"The Monuments of Mars"

The Music by Mark Dwane

Mark Dwane writes and performs and produces this musical compliment to the mysteries of The Monuments of Mars.

Enjoy a sampling of the tracks of this CD. Each 60 second clip is about 115K in Real-Audio 2.0 format.
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  1. Eternity
  2. Pyramids of Mars
  3. Metamorphosis
  4. Solstice Ritual
  5. Cydonia
  6. Water Age
  7. Pyramids of Mars, Reprise
  8. The Martian Sphinx
  9. Another Eternity

"MONUMENTS OF MARS" is a classic work of super-sonic space music. From the dense waves of sound to the powerful currents of rhythm and deep resonant melodic themes, the entire production / conception is top notch. Add just the right mixture of spatial effects, literary cosmology and you have a great debut effort."-- Archie Patterson / EUROCK

"... The music not only has the exotic, visionary quality that so many people are looking for now, it actually conveys a sense of "place". The fact that everything but the percussion is MIDIed from guitar is astonishing, and contributes to the evocative and captivating immediacy of the music." -- Brian Earle, Clear Productions

"... I have seldom encountered a complete set of works such as "MONUMENTS", that has so enthralled me from the first time I heard it and failed to lose its intensity time after time. Discovering "MONUMENTS" is like finding a marvelous symphony in which every movement leaves the listener longing for more." -- Ken Keith / WCIN

"...Dwane vividly evokes an atmosphere of crumbling alien grandeur in these new-age instrumentals. A big, slow, timeless sound." -- Jim Aikin, Keyboard Magazine

"... Stunning work! Mark's compositions and personal style are completely original. Everybody, and I mean everybody that I know who has heard this album has been heartily impressed by it. You'll be too!" -- SYNTHESIS

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