The "LostTombs" Revisited:
"Success Has a Thousand Fathers ..."

Part VI


One key test of this hypothesis would be the discovery of other arcanereferences or metaphors in the Osiris Myths (or other ancient texts), or,inscriptions left on monuments connected to Osiris, none of which weredirectly associated with "Precession" Ö but were decipherable asintimately connected to "Hyperdimensional Physics" itself.

When we looked for such examples ... it didn't take us long to find a "doozy"... and (of course) at Abydos!

Remember the central hallmark, or "sign," of HyperdimensionalPhysics: a "double-tetrahedron," circumscribed within a sphere (below,left)? Which, in two dimensions, looks exactly like a "Star ofDavid!" (below, right)? The mathematical description of this figureinvolves fourteen possible axes of rotation -- the number of "doublespin symmetries" of a double tetrahedron. (There are only seven ways to symmetricallyrotate a single tetrahedron. And "symmetry," in physics, is everything... A double-tetrahedron has twice that number of symmetrical rotations, i.e.fourteen.)

Now, remember that little detail in one of Osiris' death scenes, where --

"... it was later said that Set found the embalmed body of Osiris and tore it into fourteen pieces which he scattered up and down the whole length of Egypt ..."


Exactly the number of "symmetry spins" of thedouble-tetrahedron, signifying the precise connection to the underlying HyperdimensionalPhysics we were looking for: the process ultimately responsible in our model(through a violent tilting of the planet's spin axis) for a recurring,globally-catastrophic "process" ... "coded" through all subsequent millennia as Osiris' ancient

"murder" ...

Now, there will be those critics (there always are ...) who will immediatelycry "Foul! You're really reaching out on this one!!"

And they will have a point: a literary metaphor (even with key numbers) canmean ... almost anything. But ... a specific geometric symbol?

So, look what our friend Omm Sety quietly recorded one day at Abydos, whereOsiris (remember, representing the founding of "civilization" ... inthe Myth) is supposed to have actually died ...

"Some of the early tourists, especially those coming from Greece, left a few lines scribbled on the walls of the temple, and there is also a very roughly painted 'Star of David' in red ochre. But [because this paint is difficult for modern tourists to have access to] this was probably done in early Christian times when this symbol was used to keep evil spirits at bay [!]. There is no evidence that there was ever a Jewish community in Abydos. Furthermore, there is a possibility that the 'Star of David' was not originally a Jewish creation [emphasis added] ..."


And Omm Sety is correct: use of the "Star of David" -- as astrictly geometric icon -- long precedes its (relatively"recent" ñ c. 1400-1500 A.D.) identification with the Jewish people.According to the research of Carl G. Liungmann (Dictionary of Symbols, W.W. Norton & Co., New York, 1994), this alchemical symbol, which(among other places) is found engraved in stone at a major Mayan center, Uxmal,in Central America (who just happen to have their own mythic counterpart to"Osiris," intimately associated with "a Flood!" ñinitially called "Zamna," later "Quetzalcoatl-Kukulcan"),has been in use world-wide for at least 3000 years ...

Which begs the question: what was this specific geometric symbol,literally thousands of years before its cultural identification with the Jews,doing scribbled at Osiris' Temple ñ the "god" torn intofourteen double-tetrahedral pieces! ñ and just a few feet from theOsirion itself?

And ... what else in this crucial game of "connect the dots"is still waiting patiently to be discovered ... underneath the "sacredsands" of Abydos ..?

* * *

Which brings us back full circle ... to the enigmatic "glyphs"themselves.

These impossible figures, perched high under the several hundred-ton roof ofSeti-I's stunning Temple, depict astonishingly modern looking "flyingmachines" and other "high-tech" objects ... and are, as we haveseen, rightly viewed as "completely impossible" by the professionals-- under any current archaeological views of ancient Egypt!

Dismissed for years by both Egyptian experts (and "alternativetheorists") as either misinterpretations of "overwritten"standard Egyptian texts, or, even an outright, elaborate hoax, the EnterpriseMission was finally able to independently verify insitu the authenticityof the remarkable carvings, with aid of the Fox Television Network.

