A Sampling of Curious Features From the Mars Data Dump

Since the surprise posting of some 25,000 new MGS images on the Internet last week, many readers have been kind enough to send us numerous links and images from the MSSS data dump. While we appreciate the efforts and have found the majority of submissions to be helpful and interesting, due to the sheer volume of information we cannot give credit for the submission of specific images. In many cases, the same images have been submitted simultaneously by several different readers, and just keeping track of who sent what has been a logistical nightmare. We ask all our readers to be understanding in this matter, and if you think you've found something interesting, by all means put up a web site and be sure to include direct links to the master pages at the MSSS server as well as the context image maps. 

Meanwhile, here's a small sampling of curious stuff from the drawers of Michael Malin, some of it from readers, some of which we found on our own. In some cases, we have created a thumbnail link to full size versions. Comments are from Enterprise as applicable.

-- MB

From M04-00334. The "Half D&M." A pyramidal object that resembles the D&M Pyramid at Cydonia in both shape and scale, at least from the 35A72 version. Without a clear shot of the shadowed side it will never be possible to determine if they are similar objects.

samp-mo400334.jpg (27976 bytes)

Here is another view of the same object from MO300620.

samp-M0300620.jpg (19348 bytes)