Hoagland Recovers from Heart Attack

Packed Up

UPDATE 4/25/99: Richard continues to recover nicely in Florida on this his 54th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICHARD!

UPDATE 3/17/99: Listen via Real-Audio to Richard's Appearance on Art Bell show.

UPDATE 3/16/99 4 PM: Richard is discharged from the hospital today. He will be recovering over the next few weeks in Miami

Good Bye Hugs Robin and Richard

Recovering RichardUPDATE 3/15/99 1 PM: The report today is that Richard is still making progress, but will have to stay in Florida for another 3 weeks or so, as he can't return to the higher altitudes of New Mexico just yet, until he has recovered more from the surgery. Here is a NEW address that you may send cards and/or good wishes to him in Miami:

Richard Hoagland
The Enterprise Mission
1801 NE 149th St
Miami FL 33181

These will be hand-carried periodically to Richard. No FAX number is available at this tme.

Flowers Click on the flowers to see panoramic view of Richard and friends in the hospital.

UPDATE 3/11/99 2:00 PM PST: Mark Diamond got to visit Richard today and snapped this photo. He writes: "He had just taken a walk around the room! So he is obviously in his words "on the fast track". One of his monitoring devices gave him a glowing middle finger (oops) and I told him it was too reminiscent of ET for us not to have a laugh about it, hence, this snapshot. I asked him if he didn't mind me shooting and he replied "of course not this is part of the documentation". Always the empiricist. I know that he appreciates the prayers and good wishes as he recovers, and knowing Richard it will be hard to get him to take it easy."

Richard Recovering at the Hospital

UPDATE 3/10/99 2:15 PST: Richard has made it through open heart surgery today and the procedure was successful in that the doctors accomplished what they wanted to do. The next 24 hours of recovery is of course the critical period now, but it is better news today in that progress was made and Richard came though so far. Let's keep him in our thoughts and prayers. More updates as we receive them.

UPDATE 3/9/99: The angioplasty procedure performed today was unsuccessful. Richard will be undergoing open heart surgery tomorrow morning (Wed) to attempt to remove blockages. Richard, at age 53, had no history of heart disease or showed any previous symptoms. Richard can hardly talk at all due to weakness and pain. Please continue to keep Richard in your thoughts and prayers.

POSTED 3/8/99: On Saturday morning, March 6th, Richard C. Hoagland, the founder of The Enterprise Mission, suffered a major heart attack in Miami, FL. He was with friends at the time and was rushed immediately to a Miami hospital. Richard was then moved to a Miami area cardiac critical care facility and continues to be in critical condition and is being helped with life support devices. Richard will most likely be undergoing some kind of heart surgery shortly, in an effort to improve his condition.

Please do not call or fax the New Mexico numbers, or try to contact Richard in Miami. Richard's close friends are at his side and the best we can do is to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. More information will be posted here as soon as we can.

-- Keith Rowland, webmaster