John F. Kennedy's "Grand NASA Plan":

Part II, Page 7
By Richard C. Hoagland

Remarkable new information has been uncovered in the last few months, detailing an inexplicable (in fact, at the moment, frankly baffling) "terrestrial connection" between this increasingly reconstructible "10,500 BC pre-Egyptian civilization hypothesis," its incessantly recurring "Orion celestial mythology" . . . and the reconstructed, historical and on-going activities of an official, non-archaeological agency of the United States--

Called "NASA!"

This remarkable new evidence, that "all is not as we have thought regarding NASA," is distinctly different from the official NASA imagery that "Enterprise" has been analyzing for almost 15 years; this new evidence is of a "pattern" -- an official, undeniable log of NASA mission planning, mission priorities, and Space Agency decisions extending back to when the Agency was officially formed by Act of Congress, on July 29, 1958. This log has been carefully compiled from recorded network mission broadcasts from, among others, "my" old network -- CBS; officially-published NASA mission time lines; and documented testimonials of former NASA scientists (see "To a Rocky Moon: A Geologists's History of Lunar Exploration," Wilhelms, 1993).

These cross-correlated public records now provide firm evidence of an astonishing, official link -- between NASA's supposedly strictly "scientific" planetary missions . . . and the previously cited, millennial-old, Egyptian religious "Sirius/Orion/Leo" Mythology--

Specifically: a profound and highly documented "connection" now -- between a thousands-of- years-old Egyptian mythological obsession, centered on "Osiris" . . . and--

The officially-announced location and landing times of every manned Apollo Mission to the Moon!