John F. Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan":

A Recently-Discovered Secret Link --
Between the Myths of Ancient Egypt...
and the Space Program

By Richard C. Hoagland

Copyright 1996
The Enterprise Mission
All Rights Reserved

"Who is to say that we are not all Martians...?"

-- Dr. Richard Zare
Stanford University

Dr. Zare's remarkable comments -- made as an official member of the NASA discovery team of the recently-announced (August, 1996) "micro-fossils on Mars" -- were nothing short of prescient; for, in the course of the 14-year-old "Enterprise" investigation... into intelligently- made, "Martian" artifacts on Mars... we've suggested an even more extraordinary possibility...

That humankind itself possesses some kind of ancient "terrestrial connection" to the planet Mars (see "The Monuments of Mars," Chapter XV, Hoagland, 1987; 4th Ed. 1996) . . . a provable "link" -- between an intensely controversial "human effigy" found on a set of NASA photographs in 1976 (see below) . . . an equally-eerie set of "Martian pyramids" . . .

And Earth itself--