As we previously mentioned in our piece on the Hubble Space Telescope's recent imaging of the Moon, we have been consistently intrigued by the ability of Chris Carter, producer of the television shows "The X-Files" and "Millennium," to predict where we are going next. In that article we discussed several episodes of "Millennium" with an eye toward how it not only paralleled our our public thinking on the role of secret societies in our government and space program, but also how it paralleled our private suspicions as well. In the recent "X-Files" season finale (broadcast in May after our article was published), we were once again bowled over by the uncanny ability of Carter to relate information in both overt and symbolic terms that we were not yet ready to air publicly.

Our suspicions have also been aroused by events like now familiar "Phoenix Lights" press coverage in June, 1997 and the predictive "Fire in the Sky" program on TNT. Readers will remember the airing of this program in late 1997 caused quite a stir, depicting the destruction of New York City just weeks before Earth crossed the trail of comet Hale-Bopp. And who could forget the events of late June, 1997? Enterprise principal investigator Richard Hoagland appeared on Art Bell's "Coast to Coast AM" radio program on a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning show, lamenting the lack of serious press coverage of the Phoenix Lights story. Later that same morning -- Thursday -- literally the next news cycle, a front page story on the Lights appeared in USA Today. Later on the same day, all four major networks ran stories on the Phoenix Lights in their national news reports. Since they were all "features," stories that had been developed in the several months since the March 13, 1997 events and "in the can" waiting for an appropriate release date, skeptics must assume that each of these separate news organizations chose to run their stories on the same day by pure coincidence. And further, that it had absolutely nothing to do with Hoagland's appearance on the Bell program less than 36 hours before.

darkart1.jpg (22797 bytes)
Meeting of the "Hollywood 12" as portrayed by the TV series "Dark Skies."
Note Art Bell (middle) portraying CBS president William Paley

There are also persistent rumors of a "Hollywood 12," a group of industry heavyweights who parallel the not-so-mythical "Majestic (or 'Majic') 12" of Roswell briefing document fame. Even the name of the town, "Hollywood" has mystical overtones (one story has it that the movie capital was named for "Holy-Wood," the branches of sacred trees used in ancient times to create magic wands). And how can we dismiss the overwhelming attention being paid in recent years to asteroids and comets via movies like "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon" (the former of which now shares it's name with a NASA project to fire a probe 7 stories deep into a passing comet. The mission will execute this maneuver on July 4th, 2005, a repetitive, NASA/Masonic "ritual date" -- "Coincidence," according to NASA).

It is comforting to dismiss this as mere happenstance, to assume that Carter is a student of his craft and that news agencies don't take orders from higher authority. Carter is known to lurk the conspiracy newsgroups in search of story material. Even noted researchers like Graham Hancock have called the idea that Hollywood insiders are recruited to further a secret government agenda "fanciful." So why, after all, do we seriously consider that this episode of a popular TV series might be motivated by anything other than a desire to tell an entertaining story and sell advertising?

For one thing,  the "X-Files" season finale just comes way to close what we affectionately refer to here at Enterprise as The Plan (See "Oh My God, They Killed Marci!). Stated simply, The Plan revolves around NASA's belief that there is a coming global cataclysm and their hopes of escaping it. It relates key details of our own internal discussions that we have shared with no one outside our immediate confidants. But there is an even more powerful reason tugging at our awareness.

There is a precedent.

Gene.jpg (14885 bytes)

A few years after the demise of his famous TV series, Star Trek producer Gene Roddenberry was approached by a group calling themselves "Lab 9." They hired him to write a movie script based on their channeled communications from pan-dimensional entities known only as "The Nine." The purpose was ostensibly to prepare the human race for the reality of extraterrestrial life prior to first contact being made. The group was headed by Sir John Whitmore, an Englishman who not only funded a number of paranormal research projects worldwide, but also had contacts and friends at the BBC. Roddenberry spent a considerable amount of time with the Lab 9 group as they conducted psychic experiments and contacted the Nine through their remote viewer Phyllis Schlemmer. By all accounts, the producer was more than impressed and eventually produced two versions of the script. Although the story was never filmed, it is clear that TV producers certainly do catch the eye of well connected groups seeking to relay a message.

The mystery was deepened a few years later. Roddenberry and Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland had known each other for years before Hoagland had assisted (actually spearheaded) Roddenberry in a campaign to have the first Space Shuttle named for Star Trek's USS Enterprise. In the early 1980's, after the initial work done at SRI by the Independent Mars Investigation, Hoagland had approached Roddenberry (and others) in an attempt to secure funding to conduct further research. After several briefings and serious consideration, Roddenberry declined. What was peculiar about this was not so much that a man with such intense curiosity about the universe and man's place in it would decline, but rather the reason he cited for it. "I'm sorry, Dick." He said at the time, "But that would really make things complicated for me." Just what, or who those "complications" were he did not reveal. Even later, when he learned that a writer on his "Star Trek - The Next Generation" staff (Tracy Torme, Mel Torme's son and co-author with Hopkins of Missing Time) was developing a TV project about alien abduction (Budd Hopkins Intruders), Roddenberry became absolutely livid with him. The intensity with which Roddenberry expressed his displeasure took the writer by surprise and left him wondering just what the real motivation was.

