SOHO Detects Something Really, Really Weird,
The Roosters Strike Back

"Roosters crow at the dawn, hoping to arouse the barnyard, but the owl knows it is still late at night. The foxes are about; the master sleeps. This is who we are." -- From the episode "Owls" of the TV show Millennium

Over the past year, as we have evolved our theories concerning the behind the scenes "war" between those in the know at NASA/JPL, our speculation has centered on the role of so-called "secret societies" in this on-going battle for control of the ancient artifacts agenda. As we covered the sudden NASA policy reversal on using the Hubble Space Telescope to image the Moon (and the inherent contradiction of earlier claims NASA had  made as to why such an attempt was impossible), we introduced you to the idea of separate factions, the "Owls" and the "Roosters." Drawing a parallel from the Chris Carter TV show "Millennium," we pointed out the curious and seemingly contradictory behavior of the space agency and speculated that one side, the "Roosters," was winning the internal battle.

The result of this conflict, between those at NASA that want to keep a lid on the the most explosive story of our time -- the reality of ancient manufactured artifacts on Mars, the Moon and other objects in the solar system -- and those that want to get it out, has been playing out in very public ways in the past few months. We have seen revelations of an increasingly aggressive nature from NASA Headquarters. Since the turn of the Millennium (and yes, Midnight January 1, 2000 was the true turning of the Millennium -- as we shall explain in a future article), we have been informed that JPL is run by Admiral Bobby Inman, a highly connected Intelligence agent. We've had a major motion picture, backed officially by NASA, that admits there has been a 20-year cover-up surrounding the Face on Mars! We've had the sudden and unannounced (in violation of NASA's own policy) dumping of long withheld new images of Cydonia from Mars Global Surveyor, followed only weeks later by the equally unceremonious dumping of some 27,000 unindexed MGS images of the rest of Mars. Then, only a few weeks after that, Malin announces that he has "suddenly discovered" evidence of flowing, liquid water on Mars.

Whew! Been quite an active half-year so far, hasn't it? Just as Hoagland predicted on Art Bell's last "New Year's Eve Prediction Show," last December 31st.

What all this means to us is that those that want to get the information out are indeed winning. Goldin's shocking "outing" of Inman in the wake of the recent Mars mission disasters seemed a calculated ploy. He was pointing the finger at intelligence agency interference as the root cause of NASA's recent failures. That he would do so in such a public way is an indication of his growing confidence that the consequences of such defiance of the secrecy policy are insignificant. Such boldness can mean two things. It can mean that the powers behind the scenes are simply finally  ready to admit what's really "out there," or that the situation is considered desperate enough that there is no alternative.

Of these two options, we subscribe to the latter. 

The recent massive Mars image dumps (after Enterprise involvement of Senator McCain ...) are nothing more than transparent "butt-covering" for the day when NASA -- as part of imminent "disclosure" -- will be forced to admit the existence of artifacts on Mars. By doing this now, they hope to create an impression of historical openness for the general public and news media ("you can fool some people all of the time ..."), prior to the "big announcement." If they achieve this, they insulate themselves from the consequences of a 20-plus years cover-up that could threaten the very existence of the space agency. This new policy of gradual disclosure has surfaced in other areas of the space agency exploration programs.

Like SOHO.

We have been following developments on SOHO images for quite some time, ever since the days of "Oh My God, They Killed SOHO!" Since that article, we have all been witness to numerous anomalies coming from the spacecraft's imagers.

It all started with some odd "blobs," at least one of which bore a curious resemblance to a disk shaped flying saucer. Internet speculation centered around the idea that these were planetary objects, but we always held the opinion that were more likely controlled objects very close to the spacecraft performing for the benefit of SOHO's camera's.

As the months passed, a new set of objects started appearing. The "Suncruiser," an odd "flying saucer" like anomaly that reappeared regularly on SOHO images was the most common. Explanations of what this was from SOHO program mangers varied, only increasing the suspicions of those following the developments. Some months later, we presented a story showing a very strange "Hyperdimensional eruption" recorded by SOHO.

This pulsating, shock diamond filled beam seemed to be emanating from the sun itself, or perhaps from something very close to it. 

Click on image for link to NASA original

The pattern has continued to escalate this year. On July 1st, SOHO recorded yet another extraordinary event, What seemed to be a wedge or disk shaped object and a trail of some kind could be seen passing right in front of the SOHO imager. Now internally, we've had some disagreement as to what this image actually shows. Is it a large wedge shaped object, firing a beam of some kind? Or is it two distinct objects, one disk shaped and in the foreground, and the other having passed behind the "disk" from SOHO's perspective? 

The implications of this second option are somewhat staggering. If the second, background object is a projectile, captured by the camera just as it passed by the "disk" in a near miss, are we seeing some kind of "Star War" taking place in front of SOHO? It has certain characteristics of a rail gun type projectile, similar to what was seen in the STS-48 video. And if indeed somebody is shooting at somebody else out there, just who is doing the shooting? And who owns the "target?"

But there is still a better case to be made that this beam is not a dissipating trail of the "projectile," but a coherent beam of energy. 

Under enhancement, the beam appears to have a spiral structure. The spirals also seem to get larger the further away from the platform or spacecraft they get. These are tell-tale indications of electrons/protons spiraling around a high energy magnetic field. Such spiraling charged particles would emit x-rays at right angles to the beam, impinging in straight lines on the support for the occulting disc. This, in turn, would produce secondary electrons from the support that would also hit those elements of the CCD camera in straight lines, thus suppressing the noise background in a line that covers the "beam." This is neat physics, corroborating the fact that this was a carefully staged event, timed so the SOHO camera would capture it. They apparently mistimed it by just a bit ... which is why the spirals in the "beam" are diffusing by a significant amount (they're not as tight and obvious as in the September "Hyperdimensional" event) ... and why they are more "ragged" as you get farther from the "UFO": i.e. the weapon's source!

And make no mistake, this event was staged specifically for the SOHO cameras. SOHO has a battery of instruments that take images on a fairly infrequent basis, about twice an hour. Even at conventional spacecraft speeds, a near-SOHO object would have passed the camera's field of vision in moments. And if the object (or objects) were far away, they would have to be immense -- on the order of miles across -- to even be visible. Either way, SOHO had virtually no chance of seeing this event "by accident." The question now is : who staged it? And assuming that NASA did not, why are we being allowed to see it? NASA has total control over what SOHO images are released to the public. Why let this one out ... and why now?

The answer goes back to the Mars agenda. We are in the "year of disclosure," and more and more of this sort of thing is going to be leaked out. Just to make sure we got the message, another anomalous image was released the next day, showing a delta winged shaped craft hovering in the line of sight of Mars again.

Click on image for NASA original

So the "Roosters" are apparently winning. Yet, we should not take this as necessarily a good sign, or assume that these "Roosters" are good guys. Just because they have decided to start lifting the veil on such images in an effort to "wake the barnyard" does not mean they are doing it for altruistic reasons. This is simply being done because it serves another agenda of secrecy, because it is now convenient for some to wash their hands of the cumbersome task of suppressing this information in the face of growing public and congressional discontent with NASA.

We don't yet know what turn this agenda will next take. What we do know is that it will continue and escalate as the Roosters continue to crow.