The Truth is Out There
- And We Found it.

This article is the first in an (at least) five part series dealing with The Enterprise Mission's multidisciplinary investigation into what appear to be interconnected anomalous events being recorded on various instruments. Ranging from weather radar returns, strange "fireballs" being sighted virtually nationwide, anomalous electromagnetic pulses being detected by the ELFRAD group, unexplainable images from the SOHO spacecraft, and visual observations of what appear to be "scalar" weather control devices, we believe that these disparate data points all support scenarios we have been developing for some months at Enterprise.

Tonight, we are issuing the first of these reports, a brief summary of the events and observations which inspired us to undertake this particular line of investigation. In the weeks that follow, we will be providing detailed analysis of the evidence in support of   conclusions that may have significant implications for all Americans, and indeed the world, in the coming months.


In recent weeks, The Enterprise Mission has become the focus of vitriolic and baseless attacks from a variety of quarters. NASA employees, national media personalities and even former friends have chimed in on a relentless full court press to distract and discredit the research efforts of this organization. These attacks are dependant on gross distortions of the positions taken and the information presented by Enterprise, mostly regarding the events on and building up to December 7th. We believe this sudden interest in our work is because of the nature of the information we are about to present.

For some time now, we have been following a pattern of events that have led us to some very startling conclusions. A few months back we laid out a scenario in "Oh My God - They Killed SOHO" that pointed to circumstantial evidence that SOHO had been "taken out" by NASA in order to keep the honest folks from seeing what "might be coming." We tied together not only our data, but information from Graham Hancock and his latest book "The Mars Mystery." The upshot of the piece was that we were in far more danger -- indeed mortal danger -- from the bi-annual (November and June-July) "Taurid Meteor shower" than was generally acknowledged by mainstream scientists studying the problem. We also pointed out the inconsistencies in NASA's behavior given that the top management of the agency must understand the true extent of the problem at least as well as we did, but were doing virtually nothing about it.

We were supported in our suspicions by a separate collection of amateur researchers and independent scientists calling themselves "The Millenium Group." They had been independently suspecting some of the same things we had. To wit; that SOHO had photographed "something" -- just before its sudden demise -- that it wasn't supposed to. Based on the "final" June 24th SOHO images themselves (and for completely non symbolic reasons), they believed the solar system had "recently gained a couple of new members ..."; as described in "Oh My God." We suspect SOHO in fact imaged either an incoming, extremely dangerous object in the Taurid Meteor Stream in this critical time frame, or ... recorded "something else" performing much closer to the spacecraft cameras.

Regardless of the exact cause, their overall assessment was the same as ours ... that there was some serious monkey business going on in June with NASA's high-profile solar probe.

Concurrent with this was the entire EQ Pegasi controversy and all its perplexing contradictions and dead ends. There was the cancellation of the "Dore" (we still have no proof whatsoever that this is a real person, and not just an "impersonation" of someone who does not even exist) press conference; then, his odd reference to weather; and finally, the big fat hints being dropped by the SETI group through the ATCA datagraphs showing a whopping signal ... which they then baldly denied was a signal!

This reminded us of the "Black Knight" scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," where Arthur chops the Knight's arm off, and the Knight refuses to admit it.

bknight1.jpg (22092 bytes)

Arthur - "But I've just chopped your arm off." Knight - "No you haven't!"
Arthur - (pointing to the severed limb) "Well what's that then?!"

Then there were the very odd commercials full of symbolism, and of course the geocities web site and all of it's bizarre machinations. Piled on top of this was John Glenn's return to space, and the launch of Zarya/Horus and IS(I)S which would be "joining" in early December. We finally began to tie these disparate threads together with the December 7th "landing scenario." Our conclusion was that "something" was likely to happen, possibly in the November 3rd through November 15th periodic passing of the Taurids, with a special emphasis (for symbolic reasons) on the 6th of November. We then had the Leonid scare, another period of intense celestial activity. It further followed that December 7th might turn out to be a real event, but probably nothing so obvious as a "landing."

What we didn't get was what "Dore's" overt reference to "the weather" meant.

The key to getting that figured out lay in the speech reversals of William Cohen. David John Oates initial reversal on Cohen "Bring in NASA with December Seven", was one of the points that told us the "December 7th" scenario that Richard had been given by his intelligence contact might be real. What Oates originally completely missed was another reversal earlier in the same statement by Cohen; "Plan evil weather." After it was discovered by another reverse speech researcher, John V. Panella, Oates went public with this reversal a couple weeks ago on his radio program.