In November 1998, we personally managed to convince the Fox production staffand television crew, filming scenes in Egypt for their upcoming 1999 Special, toundertake a grueling, last-minute, several hundred mile trek to the Seti-ITemple at Abydos itself -- accompanied by a platoon of obligatory armed Egyptianguards! -- to verify and film the glyphs in place within the Temple (seethis narrative, Part I).

This crucial documentation and first time Network presentation of theseenigmatic carvings thus formed the foundation for our controversial sub-text tothe entire "Live from Egypt" Show, that March 2nd night:

That, based on this and the other, accumulating ancient archaeologicalevidence we have just presented--

We cannot be "the first!"

The unmistakably precise representation of "helicopters," "tanks" and possibly even gravity-defying "spaceships," depicted in the ancient ceiling glyphs at Abydos (right), now make this assertion credible ... if not almost inescapable (claims of "fallen plaster" and "over-written hieroglyphs" aside). It is our conviction that ñ somehow ñ these glyphs present us with a deliberate window on a prior, "high-tech epoch" to human civilization, that  did exist ... sometime before the known Egyptian Era of a "mere" 6000 years ago. helocomp.jpg (192232 bytes)

The discovery of a documented, officially-sanctioned ancient Egyptian woodenmodel airplane  -- once displayed "front and center" in themajor Egyptological Museum in the world -- makes this conclusion all the morecompelling! That -- and an the equally astonishing, successful reconstruction ofa flying model ... based on tiny, gold, ancient aircraft-shapedartifacts, discovered in several South American tombs from over a millenniumago ...

* * *

Our own historical effort to explain the "glyphs," and the other,increasingly compelling "ancient, high-tech evidence?"

Not van Daniken's ideas: alien "space gods" who landed hereover 35,000 years ago ..! And not "helicopter's" flyingcontemporaneously above the newly-built Pyramids of Egypt (in the mainstreamview, just 5000 years ago); or even, "tanks" accompanying Ramses II'swar chariots in 1200 BC ...


Half-remembered remnants of a long-forgotten human era,when a previous "high civilization" -- apparently somewhat moreadvanced than even ours -- existed here on Earth. Timeframe: perhaps 12,500 to13,000 years ago ... a civilization now only dimly glimpsed through a handful ofscattered myths, apparently deliberately "encoded" here in Egypt inthe persona of a mythical hero named "Ÿsar" ("Osiris") ñfrom a prior "high-tech" civilization essentially obliterated bya major pole shift cataclysm of the planet ...

Which is why, apart from these strange myths, there is so little physicalrecord of it Ö or its artifacts Ö to be discovered.

In this scenario, untold millennia after this proposed, long-vanished"high-tech" Epoch ... which may indeed have stretched to Mars itself(!) ... (much!) later "New Kingdom Egyptians" (like Seti-I), a mere3000 years ago, attempted (in this model) to memorialize some stillawe-inspiring (and perhaps even still surviving!) sacred fragments of thisancient, fabled Past ... by recording images of "the objects from theGods." The objective: to literally preserve and "magically"transfer their Power from the Time That Came Before ... to Seti-I ... in hiscontinuing battle to preserve "the Two Lands" (Ancient Egypt) againstits contemporary enemies ...

Seti I's reign, as we have also seen, was an acknowledged "RestorationEra" -- when Egypt (especially here at Abydos) was turning back forinspiration and protection to "... the Things From Long Ago." Seti I(in this scenario) not only deliberately placed his Temple atop theOsirion -- with apparent "inside" knowledge of where and what it trulywas -- he then instructed his Temple scribes to literally depict in his ownTemple these ancient "power objects" (the all-powerful warcraft of"the ancient gods" themselves), to incorporate them in the writing ofhis (and his successorsí) titulary names ... which would thus (according tosuch "magical thinking") forever vanquish all of Egypt's foes!

In fact, if we are right, the unique depictions on this panel -- of the actual"Osirian" war craft from "the Time that Came Before" --reveal the basis for some of those later (much more stylized)familiar hieroglyphic symbols (complete with vertical stabilizers!) that we havecome to know; the craft inevitably evolved over millennia into some ofthe well-known symbols that Egyptologists routinely use, as thepriesthood cleverly incorporated their originalsí "special powers"into a kind of hieroglyphic "code" (see false-color schematic, below).

