Kynthia Art

"The Malta Bronze Mars Face Sculpture"

The Malta Bronze is an accurate representation of the Face on Mars sculpted by Kynthia.
It was first commisioned in bronze by Mr. John Joseph Mercieca, Head of the Malta UFO Research Center.


Richard C. Hoagland: "Kynthia has focused her art, her skills and talents to explore every subtlety of the Face on Mars. This extraordinary monument to 14 years of independent investigation has a startling predictive value. Her careful analysis of the Face brings out the exquisite and complicated detail of the "dark" side of the face revealing prehistoric feline qualities... indeed...a Martian Sphinx. A stunning piece of confirmation of the link between the "Face" on Mars and the mysteries of ancient Egypt. Before the world ultimately have a young president calling for a White House Conference on the search for life on Mars have U.S. and Russian missions going back to having Sagan finally saying that we should investigate the "Face".

Everyone suddenly now wants to Know....and you have Kynthia, who's been there."

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" ......a sense of wonder...
the gaze of the face has held
me close for 14 years, and still,
the mystery is there,
even more than before. "

Kynthia sculpted the first model of the Face on Mars and Cliff which appeared on the first three editions of "The Monuments of Mars" by Richard C. Hoagland. Her latest Mars Face model sculpted from the finest images of the NASA data available, replicates the original FACE in the finest detail.

She has served as the Art director for the Independent Mars Investigation (1984) and the Mars Investigation Group (1986) and The Mars Mission (1988).

Kynthia's work with frontier space programs began in 1986 when she designed the first Young Astronaut / Young Cosmonaut Exchange Program. Her "Star of Peace" logo was acclaimed in Russia when President Reagan sent our Young Astronauts with a gift of T-Shirts bearing her "Star of Peace" emblem to their counterparts, the Young Cosmonauts.

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