NASA Continues Ritual Pattern
as Discovery Docks with IS(I)S

As we have shown repeatedly in the past, NASA has had an ongoing obsession with the celestial representations of the highest Gods and Goddesses of ancient Egypt, (Isis, Osiris, and Horus). We will soon be releasing an extensive (but by no means complete) table of these events. In the meantime, we continue to track this astrological fixation of the space agency with an eye toward exposing this bizarre religious practice on a regular basis for as long as it continues. Resultantly, we have been following the progress of current NASA mission STS-96 as the Space Shuttle Discovery docks and adds to the new International Space Station (IS(I)S). Naturally, we have not been disappointed with the conduct of our friends at the holy temple that is the inner halls of NASA.

As the shuttle blasted skyward at 6:50 AM EDT on the 27th, we had the expected alignment over the cape...

STS-96-LAUNCH.jpg (115807 bytes)

Not only was Sirius at 33 33(symbolic of Freemasonry's highest level of enlightenment), but the fact that it was Sirius, the celestial counterpart of the Goddess Isis, rather than Orion or another significant body in this pantheon of NASA deities, cannot be overemphasized. A Mission to IS(I)S with Isis at 33 33?

But of course, it only gets better.

Our experience with the last IS(I)S mission (STS-88) showed us that the most critical location to spot these alignments was from the ground when the shuttle was directly overhead. Following the same pattern of course led to some of the usual hits.

Iss-5-24-99-docking.jpg (232300 bytes)
Real time data from NASA at the precise moment of Discovery's docking with IS(I)S.

Last night (as I write this) Discovery linked up with IS(I)S at  4:24 GMT on the 29th of May. The combined spacecraft was approximately over the Russia-Kazakistan border at 47 6 North latitude and 42 12 East longitude. Upon firing up our trusty copies of Red Shift 2, we of course discovered that the gods were once again in symbolically appropriate positions.

Iss-5-24-99-docking-rs.jpg (75739 bytes) Had you been standing directly beneath the shuttle and IS(I)S at that moment you would have seen Alnilam, the "Center Belt Star" in Orion's belt was precisely on the horizon -- symbolic to the ancient Egyptians as the transition between the upper world and the lower world (life and death) -- and rising precisely due East, symbolic to the Egyptians as representing birth or new life.
iss-5-24-99-docking-cnn.jpg (9342 bytes)

So what we have is Orion/Osiris "rising," giving birth to new life, as Isis, his sister/wife/consort and "mother of the Nile" passes overhead. We are by now used to this sort of thing from NASA. This kind of symbolism and ritual are imbedded deeply into the agency's every move.

Even the Mission Patch for STS-96 is overwhelmingly symbolic. As Robert Temple has shown in the recently revised edition of his famous book "The Sirius Mystery," the Egyptian Goddess Isis was interchangeable with the star Sirius. According to Temple, Isis the personage and the star were both represented by a variety of hieroglyphs, but among them were the cobra or serpent and the serpent's tooth.

sothis3.jpg (4374 bytes)

The tooth is a vertically elongated triangle, rather than the equilateral triangle we are used to seeing associated with Sirius, and the cobra is coiled as if to attack. Taken together, they literally translate to "the Goddess Sirius."

sts096_1_001.jpg (120881 bytes)

The patch shows this same "Serpent's Tooth" motif, a vertically elongated triangle with another red, white and blue elongated triangle imposed within the first one pointing to a single star (Sirius, anyone?). The star is five pointed (it's called a pentagram) and the triangular path to the star is surrounded by what appears to be a representation of an orbital trajectory. At one point along this trajectory, the IS(I)S station appears at an angle close to the tilt axis of the earth. Earth is shown with it's pole vertical to the patch orientation. IS(I)S itself is shown from a perspective normal to the centerline of the cylindrical Zarya (Rising sun/Horus) module, making it appear as a cross. The orbit is strangely elliptical, like a planetary or even stellar orbit, rather than circular like a satellite.

This patch seems to posses just about every symbolic link you could want, including an odd connection to the work of Zechariah Sitchin. You have IS(I)S encoded three separate ways (the triangle, the star and the IS(I)S itself) a cross (Sitchin's "Planet of crossing" - the mythical 12th planet) an elliptical orbit (a further reference to the 12th planet) and the Earth tilted off its proper axis (a reference to the pole shift, and the "12th planet's" projected role in the eyes of some in precipitating such a shift). So, we  think this patch is intended to encode the multiple (real!) purposes of  IS(I)S -- to search for the 12th planet ... and to become the means for some  to ultimately survive, safely above its presumed catastrophic effect on Planet Earth!

The significance of this particular set of circumstances, and why NASA would want to operate in accordance with them, will soon be made clear. Symbolically giving birth to new life while awaiting imminent disaster is a deep and recurring theme running through our planets mythos. NASA seems to be building on this same theme. But one of the problems with decoding something is that sometimes what you decode --

--is more code.

Stay tuned, and keep watching the skies ...