One provocative example of this projected "evolution" can be foundin the Kingís "Horus-name" itself; in the 1st Dynasty,additions to the pharaohís titulary (name and titles) included the so-called Nbtyy(Nebti) title, meaning "He of the Two Ladies." The term Nbtyywas written with the hieroglyph Nb ,a sign interpreted by generations of subsequent Egyptologists as "abasket."

Standing alone, Nb meant "Lord."

* * * 

As Alan Alford, author of The Phoenix Solution (Hodder and Stoughton,London, 1998), has wryly noted:

"No-one has satisfactorily explained the connection of lordshipwith a humble basket" [emphasis added].

But, suppose the Egyptologists have got it wrong; suppose that Nb wasn't "a basket" at all -- but actually, a cleverly derived Egyptian hieroglyph for something else ... something much more "exotic," at one time used by and befitting a true "lord?" In terms of the controversial glyphs we've been discussing, remember Dr. Katherine Griffis-Greenberg's interpretation of the panel's whole "translation?"

"... It was decided in antiquity to replace the five-fold royal titulary of Seti I with that of his son and successor, Ramesses II. In the photos, we clearly see "Who repulses the Nine Bows," which figures in some of the Two-Ladies [Nbtyy] names of Seti I, replaced by "Who protects Egypt and overthrows the foreign countries," a Two-Ladies [Nbtyy] name of Ramesses II. With some of the plaster that once covered Seti I's titulary now fallen away, certain of the superimposed signs do indeed look like a submarine, etc., but it's just a coincidence ...

In fact, if we are right, it's not "coincidence" -- but "deliberate priestly code!"

If you take the "submarine-shaped object" (a remarkable "high-tech" reference to a special kind of "boat" -- below, top left!), and cut away the bottom instantly transforming its original lenticular geometry into half of that ... into a shallow "basket" (bottom, left) -- you are left with a perfect Nb hieroglyph: (bottom, right)!

And that is a fitting "coded symbol" for a "Lord"-- directly derived from the very ancient, "magic craft" that suchLords must have used ... Whose original "sacred image," forsome overwhelming reason, Set-I insisted now be used ... and in plainview ... in the ceiling of his own Great Temple ...

Which, I believe, is the real reason why the "honest"Egyptologists --those we've cited, still attempting to decode the blatant originalsat Abydos -- understandably, must consider them "composites!"

The Ancient Egyptians even had a precise (though equally mysterious -- tomainstream Egyptologists) name for such a highly revered Epoch and accompanyingartifacts and symbols: Zep Tepi ... "The First Time" ... the centralreason for the existence of every Egyptian temple (including, the GreatTemple of Seti-I) ... as every mainstream scholar knows.

(Incidentally, a further meaning of "tepi," is "the foremostpart of a ship." More allusions to "water" in connection withOsiris ...

(And, in 1991, archaeologist David O'Connor made an astonishing"find": twelve boats (another "hyperdimensional number")buried in the desert sands of Abydos. At the dawn of known Egyptianhistory (c. 3000 B.C.) someone, according to O'Connor's research, went to a lotof trouble to dig twelve, shallow "boat pits" (similar to Giza), eachover 60 feet long, and bury the wooden hulls of twelve real boatsunderneath its sands. Any "practical" use for such a "fleet"-- literally miles from the nearest access to the Nile -- is obviouslyludicrous; the primary intent was additional, symbolic reinforcement of Osirisrepeated textual association with "celestial waters" ... and acatastrophic end of the First Time.

(And in that context, the name of "Abydos" itself is mostintriguing ... I believe, in light of what I've just described, that the modern"Abydos" derives from the Greek, "abyssos" (the abyss).Which, in turn, derives from the Akkadian apsu ... which came from theearlier Sumerian AB.ZU -- literally referring to a "deep, primevalsource." Now, most contemporary scholars believe this refers to "deepwaters." However, there is also a case that can be made for the term beingapplied to a purely man-made excavation, extending deep into the earth... with something "ancient and valuable" (za.ab in Hebrew means"precious metals") waiting in the depths ...

(In other words, are there additional, ancient "precious" secretsjust waiting to be found ... deep underground ... at "Abydos"-- the "deep, primeval source?")