But we still weren't there. As the 7th approached, we got closer to what was really happening but were having a hard time putting it all together. We knew NASA had something to do with it, and we knew the slew of "fireballs" being reported all over the country were somehow involved, but how? And the dammed weather part had us perplexed! There was a code here, but how to break it?

Until the the 7th.

Now we all know what happened on Bell's show on the 8th. We reported on a freak snowstorm over Central Arizona, a massive EMP pulse detected by ELFRAD, and Hoagland managed to find a weather radar image of the device under Turret Peak pulsing away a few hours earlier. We also now have independently confirmed the "circular storm" or "pulse" over Turret Peak the afternoon of the 6th from the Nexrad Radar archives (This archive only goes back ten days, so by now it's gone ...).

12-8-MARTA--12-39_Z-9am.gif (25077 bytes)
NEXRAD radar image from December 7th.
Note small partial ring over central Arizona.

Members of Bell's audience (who were naturally watching the skies looking for "an alien spacecraft") in fact spotted dozens of fireballs; we have several reports by e-mail of similar "fireball" events taking place all around the country in this critical time frame. One person even photographed a "stationary meteor" (nearly identical to an earlier object videotaped in Florida) and some odd aerial phenomena over the Turret Peak "landing site" -- on the 7th! And, all this occurring at the same time NASA was docking up Zarya/IS(I)S with ritualistic precision and this mysterious, massive electromagnetic pulse was being detected!

After the Bell show on the morning of the 8th/9th, Art was faxed what initially appeared to papers calling for Hoagland's commitment to a mental institution! Peter Gersten of CAUS quickly established that the document was not genuine -- but was created on an official (if outdated) state letterhead form.

comittment.gif (21820 bytes)

Art was of the opinion that it was just a joke (ha-ha); but we took it as a serious "shot across the bow" of the Enterprise. Sort of a "this is what we can do to you if you don't back off" message (shades of what used to occur against dissidents regularly in the Soviet Union -- because, Gersten confirmed the "threat" was written on official state forms ...). It was also an indication that we were getting close to "something," and apparently making "someone" very nervous ...

It was Thursday the 10th, that we believe we finally "figured it out."

While preparing a response to a series of criticisms of Hoagland's appearance on the December 8th/9th Art Bell show, we went to the  "Flash Radar"  site and were shocked at what we saw. The returns indicated a pattern of "radar painted" circular "bursts," beginning in early November; we then confirmed this data from another source, and we have now discovered even earlier radar anomalies -- some dating as far back as mid-June, and continuing on through mid-November. There is a drop off after that and then things began to pick up again in early December as we approach the significant 6th/7th time frame. As of this writing, there are still major anomalous "returns" as late as the 21st.

They are more than just "radial EMP bursts" (which, as Bearden has stated, are signatory of "Hyperdimensional weather manipulation"), but also incoming "reentry streaks" -- and, what clearly appeared to be radar-illuminated, upper atmospheric detonations at the termination of those "streaks!" The latter are clearly seen in connection with the enigmatic formation of major "EMP rings" during the height of two intense meteor storms in November -- yes, our familiar Taurids and Leonids!

That's when we put humpty dumpty back together one more time. Only this time, we had all the pieces. EQ Pegasi = signal. Signal = radar. "Dore" = signal = radar. "Dore" final statement = weather. Cohen reversal = December 7th + weather.

So it suddenly all made sense. What "Dore" (whoever he was/is) and Cohen (inadvertently) were trying to tell us all along --

"Look at the weather radar December 7th!"

This would also explain why "Dore" suddenly (and seemingly irrationally) attacked Kent Steadman as the hoaxer, even though the only direct evidence of any fakery (the crucial electronic "IP" tracing codes) in fact points directly to "Dore." With his off-the-wall accusations, "Dore" was obviously trying to get us to look at Steadman's site, which in turn (in this critical time frame) had the only links to the crucial "Flash Radar" site. We have also had his December 8th appearance on a national radio program (in which repeated yet another claim of having identified the "hoaxer" -- this time Richard Hoagland) put under the harsh glare of the speech reversal process. The results show that far from being an innocent victim of this "hoax" (as aledged by numerous guests on that show), Mr. "Dore" is up to his proverbial ears in it.

Now had we caught this earlier, we could have tracked in real time the meteor shower "detonations" and had confirmation of a whole bunch of "working models." But what are we actually looking at? If the streaks are incoming meteors or fragments and they are blowing up in the upper atmosphere (which can happen "naturally" as it did in the "Tunguska event"), they really shouldn't be visible on the radar plots, and the apparent bursts should not linger for several hours, as they seem to do in several cases.

