Oh My God, They Killed MARCI!

"To move people out from Earth into the universe is NASA's destiny ..."
- Sam Venneri, NASA Chief of Technology


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On September 23rd, 1999 at 9:06 AM UTC, JPL lost contact with the $125 Million Mars Climate Orbiter (MCO) as it passed behind Mars on it's final orbit insertion burn. The spacecraft was carrying the Mars Color Imager (MARCI) camera under the control Michael Malin of Malin Space Science Systems. JPL scientists were unable to reestablish contact with the spacecraft when it should have re-emerged from behind the Martian disk and immediately began a series of emergency measures to communicate with the spacecraft. As with the previous JPL/MSSS $1 billion mission Mars Observer in 1993, these efforts went for naught when it was discovered that a "navigation error" had likely plunged the spacecraft into a terminal crash dive into the Martian atmosphere.

According to a tersely worded press release, the spacecraft was thrown off course when one navigational team in Colorado and the other at JPL used two separate measurement systems (Metric and Imperial) to perform key navigational calculations. The Lockheed/Martin team transmitted acceleration data in the English system, and controllers at JPL assumed that it was Metric. According to press reports, this process had been ongoing since the launch of the spacecraft in December, 1998.

This highly implausible and bizarre set of circumstances caused some minor upset on Capitol Hill ("I'm speechless." said one Congressman) but otherwise created nowhere near the fire storm that surrounded the loss of Mars Observer. Still, as we will show, this very suspicious and convenient "error" had all the usual earmarks of another NASA ritual killing.

To begin with, the notion that this error could have been induced from the beginning of the mission and gone unnoticed is ridiculous. All interplanetary spacecraft take an incredible amount of effort to get from "A" to "B". The considerations of such an undertaking, the relative positions of the two planets (Mars and Earth) at launch, their relative speeds as they orbit the sun, their rotational speeds, the gravitational effects of not only the two major bodies but also of most of the other objects in the solar system -- all must be accounted for in this elegant dance called "Celestial Mechanics." While exceedingly complex, these factors are also exceedingly well defined and predictable.

This is why all missions are set up on the concept of waypoints. As the spacecraft travels the hundreds of millions of miles from one world to the next, it passes a series of check points at which its position, speed, and trajectory are checked against the predictions. Any deviation is immediately noted  and a course correction burn is initiated as necessary.

And, the farther away and faster it goes, the more pronounced an error would become. According to AP:

" The bad numbers had been used ever since the spacecraft’s launch last December, but the effect was so small that it went unnoticed. The difference added up over the months as the spacecraft journeyed toward Mars." 

To anyone with the slightest understanding of measurement systems and orbital mechanics, this statement, apparently sourced from inside NASA, is ludicrous. The conversion factor from pounds of thrust (Imperial) to Newton's (Metric) is 4.44 Newton's to the pound. This means that from the beginning of the mission, the velocity calculations should have been off by some 75%! And nobody noticed this "minute" error?!

 In fact, by the time of the MOI burn, the spacecraft should not have been anywhere near Mars! That is why NASA's explanation (excuse) is so unbelievable. If there were any error introduced and not noticed by the "honest folks" at JPL, it would almost certainly have had to come at the MOI burn itself.

Even Dr. Tom Van Flandern, former head of the celestial mechanics (the science of interplanetary navigation and celestial motions) branch of the U.S. Naval Observatory, a staunch anti-consipirasist and defender of the system, has been forced to admit the obvious:

"I wouldn't take the cover story literally -- It's just an excuse the public
might be able to understand and sympathize with, but with little connection
to reality. We'll find out the truth when the outside investigation releases
its report."

This explanation is in fact so bad, so obviously contrived and untenable, so in violation of the first rule of academia -- "Thou shalt not look foolish to ones peers" -- that it begs the question of whether some inside NASA/JPL actually want to get caught! Are the "Roosters" trying to out the "Owls" by floating an excuse that will actually demand an investigation?

