A Tale of Two Cities

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

We come here tonight with a tale of joy and woe, a mystery of vast proportions and insidious depths. The steps we take next will go a long way to determining the outcome of a war -- as Graham Hancock once called it -- "for the soul of humanity."

We wanted to come forward tonight with all that we have to show, a universe of unimaginable wonders that will stagger and astound you. Instead, because of the actions of a few arrogant deviants inside the quickly decaying heart of NASA, we must tell you only part of the story, and show only part of the picture.

What we do have is a desperate and pathetic attempt to derail the most important discovery in human history. In the course of the past week, since we chose to delay our promised data release on the Mars Odyssey 2001 THEMIS infrared data we have been processing, the situation has gotten even more confusing, at least (pun intended) on the surface. Our website has been hacked, some of our associates computer systems have been attacked, and the usual suspects of charlatans and bottom feeders have escalated their vicious personal attacks in a vain effort to stave off the inevitable.

It will not work. The countdown is simply on hold. It has not been aborted.

Which brings us to the central issue we must discuss tonight. The image above is the clearest proof yet provided that there is something rotten in Tempe (and Pasadena, for that matter).

When you browse the image above, what you will see is in fact two images, superficially similar, both obtained from the THEMIS website (we think). One of them however, is the "real deal," a true, mostly unretouched piece of genuine IR data that can and has provided stunning proof of the Cydonia artificiality hypothesis. The other is deliberately degraded fraud, possibly made from genuine THEMIS IR data, but nonetheless retouched to the point that is useless for analysis or scientific interpretation, and designed to deliberately mislead the public as to the true nature of what lies beneath the Cydonia plain. In the bottom version of the image, the one still posted (as of this writing) on the THEMIS website all of the offending "Artifacts" have been removed.

Unfortunately, this did not stop the NASA/THEMIS team from using it to declare that there is nothing unusual about Cydonia. But that is an issue for our full report.

In any scientific investigation, you simply cannot go forward with any conclusion based on ambiguity in the chain of evidence. The simple truth is that while we have a very tight circumstantial case with which to assign blame for this fraud perpetrated on the American people, we don't yet have the proverbial "DNA evidence." It the acquisition of that evidence which requires us to delay our full release yet again.

We know which one of these images is "real." And we can prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. But it is laying out that proof, step by meticulous step, which has necessarily delayed our disclosure. Because there is now more involved here, the perpetration of a fraud, the deliberate misuse of government property and funds, we must also consult with counsel before proceeding.

In the meantime, there is something that our audience can do to facilitate this process. We have at the moment two equally viable scenarios for how this data came to be in our hands. One of them involves the posting of the top image in the graphic above on the "real" THEMIS web site for a period of time on the 25th of July. It is fairly easy to see the differences, without any enhancement or processing, between the top images and the bottom "official" version, which has been posted on the THEMIS web site for a substantial amount of time. In the real image, you can see some very interesting and very clear block patterns that do not appear in the lower version of the image. If you downloaded the Cydonia THEMIS image on July the 25th, instead of on the first day of its release, the 24th, you may have a copy of the "genuine" article. We ask that anyone who downloaded the image on the 25th visually inspect their version of the image against the image above. If you see the blocks, then you should contact us at [email protected]. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE IMAGE. Instead, simply send an email indicating that you may have a duplicate of the upper set of IR images in the graphic above and we will contact you in return to arrange a file transfer.

Second, we are providing a link below to a full size .TIFF version of the "real" Cydonia THEMIS data. We invite and encourage any experienced professionals to use it to perform standard IR enhancement techniques and verify the stunning quality of this crucial piece of data. We ask that you not download this image unless you plan to run high-level analysis on it and produce a scientific evaluation. Over the holiday weekend, we will produce a step by step tutorial for how to bring out the best results from this data. However, you should know that unless you can obtain software that allows you to use a "decorrelation stretch" technique, you might not get very satisfactory results.

We were able to achieve fabulous results with a software product created by Research Systems Inc. (a division of the Kodak Corporation), called ENVI 3.5. We were kindly granted a temporary license to use ENVI for a period of time, and it can produce truly spectacular detail and stunning results, as you can see from the image below.

Composite color ratio image of the D&M pyramid, made from "real" Mars Odyssey 2001 THEMIS image
and combined with Odyssey visible light image. Decorrelation stretch done in ENVI 3.5.

Compared to the same object (The D&M) from the "official" version of the THEMIS IR data, it is plainly obvious we aren't working with the same dataset, in any qualitative sense of the word ...

We encourage all interested professionals, especially anyone in NASA with experience working with IR images, and qualified "image enhancement savvy" laymen to use ENVI to duplicate our results. There is a possibility that ENVI may be made available to a wider range of researchers just for this project.

In the meantime, we will soon inform how you can best assist us in other ways with this crucially important quest for the truth. We realize that many of you are disappointed at the moment, but until we can trace this clumsy attempt to defraud the American people to its source (and we know who you are) in a way that will create the maximum benefit for our cause, we must keep our powder dry.

Again, "Independence Day" is coming. We just need to add a few more targets to the list ...

Click Here for Full Size TIFF of the "Real" Mars Odyssey 2001 THEMIS Cydonia Image

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