Mirror, Mirror On The Wall -- Who's The
Fairest Kitty(?) Of Them All?

Recently, a reader -- who made a point of saying “I do not agree with you on everything you post …” -- sent us a link to his own web site. On it, he displayed a screen capture he had made while visiting the NASA Mars Survey Landing Sites page at JPL. On the NASA site, he had noticed that the graphic which ran up the left side of the page – apparently intended to represent a typical “rock strewn Martian landscape,” contained a curious -- and curiously consistent – message.

Among what should have been just another rocky Martian debris field was a distinct -- and repeating -- lions image! It seemed to have been deliberately created, as the shapes that made up the features were carefully aligned at the right and left edges of the graphic, creating a perfect "mirror image" … that “just happened” to look exactly like a lion. Directly behind the “lion” -- at the horizon  -- was also an unmistakable pyramid, similar to the ones at the Mars Pathfinder landing site we’ve recently discussed (to say nothing of the one behind the Great Sphinx -- another man/lion image – at Giza). In between each "lion’s face," on this NASA Website, was a weird “goat-like” face, formed by the same rock landscape.

Now, there can be no doubt this was intentional. None whatsoever. When artists create web graphics, especially ones specifically designed to be mirrored. they absolutely check them out before they post them, if for no other reason than to see if the intended effect was successfully created. Given the recent "lion motif" floating around Mars, not only with The Face but also at the Pathfinder landing site, we could not help but wonder just “who” at JPL was quietly sending another “feline message” … and to “whom” … if not “why?!”

We may never know.

The NASA website graphic was changed recently, to quietly remove the lion's face and replace it with a truly innocuous rock pattern. The "goats head," however, has remained. (The astrological sign “Aries, “a goat, is also identified with Mars – as “Ares.” Whether this is another aspect of this “hidden message” we don’t know.)

And we don't really offer this as "proof" of anything -- except that there continue to be "interesting coincidences" like this all over official NASA web sites (remember LANL's drilling project site that featured the Face?). To whom are these symbolic “messages” being transmitted? And, why now?; because it’s 2001 … and “time” for the “next step” in our subliminal “preparation?” Who knows …?

The original page for these graphics is here: http://leftatmars.homestead.com/smokeandmirror.html

As always ... keep watching the sites ...