This image shows a buried city or arcology built into the side of Alba Patera caldera. The features are comparable to a terrestrial city imaged at similar (1.4 meters PP) resolution. The image strip, some 7km long, shows block features ranging in size from a single family home all the way up to a football stadium. The rectilinear pattern of "blocks" is consistent throughout the entire image strip and does not align with the scan of the camera. Some areas are still covered  with dust and sand, but the same rectilinear pattern can be seen beneath this eroding covering. Other areas show a web-like lattice work with block features exposed beneath. Even if the blocks were made of a harder material than the surrounding terrain, it is completely impossible that wind or any other naturally occurring process would preferentially form blocks in this parallel pattern.

plumb-M0200351.gif (2500642 bytes)

Exposed "webbing."

Close up of the "football stadium."

Close up of the "dam."