"We are seeing a live hyperdimensional soap-opera in space,'" says Mars Mission Principal Investigator, Richard C. Hoagland, "built around NASA's apparent total ignorance of the major electrical effects and implications of a 150-year-old physics' in Earth orbit. Based on what NASA and the astronauts are now reporting, it is increasingly apparent that because of the energies involved, this fundamental NASA ignorance could have cost the astronauts their lives... if the tether hadn't separated from the space shuttle Columbia that night!"

Hoagland's strong reaction to on-going events in space comes amid NASA's latest "surprise" -- expressed yesterday around the on-going, ill-fated "tethered satellite experiment." The half-ton, $450 million Italian satellite which broke free of its tether Sunday night (February 25) is now drifting about 50 miles above the shuttle's orbit; flight controllers, watching live TV being relayed last night from the shuttle, saw the half-ton Italian satellite, trailing its 12-mile tether, over 80 miles from the shuttle "glowing in the dark like 2-foot neon sign!" Both the astronauts and controllers at the Johnson Space Center seemed astonished by the glowing "apparition." Asked one controller in Houston: "Is it supposed to look that big...?

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Though over 12 miles long when it broke off, the trailing tether on the satellite is only "a tenth of an inch across." In the dark, it should be totally invisible -- like a strand of monofilament fishing line -- viewed against the blackness of space. Instead, the NASA TV "downlink" showed it glowing brilliantly against the starry background.

"This is compelling evidence pointing toward our model," Hoagland said, "which in our first press statement on this event,' predicted that the satellite and tether should still be generating major amounts of power -- despite having broken from the shuttle. The fact that this wisp of wire and plastic' is glowing like a 12-mile exclamation point in space (!), is ample testimony to the enormous amount of anomalous hyperdimensional energy' being redirected by this 12-mile satellite' -- by virtue of its length, and its rapid orbit of the Earth; a power whose true source NASA still seems completely oblivious about."

Hoagland described how "the glow" is being generated:

"As the half-ton satellite trails its broken tether/wire, still pointed downward more or less toward the center of the Earth, the high voltage being generated by the conventional' Faraday Generator Effect (as the wire sweeps through the Earth's magnetic field at about 17,000 mph) is generating a certain amount of power -- a few hundred watts. That's what NASA originally expected. But -- because the Earth itself is in fact a rapidly spinning hyperdimensional generator,' operating according to Faraday's other Homopolar Generator Effect,' on a planetary scale, the entire volume of space around the Earth is also being charged. And this 12 mile wire is acting like a direct short between two layers of this vast, highly electrified plasma space environment'... which exists about 200 miles above the surface of the planet, where the shuttle and satellite are currently orbiting. That's the energy NASA and the astronauts are seeing... and expressing astonishment at seeing: the return electron current, running back up to the satellite around the tether -- which NASA scientists are calling extremely unexpected and highly energetic' -- is simply a literal neon-sign effect; the energetic electrons are bombarding the oxygen and other ions collecting around the charged wire, causing them to glow like a neon sign turned-inside-out... the size of this cylinder of glowing, rarified, but intensely electrified atmosphere around the tether, must be thousands of times the actual dimensions of the tether... to be visible from almost 100 miles away! The fact that one of the crew, Jeff Hoffman, reported not being able to see the 5-foot satellite itself (even in a telescope) -- yet could see the .1-inch tether it's connected to -- is dramatic evidence that both are enveloped in this ion atmosphere.'"

Hoagland and his team, including Dr. Bruce DePalma in his laboratory in New Zealand, are working on a possible new explanation for what NASA may really have been doing with this 12-mile wire in Earth orbit. Says Hoagland:

"It's beginning to look as if this was NOT just a simple NASA electrical generating experiment in space'; it's beginning to look like the entire mission is a cover for the real experiment NASA was conducting in space... which literally backfired. When we have more data, we may have more to say on this aspect of this electrifying soap-opera...'"