It is against this backdrop that we have assessed the recent contemplations of Mr. Carter.

 Without getting into too much specificity (a detailed synopsis of the story is here), the plot revolves around the discovery of an ancient artifact on the west coast of Africa with magical powers unlocked by rotation. The artifact is covered with odd symbols. When a scientist attempts to bring the artifact to the US, he is murdered by a Carl Sagan-ish academic who is secretly stealing a colleagues research on similar artifacts. Although the artifact is missing, a rubbing of the face of it causes Mulder increasing discomfort every time he is exposed to it. Ultimately it is discovered that the artifact is almost certainly extraterrestrial, yet contains Navajo script which when decoded quotes a bible verse from the book of Genesis, implying an alien origin for humanity. A second artifact is later found containing the coordinates for the human genome, seeming to confirm this unbelievable scenario. Behind the scenes, various government officials and intelligence agencies are vying for information about the artifacts and the information they contain. We also discover that the "in-crowd" is aware of some undefined global disaster, and is convinced they are powerless to stop it. Interlaced in all of this are a series of monologues by Scully reciting the history of five great extinctions in the history of the Earth, and musing if another is upon us.

In the end, Mulder is driven to the brink of insanity by his exposure to the artifact and his brain is showing activity in parts that the human race has never used before. The story ends with the various insiders (Owls and Roosters) in turmoil and Scully traveling to Africa where she discovers the source of the artifacts -- a crashed alien space ship! 

Observant readers will note the many references that link this episode not only to our research but also to the work of Zecharia Sitchin. The idea of a "coming, unstoppable event," the cuneiform like Navaho code on the artifact, the allusion to the alien creation of both man and our religions. Yet this is a story with still deeper layers of information and implication, much of it eerily parallel to our private thinking vis-à-vis "the Plan." 

Let's consider this story in light of this "real" research.

  • The last season X-Files story is centered around a series of artifacts, which have a code imbedded in them. When brought together, the code becomes clear and the artifacts take on "Magical" powers. They key to unlocking this power is rotation.
  • On Mars, we have a series of artifacts (The Face, D&M, the City, the mounds, etc.). Their relationship to each other has a mathematical code embedded in it which points to a new understanding of physics. This new theory holds the promise of untold power of "magical" proportions. The key to unlocking this "Hyperdimensional Physics" is rotation.
  • In Carter's story, we face a problem, the possible extinction of the human race from an unnamed event.
  • In Sitchin's work, we face the potential destruction of the human race (or at least a large portion of it) from a massive "12th Planet" named Nibiru, the "planet of crossing" which will pull the Earth's crust out of place just as it has done in 3600 year cycles for untold eons.
  • In Carter's story, an establishment scientist (Dr. Barnes) fiercely attacks the work of the man trying to get to the truth of the artifacts power.
  • In real life Carl Sagan made quite a career (and more than a few bucks) making demagogues out of the many scientists trying to get to the truth of the Cydonia artifacts.

There are obviously many other parallels. The conflict between Skinner and Fowley is meant to represent the internal conflicts of the "in-crowd," the "Owls" and the "Roosters" who are battling for control of the information. When Mulder is exposed to the rubbing of the artifact, he becomes agitated and eventually unbalanced. This is obviously meant to represent the Brookings Report position. The statements of the "Majic 12" group indicate that elements of the government are aware of the "Problem," but are convinced that they are unable to do anything about it. The central theme of Scully's monologues is that we somehow have the power to determine our own destiny, if only we will seize the moment. 

And just as in Carter's story, the secret to stopping this "coming, terrible event" will be the "magic" that we can extract from the "Artifacts." As outlined in the "Abydos" postings, we, like Sitchin, are concerned about a possible pole shift in the coming years. We have believed for some time that Sitchin is actually an "insider" hired to put the pole shift  idea into the public mindset as a form of warning and preparation for the "in-crowd." Those who know something was up and yet were not quite connected enough to be let in on the secret. 

We do not ascribe to the literal "12th Planet" theory, however. Rather, we believe that the information necessary to predict a pole or crustal shift is imbedded in Hyperdimensional Physics itself. So the key to stopping it lies in our ability to master this "magic" that has been hidden from the mainstream scientists since at least the time of Maxwell.

What we have been hoping to accomplish here at Enterprise is to raise an awareness within the scientific community of the potential of Hyperdimensional physics. If we can get enough heavy hitters among the physics professionals to take an honest look at the Hyperdimensional model and it's potential to explain many of the intractable problems of conventional physics, we can perhaps avert the disaster alluded to in Carter's story.

