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2003 Story Archives

9/06/03 - Images From Lowell Observatory
8/28/03 - The Light Finally Dawns At Cydonia Updated 09/03/03
8/28/03 - ODYSSEY Discovers Mysterious "Room Temperature" Hotspots on Mars
8/28/03 - Images From The Star Hill Inn
8/23/03 - USA Today: NASA Requires Overhaul At Top
8/4/03 - SpaceRef.com: An Astronaut's view: use the Space Station to Develop Prometheus ....
8/1/03 - SpaceRef.com: Seize the Moment ... for a NEW Space Program!
7/22/03 - Houston Chronicle: House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay (R), Wants BIG New NASA Goal ....
7/22/03 - Houston Chronicle: Space Station ... Expensive Space Junk and NASA Dead End?
7/21/03 - Houston Chronicle: Needed ... a New NASA Vision
6/27/03 - BBC: Odyssey Finds One Third More Martian Ice Under North Pole Than South...
6/25/03 - Miami Herald: 21st Century Miami Archaeology in the Wake of the "Miami Circle"
6/23/03 - Orlando Sentinel: Congressional Research Service Says Columbia Board "Secret" NASA Testimony Illegal
6/21/03 - Houston Chronicle: Lawyer Who Instructed NASA "How to Lie" ... Now Advising Columbia Investigation
6/16/03 - Space.com: Rockets Only: Gravity Control Spacecraft Refused X-Prize Entry for 10 Million Dollar Prize
6/15/03 - SpaceRef.Com: Congress to See "Secret" NASA Columbia Testimony -- Finally
6/13/03 - Space.com: NASA Targets December 18 as Shuttle Return to Flight ... Maybe
6/10/03 - NASA: Mars Rover "Spirit" Launch Video
6/7/03 - SF Chronicle: Lightning did NOT "Down" Columbia
6/6/03 - Orlando Sentinal: Preview Of Columbia Board Findings
6/6/03 - Florida Today: Astronaut Says Space Walk to Assess Wing Damage Possible, Though NASA Said "No."
6/4/03 - MSNBC: How the Columbia Crew Could Have Been Rescued... If NASA'd Tried
6/3/03 - BBC: Mars Express Successfully Off to Mars ... Arrival Set for Osiris' Birthday
6/2/03 - Mars Express Gets "Tetrahedral" Sendoff (What Else?)
5/30/03 - SpaceDaily: The Failure of NASA ... and a Way Out
5/30/03 - Space.com: First Foam Impact Test Damages Shuttle Wing Mock-Up
5/29/03 - Washington Times OP-ED: Chinese Headed for the Moon ... Where's the U.S. Going?
5/29/03 - AOL Poll: Is the Face on Mars Evidence of a Former Martian Civilization? Vote!!
5/29/03 - Space.Com: Some in Congress -- NOT the Press or Public -- Might SEE Secret NASA Columbia Testimony ....
5/21/03 - Florida Today: New Shuttle Manager -- "Future Shuttle Rescues NOT a Priority."
5/21/03 - Florida Today: Columbia Rescue WAS Possible!
5/20/03 - Washington Times: "Mr. Bush, Decide Where the Space Program's Going!"
5/19/03 - Kansas City Star: Original Shuttle Designer says "Build a New One!"
5/18/03 - Houston Chronicle: Board Now Asking NASA 'What Could Have Been Done?'
5/14/03 - First Shuttle Manager Reveals NASA Lied "From the Beginning" on the Shuttle ....
5/14/03 - New Meteorite Finds from 500 Million Years Ago Strongly Support Enterprise"Mars Tidal Model"
5/12/03 - Washington Post: Congress Begins to Question Columbia Secrecy ...
5/11/03 - Orlando Sentinel: NASA "Independent Columbia Investigation Board" PAID by NASA!
5/09/03 - Finally ... Birds of a Feather.
5/5/03 - UPDATED: The Sumer/Iraq - Mars Connection ... and the War
4/15/03 - ABC News Cites Hoagland for Europa Discoveries ... Again.
3/26/03 - Hoagland interviewed by Jim Burk for Radio Free Mars
3/03/03 - Report on the Albuquerque Conference
2/09/03 - NY Times (Registration Required) - More Confirmation of Published 'Enterprise' Intelligence Reports: Contrary to Early NASA Denials, Many DOD Assets WERE Used to Monitor Columbia in Orbit ... And NBC News 4 Hawaii Story
2/09/03 - LA Times - (Registration Required) - NORAD Radar Saw 'Object" Near Columbia Day After Launch, NASA Belatedly Reports
02/07/03 - Air Force Telescopic Camera Captures Possible Damage to Columbia Shuttle
02/05/03 - Senator Bill Nelson Discusses "Civilized Life" on Mars on "Meet The Press!"
Senator Bill Nelson's Washington Fax Number: 202-228-2183
02/05/03 - Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined.
02/04/03 - President Bush Echoes Senator Nelson on Likelihood of "Space Aliens" in Newly-released 2004 NASA Budget/Prometheus Announcement
01/24/03 - President Set to "Steal Fire From the Gods" ...?

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