Disney Turns on NASA

On February 27, after an intensive 120-million dollar effort to create a major motion picture around the continuing mystery of "the Face on Mars," the Disney Corporation finally unveiled its creation:

Mission to Mars

Directed by film veteran Brian DePalma, the film depicts the mystery of a NASA mission to the Red Planet which simply disappears ... to be followed by a rescue mission that ultimately encounters the Reason for that disappearance ... in the persona of "the Face."

Backed by NASA script approval, and an army of NASA scientists, astronauts and technicians, the film was supposed to represent the "state-of-the-art" in NASA thinking about how Man will one day go to Mars ...

So -- why is Disney now accusing NASA of a 25-year cover-up of the central feature of this Film?!

Why is it, in effect, telling the world that NASA astronauts and spokespersons for the Space Agency are actually lying when they say "NASA is the most open agency ever created ..."?

This is the actual transcript of these accusations, from the official Disney Trailer for the film. You may also actually listen to this trailer, by clicking on the appropriate button.

Stay tuned.

(In authoritative voice over) ...

"For 25 years, the government has concealed evidence of a life-like formation on Mars..."

(Wide shot of Mars, close up of Cydonia, then extreme close up of Face)

"On March 10, the conspiracy will be exposed."

(Dialogue from film)

"...it's the Face. It's real. Somebody put that thing there, and it's NOT us.."

(V.O. contd.) "But SOME secrets should never be uncovered ..."

"After you see the movie, get the book ... that tells the REAL, 25-year-old story behind the Disney/NASA 'war' over--

'Mission to Mars'

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