And we may have received some help recently from our old pal SOHO. On September 22nd, 1999, the space probes LASCO instrument recorded a stunning, indisputably "Hyperdimensional" eruption on the sun.

hyper-soho2.gif (970963 bytes)
Click on image for larger version (1meg)

Here is an updated, Enterprise Enhancement (500K)

This incredible image, sent to us by two independent sources, ">Ken Robb in Hawaii and John from "Harbingers Skywatch", shows nothing less than a Hyperdimensional beam emanating from the sun. (Notice also the X-Ray and Magnetometer readings from Harbinger's Skywatch site on the charts from GEOS.) The helical, rotating beam is emerging from somewhere near the south polar region. "Shock diamonds" are clearly visible, probably as the energy passes through the superheated plasma in the corona. It is impossible to tell for certain just where the origin is because of the occulting disk of the LASCO camera.

As Hoagland outlined in his Hyperdimensional physics paper, as we get closer to a major shift in the harmonics of the solar system, we should begin to see inconsistencies in the so-called "solar constant." According to Hoagland, we should begin to see this "Hyperdimensional transfer mechanism" output as rotating vorticular emissions from both the planets and the sun. He even listed this as his proposed "second test" of Hyperdimensional physics. To quote Hoagland:

"The second test of the Hyperdimensional Model is that, unlike other efforts to explain anomalous planetary energy emissions via continued "planetary collapse," or "stored primordial heat," the Hyperdimensional approach specifically predicts one radical, definitive observational difference from all other existing explanations-- 

2) HD energy generation in both planets and stars should be -- must be --

This is simply implicit in the mechanism which generates the hyperdimensional energy in the first place: ever changing hyperspatial geometry. 

If the ultimate source of planetary (or stellar) energy is this "vorticular (rotating) spatial stress between
dimensions" (ala Maxwell), then the constantly changing pattern (both gravitationally and dimensionally) of interacting satellites in orbit around a major planet/star must modulate that stress pattern as a constantly changing, geometrically twisted "aether" (ala Whittaker's amplifications of Maxwell). In our Hyperdimensional Model, it is this "constantly changing hyperspatial geometry" that is capable (via resonant rotations with the masses in question -- either as spin, or circular orbital motions) of extracting energy from this underlying "rotating, vorticular aether" ... and then releasing it inside material objects. 

Now it is true that the model dictates that these eruptions should be centered at roughly 19.5° N or S latitude, which this one clearly is not. However, it also equally clear that the source of this eruption on the solar disk is on the surface of the sun, "tangent" from the perspective of SOHO. By finding the centerline of the eruption stream and tracing it back to its probable origin, this centerline intersects the polar axis of the sun at an angle very close to 20°. Want to bet if we could see the sun clearly it would be dead on 19.5°? We should be able to. However, there is a problem. The image, and several taken close to it (and by instruments which show the sun without occultation) are missing.

The image, originally found at /data/realtime/javagif/gifs/19990922_1742_c3.gif, is no longer available ( I was able to download it directly from the above link a few days ago - MB). It is normal to purge the system of such images after a certain time period. What is demonstrably not normal is to purge such images from the data archives.

But that is exactly what has been done. A recent search of these archives ( /cgi-bin/summary_image/990922, /cgi-bin/summary_query_form, and /pub/lasco/halo/) has revealed (as of this writing) that the image is no longer available.

In addition, mpeg's (See below) from the various SOHO instruments for that date (9/22/99) are all mysteriously missing four frames from around 16:00 to 20:00 hours, presumably covering the rise and decay of this stunning phenomena. In short, NASA plucked out the offending images to cover up the eruption, then somebody, perhaps an honest insider or "Rooster," uploaded the single frame we were allowed to see.

The MPEG's were originally found here:

However, they now are no longer available.

UPDATE: They were saved and are now available here on our website:

Why cover up these images? For one thing, it is totally outside the the current accepted theory of stellar evolution. For another, it is solid confirmation that Hoagland's concepts are valid. But most critically, it is an uncomfortable reminder that the physics is accelerating.

And, this is the second major confirmation of the Hyperdimensional model in a week. Just last week, news stories appeared about two upcoming journal articles claiming that a large "10th planet" may exist beyond Pluto. This of course would be confirmation of Hyperdimensional physics test number 1. Simply stated, this test predicts at least one such large planet will be found beyond Pluto, precisely where this new planet is supposed to be! (Anybody want to suggest to NASA they name the new planet "Hoagland?").

Time is running out. Carter's story is a clear warning, a shot across the bow designed to wake up not just the insiders like Sitchin, but to get the public at large who watch his show to consider these bigger issues. There will be no help forthcoming from those in our government who are aware of the problem. They are paralyzed alternately by either a belief that we are powerless to control our own destiny, or a religious desire to welcome these terrible events as a "cleansing" of the unworthy.

The recent eclipse has given us a renewed reason to be concerned that this "precursor event" may be near. If the "November 7th" scenario outlined by our mystery caller is in fact true, then we have precious little time in which to act. We will be watching closely to see just how Carter manages to resolve this intriguing dramatic mystery he has set up. 

And when will it be resolved in the "X-Files" season premiere? You guessed it;

November 7th, 1999.

And the title of this episode? "The Sixth Extinction." It turns out this episode is the first of  two parts to open the new season. So, no matter what does or does not happen in the "real" world November 7th, at least we know one thing --

 -- As far as Fox and Chris Carter are concerned, November 7th, 1999 is the beginning of --

-- the End.