But there are, as always, other reasons to be suspicious of JPL's motives and explanations. In watching the stars above JPL at the moment that the fatal burn was initiated, we see the expected Masonic/Egyptian ritual stellar alignments. Alnilam, the center belt star of Orion/Osiris, the Egyptian god of death, resurrection and the afterlife was positioned at the ubiquitous 19.5° "tetrahedral altitude" as the engine was fired. 5 minutes later, as MCO slipped from view behind the occultation of Mars itself, Mintaka had assumed the 19.5° ritual position. It should be noted that there were no other alignments of any significance around the various solar system "temples" at that time, which should diffuse our critics arguments that it is "easy" to find such alignments.

This tetrahedral pattern is reinforced by the mission patch for Mars Polar lander. It depicts a triangular shape, with Earth, MCO and Polar Lander in the vertices, and Mars in the center. It even shows a hint of Mars rich watery past (and now planned future?), with an ocean and dense atmosphere covering half the planet. And of course the Polar Lander will touch down at 195 West longitude when it lands.

It is our position that this implies a deliberate, ritual "tetrahedral" act on the part of Malin/JPL, either to destroy MCO or take it "black" for their own purposes. It could be, however, that the alignments were originally intended to commemorate another successful Mars arrival to the in-crowd. This would be a further indication that whatever was done to the spacecraft was a last minute decision, not an error induced months before. However, the feeble and obviously hastily conceived "Metric" excuse speaks to a desperate need to take the spacecraft "dark."

So just what could be fueling this desperate need?

Malin has often feigned indignance at the notion that he had anything to do with the disappearance of Mars Observer. He has claimed it cost him money and prestige. Yet, despite his complaints, he was subsequently given the exclusive contract for the camera on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft (attempts by the military team that ran the Clementine mission to bid on the contract were rejected in a manner that one witness described as "frothing," this in spite of the fact the Clementine team's camera was superior in all respects to Malin's design) and then the Mars Color Imager. He remains NASA's one and only "Mars boy" when it comes to orbital images of the Red planet.

Which may have been the problem. MARCI was in many ways a better camera than the one on the MGS. It's wide angle camera was capable of images of the Martian surface at an average of 7.2 km per pixel. However, it could under optimal conditions get resolutions of 1 km per pixel, good enough to significantly illuminate the arguments vis-a-vis Cydonia. It would also be an ideal instrument with which to search for subsurface liquid water sources. However, to do that, they would have had to deviate somewhat from the publicly stated intent of studying Mars atmosphere.

But the medium resolution camera was even better. According to Aviation Week & Space Technology (September27, 1999):

"... MCO carried a Mars Color Imager (Marci), designed to observe atmospheric processes on a global scale and study the interaction between the atmosphere and the surface of the planet. Medium and wide-angle coverage were to be provided in ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared wavelengths.

"The medium angle portion of the system was to have a resolution of 40 meters (130 ft.) in eight (sic - 10) colors to characterize surface properties and changes in surface dust cover ..."

In other words, this "medium" resolution camera was capable of providing images some 20% better than Viking. The addition of multi-spectral color, infrared and UV bands would have placed the instrument on a par with the highly degraded Face image released by MSSS in April, 1998. Imagine the disruption of such an instrument orbiting day after day, providing these images to the honest guys at NASA! 

This pattern of cover-up and control has resurfaced in the recent MGS photography of the Cydonia region. As we noted in "MOS From MGS and MSSS," Malin has released "debunking" images like the "heart shaped crater" in advance of the recent "City" image of Cydonia, apparently to diffuse inquiry into the possible artificiality of the Cydonian monuments. The image was also held for some 12 days before release, effectively contaminating the data. There was also another Cydonia  imaging opportunity this past August 26th, 1999. As we pressured MSSS to target the Face and waited to see the new image, Malin again followed the "pre-debunking" pattern by instead releasing another image of the so-called "Happy Face Crater." This crater is frequently cited by critics of the Artificiality Hypothesis in their debunking efforts.

