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In 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar, the World Ends ...

In this breakthrough, lavishly illustrated, 2-hour, Wide-Screen, 2 DVD-set Presentation, Richard C. Hoagland unveils revolutionary new evidence -- drawn from his decades-long Enterprise Mission investigation of "ancient ET ruins in the Solar System"-- regarding what is REALLY going to occur in 2012 ... and "why."

Over a quarter of a century in the making, Hoagland's 2012 discoveries are based on a critical ET geometric code found amid the Martian "Ruins of Cydonia" -- a code now pointing to an extraordinary Hyperdimensional Physics ... of ""he End of Time."

Drawing upon many correlating traditions of this planet -- from Ancient India to the American Southwest ... from the Vedas to the Maya, from the Aztec to the Anasazi and the Hopi --Hoagland lays out his unique, predictive, ET Hyperdimensional decoding of how "the Fourth World Ends ... and a New World Will Begin."

And ... what we can do about it!

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