According to the model we have outlined here, it was in the inner sanctum ofSeti's Great Temple at Abydos -- built almost ten thousand years afterthe disappearance of Those Gods Who Once Ruled Egypt, and dedicated to thegreatest of those vanished "gods" himself, Osiris! -- that aspecial cult of priests seems to have continued a critical tradition: thecelebrated "Followers of Horus."

A cult admittedly, in all the texts, dedicated to preserving theknowledge of that crucial First Epoch from Before (in our scenario -- "theancient, Hyper-dimensionally-determined polar shift") -- under the bannerof the "resurrected son" -- Horus -- of the slain "Osiris."A cult ultimately bent on restoring a "risen Osiris" to a waitingworld (a Second Coming, anyone ..?!) at the the time of the "EternalReturn" Ö

In this scenario, consistent with Setiís key "oracular" selectionof the site of Osirion, as the "only" place to build his Temple, he(or, the Followers of Horus) then decide to "up the ante" even more:to inscribe in a highly visible place within this Temple, thelast surviving record of some of those most secret and venerated objects fromZep Tepi ... from literally--

The Time that Came Before...

Directly "hinting" at further ancient wonders to be found ...buried underneath the sands of "sacred Abydos."

And how long have they been buried? Again, Seti tried to tell us ...

In Setiís magnificent Temple, there is a passage -- called "theCorridor of Kings" ñ along which, filling one entire wall (below), isinscribed the famous Abydos Kings List. Seti-I is depicted showing his youngson, Ramses II (reading from a roll of papyrus), the legacy of all the Pharaohswho had ruled before ñ a royal heritage of thousands of years. On the oppositewall, Seti directed that the scribes produce a similar List Ö of all the Godswho had ruled Egypt, long before the reign of men Ö all the way back to theFirst Time. A written history literally numbering in the tens of thousandsof years Ö

And yet, Egyptologists literally donít believe him ... (or so wehave been told)!

Which brings up the inevitable question: what other records, besidesthese awesome Lists Ö backed up now by the images of these"impossible" pre-Egyptian artifacts -- if not more artifactsthemselves! -- are waiting there at Abydos as proof of "the FirstTime?" What did Seti-I really find within (and remove from!)the mysterious Osirion ... 3000 years ago? Are the "glyphs" recordedin the ceiling, literal images of exactly what he found??!!

And where are those things now ..!?

Finally, given that even part of this is true what is the real agendaof the modern "Followers of Horus?"

* * *

That we are dealing with contemporary "Followers" of Egyptíssacred ways now seems more than clear; acolytes still planning NASA missions by"the stars of AncientEgypt" ... and those "in-crowd" Egyptologists, following inthe footsteps of Hawass ... carefully guarding the true mysteries of Egypt fromthe rest of us ... in this case, by carefully downplaying (for their honestcolleagues) the true nature and significance of what is literally writtenon the walls at Abydos ... while, at the same time, with the mysterious Osirionalready known (and not thoroughly explored ...) pretending to haverecently found a new Osiris "tomb" at Giza (below) ...literally, at the other end of Egypt!

Talk about continued clever "misdirection" Ö

And what of the celebrated "golden capstone" ceremonies, even at this moment being planned by Hawass, for the Great Pyramid and the turning of the Millennium ... at Midnight ... December 31, this year?

Just why is former President George Bush (among scores of other world-class "notables"), planning to be literally at the base of the Pyramids that Midnight ..?


And could this have anything to do with the poorly-hidden expectation, amongmany of this influential 'in-crowd," that the literal "End/Beginningof the World" -- Zep Tepi -- is about to come again (seepainting, below) ..? The long-awaited "Eternal Return." And, that byappropriate worship of "the gods of Ancient Egypt" (as is demonstrablygoing on in NASA at this instant ...) -- including, special"ceremonies" at the very Pyramids themselves ñ these actions can, insome "magical way," actually save the "chosen few" ..?

Photo: Joeseph Firmage and Robert A.M. Stephens

Is this why, suddenly -- as the pieces finally begin to fit together-- that so many now have tried ... and all within the last few months destroy those who have finally made real progress in figuring out the MajorSecret of the last thirteen thousand years ...

"Enterprise" ... and its long-time friend, Art Bell?

If you really want to know the answers ... just stay tuned.