All of which leads us to suspect that MGS did indeed capture the Face, and the new image is worrisome enough to the JPL coven to require this risky "black-out" of MCO.

fachoncb.gif (1129997 bytes)

New Enterprise Mission enhancements done on the original MGS frames using advanced tools and techniques like "MaxIm DL" (Maximum entropy Deconvolution) support this line of reasoning and have given us a further insight into what the "good stuff" might really show. What MaxIm DL enables us to do is to remove more of the excessive noise that was introduced to the original images when they were contrast compressed and stripped of 50% of the expected data by Malin before release. Using this and other tools, a strange, honeycomb like "mesh" appears on the Face images. Obviously, this cannot be a natural aspect of a "knob."

And just as obviously this sort of feature would stand out dramatically under the multi-color gaze of MARCI. Add to this mix the fact that MCO would have been expected to produce reams of data and images in advance of the landing of Mars Polar Lander, compared to just the handful of tightly controlled images released by Malin from MGS. But there may be an even bigger reason to want to take MCO "black."

We have heard that the insiders at NASA are under a lot of pressure at the moment. Their need to control the information flow from Mars is becoming more critical because of the importance in which they hold Mars as a "safety valve."

In the last several years, we have been carefully watching a series of disturbing developments, both symbolic and tangible, that have led us to believe that something "big" is brewing at NASA. As we outlined in "Oh My God, They Killed SOHO," we suspect that the space agency is becoming convinced, if they are not already convinced, that we may soon face a serious crisis emanating from outside our own planet. In OMGTKS, we carefully laid out the case for the dangers presented by the Taurid Meteor Stream and NASA's curious lack of interest in responding to it. Recent events, such as the strange objects found on video taken of the August 11th, 1999 solar eclipse, have only heightened our concern and confirmed our suspicions. What we have not discussed, in that story or the subsequent updates, was just what our suspicions were regarding the plans that NASA did have in place to deal with future catastrophic events.

For some time now it has been our quietly held position that NASA's chief aim was to find a way "off planet" in the event of a cometary impact or even a "12th planet" pole shifting scenario. We see the possible "precursor event" (comet or asteroid impact) as the "little problem," and the pole shift as the "big problem." Our own research into "Hyperdimensional Physics" has led us to conclude that there is a possibility -- indeed an inherent probability --  that a pole shift without the benefit of a "12th Planet" is plausible.

As Hoagland described in "The Lost Tombs Part V" there is disturbing evidence that the Earth's "precession" --  it's "wobble" on the central axis of rotation -- is caused not by the gravitational tug of the Moon, but by an unseen and as yet not understood "internal force." This "higher dimensional tug" is acting on the planet from within, trying to move it into proper resonance with the rest of the solar system.

The historical record also implies that this steady "precess" is subject to sudden and catastrophic (for the planet's inhabitants) shifts, causing the Earth itself to literally "flip" in an attempt to realign with this unseen force.

This cyclic upheaval in the planets axial rotation may have been caused by the destruction of a planet in the "Bode orbit" between Mars and Jupiter. Since in the Hyperdimensional model the planets are all connected, the destruction of this planet would have sent the entire solar system into "dissonance." The periodic pole shifts are an attempt to create a more resonant alignment with the other bodies in the system.

While this may seem far-fetched, consider the case of our 7th planet, Uranus. Uranus has been violently pulled off it's more proper "normal" orientation to the plane of the ecliptic to be almost 90° from the solar "North."

This bizarre condition has no conventional explanation. Yet does fit quite well within the Hyperdimensional model. 

headingoutLG.jpg (26054 bytes)
An artist's concept of the Venturestar entitled "Heading out." Heading out to where?

Obviously, the rank and file billions of us could not be saved from the consequences of such an event. Assuming that NASA was restricted to currently acknowledged technology (read: not "Hyperships") it would likely be possible only to save a few hundred, if that, of the "elite." These individuals would be selected from the crème de la crème of  our society, the most genetically desirable and materially accomplished of our civilization. This "escape plan" would probably involve the use of a clandestinely-produced fleet of  the upcoming Lockheed "Venture Star" spacecraft [the new single stage-to-orbit space shuttle replacement based on the nearly ready "X-33" (what else?!) development craft currently being assembled at the ultra secret Palmdale and "Skunk Works facilities] as a sort of Noah's Ark for the 20th century and the new IS(I)S station.

