thunderstorms -- has been resolutely ignored by both physicists and electrical engineers for the past 100 years; as have the stunning NASA TV confirmations of "something" (above) maneuvering freely in Earth orbit.

With that as prologue, a new generation of physicists, also educated in the grand assumption that "Heaviside's Equations" are actually "Maxwell's," were abruptly brought up short in 1959 with another remarkable, equally elegant experiment -- which finally demonstrated in the laboratory the stark reality of Maxwell's "pesky scalar potentials" ... those same "mystical" potentials that Heaviside so effectively banished for all time from current (university-taught) EM theory.

In that year two physicists, Yakir Aharonov and David Bohm, conducted a seminal "electrodynamics" laboratory experiment ("Significance of Electromagnetic Potentials in Quantum Theory," The Physical Review, Vol. 115, No. 3, pp. 485-491; August, 1959). Aharonov and Bohm, almost 100 years after Maxwell first predicted their existence, succeeded in actually measuring the "hidden potential" of free space, lurking in Maxwell's original scalar quaternion equations. To do so, they had to cool the experiment to a mere 9 degrees above Absolute Zero, thus creating a total shielding around a superconducting magnetic ring [for a slightly different version of this same experiment -- see diagram; the oscillation of electrical resistance in the ring (bottom graph) is due to the changing electron "wave functions" -- triggered by the "hidden Maxwell scalar potential" created by the shielded magnet -- see text, below].

Once having successfully accomplished this non-trivial laboratory set up, they promptly observed an "impossible" phenomenon:

Totally screened, by all measurements, from the magnetic influence of the ring itself, a test beam of electrons fired by Aharonov and Bohm at the superconducting "donut," nonetheless, changed their electronic state ("wave functions") as they passed through the observably "field-free" region of the hole -- indicating they were sensing "something," even though it could NOT be the ring's magnetic field. Confirmed now by decades of other physicists' experiments as a true phenomenon (and not merely improper shielding of the magnet), this "Aharonov-Bohm Effect" provides compelling proof of a deeper "spatial strain" -- a "scalar potential" -- underlying the existence of a so-called magnetic "force-field" itself. (Later experiments revealed a similar effect with shielded electrostatic fields ...)

All of which provides compelling proof of "something else," underlying all reality, capable of transmitting energy and information across space and time ... even in the complete absence of an electromagnetically detectable 3-D spatial "field"--

Maxwell's quaternion ... hyperdimensional "potential."

So, what does all this have to do with NASA's announcement of a "new planet?"

If a "potential" without a field can exist in space -- as Maxwell's quaternion analysis first asserted, and Aharonov-Bohm "only" a century later ultimately found -- then, as defined by Maxwell in his comparisons of the aether with certain properties of laboratory "solids," such a potential is equivalent to an unseen, vorticular (rotating) "stress" in space. Or, in Maxwell's own words (first written in 1873 ...):

"There are physical quantities of another kind [in the aether] which are related to directions in space, but which are not vectors. Stresses and strains in solid bodies are examples, and so are some of the properties of bodies considered in the theory of elasticity and in the theory of double [rotated] refraction. Quantities of this class require for their definition nine [part of the "27-line"...] numerical specifications. They are expressed in the language of quaternions by linear and vector functions of a vector ..."

-- J.C. Maxwell, "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism,"
(Vol.1, 3rd Edition, New York, 1954)

And stresses, when they are relieved, must release energy into their surroundings ...

There is now much fevered discussion among physicists, (~100 years post-Maxwell) of the Quantum Electrodynamics Zero Point Energy (ZPE) of space -- or, "the energy of the vacuum"; to many familiar with the original works of Maxwell, Kelvin, et. al., this sounds an awful lot like the once-familiar "aether" ... merely updated and now passing under "an assumed name." Thus, creating -- then relieving -- a "stress" in Maxwell's vorticular aether is precisely equivalent to tapping the "energy of the vacuum" -- which, according to current "quantum mechanics' models," possesses a staggering amount of such energy per cubic inch of space. Even inefficiently releasing a tiny percentage of this "strain energy" into our three dimensions -- or, into a body existing in three-dimensional space -- could make it appear as if the energy was coming from nowhere ... "something from nothing." In other words, to an entire generation of students and astrophysicists woefully ignorant of Maxwell's real equations, such energy would appear as--

"Perpetual motion!"

Given the prodigious amount of "vacuum energy" calculated by modern physicists (trillions of atomic bomb equivalents per cubic centimeter ...), even a relatively minor but sudden release of such vast vacuum (aether) stress potential inside a planet ... could literally destroy it--

Finally answering the crucial astrophysical objection to the "exploded planet model" that Van Flandern has been encountering ...

"But Tom -- just how do you blow up' an entire world?!"

The answer is now obvious: via hyperdimensional "vacuum stress energy" ... ala Whittaker and Maxwell.

As we shall show, it is this "new" source of energy -- in a far more "controlled" context -- that seems also to be responsible now for not only the "anomalous infrared excesses" observed in the so-called "giant outer planets" of this solar system--

It is this same source of energy (in the Hyperdimensional Physics Model) that, according to our analysis, must now be primarily responsible for the radiated energies of stars ... including the Sun itself.

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[Acknowledgments: the author wishes to extend deep appreciation to Lt. Col. T.E. Bearden (U.S. Army, Ret.) for his many years of historical research and technical analysis, which have made key aspects of this proposal possible; to Marianne Shenefield for her long collaboration in exploring practical applications of James Clerk Maxwell's pioneering interest in "hyperdimensional consciousness"; and to Rhonda Eklund -- for rediscovering Maxwell's original "hyperdimensional poetry."]