Unless they aren't detonating "naturally."

What we think we are seeing, from early through mid November and again in early December (and remember we were "tipped-off" to this by the whole EQ-Pegasi controversy) is either a test or a public demonstration  --

-- of nothing less than a possible operational meteor/asteroid defense system.

Sort of a "bolide bug-zapper!" --

Which also explains why NASA isn't doing anything about "conventional" asteroid defense. When you've got "Scalar weapons" (maybe based on the "Tesla shield" concept), you can spend your money and time putting up space stations named IS(I)S and getting ready to go to Mars (or whatever IS(I)S is really for). You don't need to bother working on things as primitive as "solar sails," "lasers," or "nuclear-tipped interceptor missiles" to deflect incoming objects.

What we now suspect is that HAARP or other HAARP-like devices may be only a part of this defensive network, rather than the primary transmitters for such a network. We believe that the weather anomalies are more of a side effect of this "ionospheric charging," rather than the main purpose. So we are seeing weather engineering, but it is only part of the picture.

There are also at least two other "ELF transmitting facilities" similar to HAARP located near where some of the pulses were tracked. One is in Clam Lake, Wisconsin, and the other in Republic, Michigan (not Black Duck, Minnesota as erroneously reported by one of our critics). Now, unlike HAARP, which is supposed to be a high level research facility, these other two transmitters are supposed to be specifically for communicating with Trident submarines. And Bangor, Washington where one of the "spiral pulses" originates from during the 11/12/98 events, just happens to house a Trident Nuclear submarine base.

11-12-KILLSHOT.gif (221664 bytes)
11/12/98 radar returns. Note partial radial emanating from Bangor,
Washington Trident submarine base.

11-12-KILLSHOT-single-nw.gif (9547 bytes)
Close-up single frame of "Bangor radial."

But, could HAARP-like devices actually be used as meteor or projectile defense? And are there actually more than one of these around? Thomas Bearden, TEM's "scalar physics" consultant, thinks so.

"There are more than one of these ionospheric burners, apparently, which seem to use the ionosphere for achieving a high amplification effect. At one time (this is dim, several years ago), folks were thinking this ionospheric amplification effect could possibly be used against incoming ICBMs, etc."

The key portion of this statement as far as this article is concerned is of course "etc." So weather (pun intended) what we are seeing is HAARP generated or some other "scalar" technology, there is no question that these technologies appear to be direct descendants or the Reagan-era Strategic Defense Initiative. While this concept was attacked as beyond the capabilities of conventional science during the 1980's, it now seems evident that the critics were wrong and the system has been deployed. Over $50 billion has been spent since Reagan launched SDI in the early 80's, and it seems far more plausible that these monies have produced the system that we have just discovered than it does that they simply went down the drain and produced the pedestrian systems we have been shown to date publicly.

These conclusions (as you will see) are based on a careful analysis and testing of the hypothesis that there may in fact be two wars going on -- one behind the scenes amongst the "in-crowd," and one staged war going on in the skies above us. In order for this to be the case, there must be a physics behind what we appear to be seeing.  This is what we will examine in our next article.


Examples of the radar data we are investigating. A full report will be forthcoming outlining the implications these images.

12-20-Y-SC-BRNVIL.gif (99730 bytes)
Dissipating radial pattern over Brownsville, Texas. A "Radar anomaly?" Or ...?

12-21-Y-NC-SD.gif (144042 bytes)
Partial radial ring over South Dakota. Do "anomalies" only occur over 260 of a radar sweep?

23nat_movie.gif (200445 bytes)
Parallel streaks nationwide on the 23rd. Radar chaff or "the fleet" dropping by?

23ce_movie.gif (156581 bytes)
Midwest close-up of the images above.

23nw_movie.gif (99280 bytes)
And over the Pacific Northwest.

11-10YMIDLOTSpm.gif (150635 bytes)
Streaks criss crossing at 90 angles. Do meteors do this? (no). And note the stationary "streak." A "transient radar anomaly" that isn't transient?

11-11WCOO5am.gif (98972 bytes)
The unmoving Michigan/Iowa storms and "radar blanks." If this is just "ground clutter," why do the clouds circulate around the circles?

nexl805gsp-anim.gif (104907 bytes)
A "direct hit" on Greenville, South Carolina during the Persied Meteor shower. But of what, by what?