It matters not whether we face any real threat. What matters is that NASA/JPL, managed by the Pentagon and possibly other unseen handlers, certainly believe it. They have been tasked with finding out if the threat is real, and if it is, to find a way out. Imagine our surprise when we found an entry in a popular web site, "Zeta-Talk," which outlined exactly these same ideas we had been privately contemplating. This site purports to be the perspective of the "Zeta's," the tiny little big-headed bug-eyed aliens commonly known as the "Grays." As with all such sites, we take the data presented there with a grain of salt, assuming it to be "disinformation" -- a few truths intermixed with many lies in order to give credibility to the lies. The crux of the information deals with a coming "pole-shift" (actually a crustal shift) caused by the close approach of Zechariah Sitchin's legendary "12th planet." We do not necessarily reject this perspective out of hand, but as we stated above, we are not convinced that a massive close approaching object is a prerequisite to this doomsday scenario.

 The biggest dilemma for this model is not what precisely the threat might be, but rather -- escape to where?

Ever since the new Mars Global Surveyor images of Cydonia were released, we have been attempting to understand the political motivation behind this very sudden decision. Why -- after nearly 20 years of secrecy and obfuscation -- did NASA, through its "appendant body" at JPL, decide to raise the veil, even if ever so slightly? Why did they decide to respond to a public and a research community they had so steadfastly resisted and ridiculed for nearly two decades?

Despite the continuing efforts of Malin and his fellow black arts practitioners at Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS) to cloud the issue by releasing deliberately degraded and even flatly altered images of the Martian landscape, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of geologic processes knew immediately upon viewing the new images that the Face and "City" objects that were imaged are indisputably artificial. Certainly Malin and the JPL coven knew that they could not fool anyone with such knowledge by releasing these conveniently aimed and excessively noisy images on the Internet. So why bother? It is our suspicion, becoming increasingly confirmed by recent events, that "we" -- the public, media and researchers -- were never the "target audience" in the first place.

We surmise that NASA is attempting to demonstrate to the moneyed elite of our world that such a trip is plausible, perhaps in an attempt to obtain private funding. Our suspicions were reinforced by last year's ballyhoo over John Glenn's return to space.

Given that 55% of the wealth in this country is held by persons 65 years of age and older, Glenn's purely symbolic mission became a demonstration to this geriatric (and soon-to-be geriatric) wealthy populace that they could survive a lengthy mission to the Red Planet. More and more, NASA's carefully timed press releases seem aimed to promote Mars as a potential home for humanity in the future. And the press, in line with other media, are lapping up the idea.

lifecover.jpg (17462 bytes)
May 1991 Cover of Life Magazine

Recently, NASA administrator Dan Goldin has reinforced the notion with a series of comments designed to push for a manned Mars mission. ``We want to put colonies of robots on the planet and have them thrive, not merely survive,'' Goldin said. Such a "colony" would be a precursor to the following manned colonization, which would commence in 15 to 20 years.

In this model, the new Cydonia images were provided in order to show this "in crowd" that suitable habitats already exist on Mars. Showing the images while at the same time trashing them is an effective way to get them out to potential customers without alarming the general public with anything so dramatic as an admission of their artificiality. At the same time, those already in the know would have access to the "real" stuff -- the full-res high quality images that were not released to the public.

Unfortunately, the "loss" of MCO fits quite nicely with this scenario. The Polar lander will be able to complete it's mission without the orbiter, freeing the insiders to use it to search for suitable habitats and sources of subsurface water. So whether the need to abscond with the probe was based in a simple desire to control the flow of information or a more desperate urge to survive some coming cataclysm, the result is the same. It may have been easier to take the political  heat from "losing" the spacecraft than it was to deal with the questions raised by unexpected discoveries on Mars. As it stands now, we do not know precisely why MCO was taken out of the picture ... we just know it was NOT "another happy accident."